Sally Payne, Workforce Development

Sally Payne loves leaving work behind and taking the stage with her children. By being involved in theater, they get to escape to a pretend land that helps her mentally and socially.

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Emily Hegg, Health

Emily Hegg has been with Springfield-Greene County Health Department since fall, 2011. She stays inBalance by listening to, or playing music.

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Bill Ingemi, Parks

Bill Ingemi is a Health and Wellness Supervisor at Parks, focusing on fitness operations at Chesterfield and Doling Family Centers. He understands the struggles people have with getting and staying healthy. He stays inBalance by learning the benefits of nourishment and smart activity.

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Teresa Allen, Finance

Teresa Allen loves to shop with her husband at flea markets and antique stores. She enjoyes the adventure of hunting things down AND getting a bargain. Collecting antiques is a form of fun and relaxation.

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Steve Stinnett, Fire

Steve Stinnett calls himself an occupational athlete and considers being fit a lifesaving proposition not only for himself, but for those he helps in the line of duty. As a firefighter, he believes it's irresponsible not to keep yourself in good physical condition.

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