Wellness Needs & Interest Survey

The City of Springfield values our employees not only as co-workers, but also as individuals, family members, and citizens. It is our hope that the City of Springfield will help lead our community's efforts toward better public health, and your willingness to share your thoughts within the Wellness Needs and Interest Survey is an essential component to making this possible.

The purpose of this survey is to allow inBalance to gain a better understanding and perspective of you and your family's interests, needs, and desires regarding your health and the wellness program. inBalance prides itself in being an employee driven program and we want to continually ensure we are properly representing the City in a beneficial and desirable way.

Please know that this survey is voluntary and that your identity and any information provided within this survey is completely anonymous and confidential.

Your time of approximately 15 minutes to complete this survey is greatly appreciated and we thank your support in our efforts to make the City of Springfield a better place to work, live, and play!