Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness Score

The overall wellness score assesses how you are doing in different areas of wellness such as heart, cancer, diabetes, bones, nutrition, fitness, stress, safety, and weight. Scores are on a scale of 1-100, and are categorized according to the following.

Overall Wellness Scores
Excellent 75-99
Doing Well 50-74
Needs Improving 24-49
Caution 1-24
Source: http://www.gethealthyslc.org

To assess your overall wellness score online, visit http://www.lifesupplemented.org.

Health Age

Your health age is an assessment tool that combines different modifiable factors and lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition, to show where you are in terms of health risks compared to others your age.

A health age lower than your actual age means that you are healthier than an average person your age. A health age higher than your actual age indicates that you have more health risks than others in your age group, and should likely take steps to improve your well-being. You can also assess your health age online.

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