Steps to a Positive Change

In this inBalance University presentation, Jennifer L. Baker PsyD LMFT, the Vice President of the Center for Innovation & Community Health at the Forest Institute–Robert J. Murney Clinic, shares her insight for steps to a positive change.

Battle of the Boot Camps

Four teams of City employees competed in a special "Battle". Boot Camp is an 8-week fitness program for City Employees taught by Fire or Police Instructors and part of the inBalance Employee Wellness program.

Randy Villines, Fire Department

About a year ago I my walks down the block turned into a mile, then three miles, then to jogging. I could have used a knee injury to say 'Oh, I'm done with this exercise thing,' but I just needed to balance that injury and modify the way I exercise. Get motivated, regardless of your age or current fitness level. You can do all kinds of things out there!

Deena Woolsey, Building Development

When the first CODE 3 Bootcamp started I was very nervous, but I wanted to push myself to see what I was capable of doing. In the class we were encouraged to do two more push-ups, two more sit-ups. It was amazing the changes that happened in those 8 weeks. It is amazing what we've all accomplished together.

Cathy Gaw, Health

Cathy Gaw's weight had been see-sawing for years. Hear how Cathy shed more than 90 pounds and gained a new energy for life after fad diets and spotty bouts of exercise had failed.

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