Economic Development

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Economic Development Director

The Economic Development Office provides development assistance and incentives, and serves as project facilitators for major economic development projects to ensure timely approval of plans and permits. The City of Springfield is committed to:

  • Creating and retaining quality jobs
  • Increasing private investment in the community
  • Increasing the property tax and sales tax base
  • Providing and maintaining public infrastructure
  • Removing blight from the community
  • Improving the quality of life for all citizens

Springfield Partnership for Economic Development

The City works in partnership with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Springfield Business Development Corporation, City Utilities and Greene County to assist business development and to implement the economic development goals outlined in the City of Springfield Economic Development Plan and the Springfield Business Development Corporation Strategic Action Plan. The Partnership has developed two industrial parks:

Demographic and Site Information

Demographic and site information can be found at, the official economic development website for the Springfield metro area.

Staff Contact List

  • Mary Lilly Smith: Economic Development Director
    417.864.1094 or
  • Bill Weaver: Development Economist
    417.864.1034 or
  • Matt Schaefer: Senior Planner
    417.864.1100 or
  • Olivia Hough: Senior Planner
    417.864.1092 or
  • Jim Webb: Project Specialist
    417.864.1054 or
  • Melissa Barton: Loan Officer
    417.864.1098 or

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