Parks Discounted Memberships

inBalance would like to celebrate the Springfield-Greene County Park Board on the Grand Opening of the Dan Kinney Family Center! For more information visit the Dan Kinney Family Center webpage.

In response to our Employee Wellness Needs and Interest survey, a 75% discount has been established for our employees on memberships to Chesterfield, Doling and Dan Kinney Family Centers (package deal) and/or the Cooper Tennis Complex. This discount program will be established as a two-year pilot program after which we will review the level of use and the effectiveness of the program for future consideration.

inBalance Parks Facility Discounts
Fitness Center Membership Cooper Tennis Complex Membership
Single Monthly $6.04 Single Monthly $7.81
Family Monthly $9.48 Family Monthly $10.63


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for the Parks facility discounts?
  • All full-time regular employees and contract employees working 30 hours or more.
  • Are there any prerequisites to getting the discount(s) at the family centers and/or tennis complex?
  • In order to qualify for these discounts, you will be required to complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) or Download the Annual Physical Examination Verification Form and have your physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant sign the form. If you already have a form from your physician, just make sure it includes the same information as the Annual Physical Examination Verification Form. Send all completed forms to Emily Hegg in the Health Department.
  • If I choose to join a fitness center, how will I pay for my membership?
  • Membership payments will come out of your paycheck through a monthly payroll deduction. The initial monthly payroll deduction will begin with the first pay check after the authorization form has been received by Human Resources. Monthly payroll deduction and associated tax liability will be deducted from the first paycheck of each month for the duration of the annual membership.
  • Will there be income tax implications from receiving a discount on Parks facility memberships?
  • The City will be required to report to the IRS the value of the discount on your W-2. Although this may nominally increase your overall Federal and/or state tax liability, the payroll deduction accounts for the tax liability and represents the discounted monthly cost for membership(s) at the selected facility(ies).
  • What do I do if I am a current member of one of these fitness facilities?
  • A new membership will need to be established by simply signing and dating a membership renewal form at your fitness facility location. Any current member who paid for their membership in full will be given a prorated refund for the remainder of their membership and only be charged the discounted fee thereafter. Current members who utilize a monthly electronic funds transfer will have their bank draft stopped prior to their next scheduled withdrawal.
  • How long will my membership last?
  • Memberships to any of the facilities will follow existing policies. Enrollment in the Parks membership requires a twelve-month commitment.
  • Can my family join, too?
  • All membership types, including individual, and family plans, are eligible for the 75% employee discount as long as the person purchasing the membership is a qualifying City of Springfield employee and provides proof of an HRA or annual physical. You can join one of the Family Centers, the Cooper Tennis Complex, or both. Joining both will require separate memberships and payroll deduction amounts.
  • How do I get started?
  • Proof must be provided of a completed HRA or annual physical within the past 12 months to an inBalance representative at the Health Department to be eligible for the discounts. The representative will provide you paperwork to take to the facility you want to join. Your membership will start immediately on the day you bring your paperwork to the selected facility and your membership is processed.
  • Who can be included in a Parks Family Membership and are they required to have an HRA as well?
  • As stated in the Parks current policy, a family is defined as a legally married couple, living together, and their children, or a single parent and their children. Children up to age 18 or if they are a full time student, age 22. Although it is important for your family to have an HRA or physical, they do not need one to participate in a family membership. However, we will offer the HRAs to spouses or significant others and dependants over the age of 18 for a fee of $27 per person.
  • Does the Parks discount apply toward other Parks amenities such as golf?
  • At this time, the Parks discount will only apply toward memberships to Chesterfield, Doling and Dan Kinney Family Centers (package deal) and/or the Cooper Tennis Complex! As this discount program is established as a two-year pilot program, the level of use and effectiveness of the program will be reevaluated for future consideration including extending discounts to other Parks offerings.

We are proud to offer this great benefit to our employees. Keep an eye out for other great programs and services provided by inBalance in the future. Look for announcements by email, on SharePoint, at, and posted flyers in your department about monthly programs, classes, special topic presentations and other opportunities that will continue to come along. Remember to always strive to stay inBalance!