Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to be a Springfield Firefighter. What are the minimum qualifications for the position?
  • To prepare to become a City of Springfield Firefighter you must first meet the minimum qualifications.

    Minimum requirements to becomes a City of Springfield Firefighter include the following:

    • Age 18 or older
    • High School graduation or G.E.D.
    • No felony convictions
    • No serious misdemeanor convictions for the past five years
    • Vision requirements: Correctable to 20/30*
    • Excellent physical condition*

    Candidates must submit copies of supporting documentation for one of the following qualifications:

    1. Firefighter I & II (certificates) OR
    2. EMT-B (license) OR
    3. 36 hours accredited college hours (transcript) OR
    4. Two years active military service with honorable discharge (DD214)
  • I missed the last posting for Firefighter. When will you accept applications for this position again?
  • We accept applications for Firefighter only during the posting period. Make sure and submit an application by the posted deadline. Applications will not be accepted once the posting has closed.

  • I already have my Firefighter I & II and my EMT-B. Do i still need to go through the entire Springfield Fire Department Academy?
  • Candidates who already have their EMT license will not be required to go through the EMT portion of the academy. They will complete all other portions of classroom and practical training but will be assigned to a station while the EMT portion of the academy is conducted.

    All new Firefighter employees will complete the Firefighter I & II training even if they have previously taken the courses. Employees who already have FFI & FFII certificates will not be required to take the exam again.

  • When do you hire Firefighters?
  • Candidates are hired as openings become available in the department due to resignations or retirements. There is no way to predict when these positions will need to be filled.

  • How many Firefighters will you hire?
  • There is no set amount of Firefighters hired each year. That depends entirely on turnover in the department. New positions are rarely created, so candidates are usually hired to replace Fire personnel who resign or retire.

  • I do not live in Missouri. Can I still apply?
  • We welcome out of state applicants. We encourage applicants who will be traveling to Missouri to be aware of our hiring process. Candidates who have the National Registry EMT can apply for a Missouri EMT-B by submitting an application and paying a fee.

  • I do not have Firefighting experience. Do I still qualify?
  • There is no requirement stating candidates must have experience as a Firefighter. Firefighters will benefit from additional training once hired to the position.

  • What is the process for hiring Firefighters?
  • The Firefighter selection process typically takes place once per year. Each year the exact dates will vary slightly. We will post the announcement on this website and on our telephone hotline numbers. The sequence for the process includes: accept applications, written exam, physical agility test, first interviews, second interviews. After the entire process has been completed, only applicants who satisfactorily complete the entire process will be considered eligible candidates. The list of eligible candidates remains in effect until a new list is established at the completion of the next process - typically the same time the following year.

  • Do I have to pass a physical if I'm offered a position?
  • Yes. If a conditional offer of employment is made, the candidate must satisfactorily complete a full medical physical examination. In general, candidates should be in excellent physical condition and meet vision requirements, correctable to 20/30.

  • Does the City of Springfield provide the necessary training?
  • The City of Springfield Fire Department Training Division does provide extensive training to newly hired Firefighters. New employees must satisfactorily complete the classroom and practical training and station duty assignments during their probation period. The training department now provides Firefighter I & II and EMT-B courses as part of the training academy.

  • I have a criminal background. Can I still become a Firefighter?
  • The Springfield Fire Department is very selective when hiring new Firefighters. The most desirable candidates will possess a clean criminal record and meet all of the other requirements. Candidates who have a serious misdemeanor conviction within the past five years or a felony conviction will not be considered eligible for the position.

  • I cannot remember all the dates of my traffic violations or other criminal convictions. Do I still need to include them?
  • Absolutely. The City is looking for full disclosure of criminal background regardless of how long ago or what state the activity was recorded. It is up to the candidate to be aware of his/her own record and provide accurate information. If undisclosed information is discovered during a background investigation it could disqualify a candidate for employment with the City.

  • I do not have a High School diploma or GED. Can I still become a Firefighter?
  • No. A minimum qualification for the position of Firefighter specifies that candidates must have graduated high school or obtained a G.E.D.

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