A Note from Greg
Council Approves 2014 Budget

city managerIn a unanimous vote at its June 3 meeting, City Council approved the City’s FY 2014 budget. The 2014 budget focuses on four priorities:

  1. employee salaries/benefit
  2. public safety
  3. critical equipment, software, and facilities needs
  4. economic growth/fiscal compliance.

Addressing employee salaries/benefits is a top priority. I feel it is important to dedicate what we can to adequate compensation.

Without qualified and dedicated staff, our ability to serve the community is compromised. This is why the budget includes a 1.5 percent across-the-board salary increase in addition to merit increases. These two components will cost an additional $1.8 million per year. As I’ve noted in the past, all employee salary and benefit increases create obligations into future budget years.

Approximately 71 percent of the 2014 budget is appropriated to City employees. In addition to raises, the budget increase will cover health plan and worker’s compensation fund increases, and service credit to Police and Fire employees who migrated to LAGERS after the self-funded plan closed.

The City will continue to “live within our means” without dipping into our reserves and we will continue to meet our commitments.

I encourage you to view the budget, either in a summary form or in its entirety, at www.springfieldmo.gov/budget.

city manager

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