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What We Learned from the 2013 HRA

mayorI'm pleased that nearly half (47 percent) of all City employees participated in the 2013 Health Risk Assessment – up from 44 percent participation in 2012. inBalance awarded 473 reduced-cost family fitness center memberships in exchange for HRA participation, impacting 1,457 lives.

The goals of the HRA are to assess health status, estimate the level of health risk and inform and provide feedback to participants to encourage behaviors to improve health.

This year, we learned that the top three health risks to the employee population are:

  1. Blood pressure. Fifty-nine percent of City employees have pre-hypertension (blood pressure readings with a systolic pressure from 120 to 139 mm Hg or a diastolic pressure from 80 to 89 mm Hg) and 20.4 percent have hypertension (greater than or equal to 140/90 mm Hg). Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke, heart attack, heart failure, anyeurism of the arteries, peripheral arterial disease and is a cause of chronic kidney disease. Dietary and lifestyle changes can improve blood pressure control and decrease the risk for health complications, although drug treatment is often necessary in people for whom lifestyle changes are not enough or not effective.
  2. Not enough physical activity. While the City has seen a small (2.1 percent) increase over the 2012 number, only about 66 percent of employees engage in physical activity three to five days a week.
  3. Weight management. Again, a small improvement over 2012, with a 1.5 percent decrease of employees falling in the overweight to very obese categories. However, 37.5 percent of City employees are considered overweight (BMI 25-29.9), 25.6 percent are considered obese (BMI of 30-34.9) and 14.2 percent are considered very obese (BMI of 35-plus).

In addition to addressing the health areas in need of improvement, the HRA results also showed a significant increase in the City’s overall health culture. Employees' perception of the City’s interest in creating a healthy workplace increased by 10.4 percent. This year, 79 percent of employees believe that the City has good to excellent interest in creating a healthy workplace. This alone is a success! Without a culture that supports wellness, inBalance wouldn't be successful. This increase in perception shows that the employees value inBalance and are starting to adopt attitudes that will result in a culture shift toward healthier living.

To encourage this culture shift, inBalance is working hard to create more wellness programs for employees.

mayorinBalance's most recent initiative was the City-Wide Walking Challenge, where 280 participants comprising 34 teams competed to see who could walk the most miles on average per team member during a two-week period. Together, we walked approximately 11,748 miles and raised $1,400 for United Way of the Ozarks and Ozark Greenways!

To put this great success into perspective, this is like walking from Springfield to Jacksonville, Fla., to Washington, D.C., to Juneau, Alaska, to San Francisco, Calif., to Mexico City and back to Springfield.

Congrats to our winning team, Zoo Crew. With 10 team members, Zoo Crew walked 732 miles! They each won an inBalance hoodie and $20 gift card to Big Momma's or PriceCutter. In second place was Public Works Operations. With seven team members, Public Works Operations walked 449 miles! They each won an inBalance hoodie and a salad shaker. Parks FC Walkers finished third, with nine team members walking 564 miles. They each won a $10 gift card to Big Momma's or PriceCutter. Please keep enjoying Missouri trails and tracking your miles at https://100missourimiles.com.

The newest and most innovative program inBalance has just revealed is the Wellness Wish program. inBalance prides itself on being employee-driven, and values the thoughts and opinions shared by program participants. Through the Wellness Wish program, inBalance wants to give ownership to employees by encouraging us to dream up the next inBalance offering. They'd love to hear from you!

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