City and Watershed Committee to demonstrate sustainable stormwater management with parking lot reconstruction

image of streamTwo parking lots at the City Government Plaza will be under construction beginning in mid-August as part of a grant-funded project to demonstrate ways of managing stormwater that reduce the amount of runoff and pollution that reach our streams.

The project will include pervious pavement, rain gardens, and a bioswale that allow rainwater to soak into the ground and be used and naturally filtered by soil, plants and trees. The project is a partnership of Watershed Committee of the Ozarks and the City of Springfield as part of the Springfield-Greene County Urban Watershed Stewardship Project Grant (nicknamed Big Urbie).

State of the City strong and getting stronger, Mayor says

image of Mayor Stephens giving address

More than 300 attendees gathered to hear Mayor Bob Stephens share his views this morning about the state of Springfield during the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Good Morning Springfield! at the Mediacom Ice Park at 635 E. Trafficway.

Mayor Stephens said that the state of the City is strong, and getting stronger.

  • View the full video of Mayor Stephens’ speech.
  • Download a transcript of Mayor Stephens’ speech (pdf).
  • Download a State of the City slideshow (pdf).

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