Job Classifications
& Descriptions


Administrative Support (back to categories)
Administrative Assistant (PAT-4)
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant City Manager (PAT-7)
Administrative Assistant to the Director (PAT-8)
Administrative Support Center Supervisor (PAT-6)
Airport Customer Service Representative (PAT-3)
Assistant City Clerk (PAT-8)
Clerical Assistant (PAT-2)
Court Services Representative (PAT-3)
Court Specialist (PAT-6)

Data Entry Clerk
Deputy Clerk of Municipal Court (PAT-5)
Executive Assistant (Unclassified) (PAT-8)
Executive Secretary (PAT-5)
Health Program Assistant (PAT-3)
Human Resources Assistant (PAT-4)
Investigative Services Specialist (PAT-5)
Investigative Services Supervisor (PAT-6)
Lead Payroll & Benefits Assistant (PAT-6)
License Technician (PAT-6)
Licensing Assistant (PAT-3)
Licensing Representative (PAT-5)
Office Administrator (PAT-5)
Office Assistant (PAT-3)
Office Specialist (PAT-4)
Patient Services Assistant (PAT-5)
Payroll & Benefits Assistant (PAT-5)
Police Services Representative (PAT-5)
Police Services Shift Leader (PAT-6)
Print Shop Assistant Operator (PAT-4)
Print Shop Supervisor (PAT-7)
Publications Design Assistant (PAT-4)
Purchasing Assistant (PAT-4)

Receptionist (PAT-3)
Senior Court Services Representative (PAT-4)
Senior Executive Secretary (PAT-6)
Staff Assistant (PAT-3)
Terminal Services Assistant (PAT-3)
Traffic Data Collector (PAT-4)
Word Processing Operator (PAT-4)
Aircraft Ground Support Services (back to categories)
Airline Service Lead Agent (CTL-6)
General Aviation Line Services Specialist (CTL-3)
Ground Services Supervisor (PAT-7)
Aircraft Services (back to categories)
Aircraft Line Service Technician (CTL-7)
Aircraft Services Coordinator (CTL-14)
Aircraft Services Specialist (CTL-10)
Aircraft Services Trainer (CTL-12)
Lead Aircraft Line Services Technician (CTL-10)
Airport Management (back to categories)
Airport Operations Supervisor (PAT-10)
Assistant Director of Aviation, Operations (PAT-14)
Animal Care (back to categories)
Animal Shelter Assistant (PAT-3)
Animal Shelter Coordinator (PAT-5)
Farm Park Supervisor (PAT-6)
Livestock Coordinator (PAT-8)
Architecture (back to categories)
Code Administrator (PAT-12)
Municipal Facilities Superintendent (PAT-12)
Project Facilitator (PAT-12)
Registered Architect (PAT-12)
Art (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Art Museum (PAT-11)
Curator of Art (PAT-10)
Exhibitions Coordinator (PAT-7)
Librarian (PAT-4)
Museum Educator (PAT-8)
Preparator (PAT-6)
Registrar (PAT-7)
Code Enforcement (back to categories)
Air Quality Control Coordinator (PAT-10)

Air Quality Specialist (PAT-8)
Air Quality Technician (PAT-6)
Building Inspector (PAT-9)
Code Compliance Investigator (PAT-10)
Collection Center Coordinator (PAT-7)
Collection Center Technician (PAT-6)
Development Coordinator (PAT-9)

Electrical Inspector (PAT-9)
Environmental Compliance Officer (PAT-11)
Environmental Technician (PAT-8)
Housing Inspector (PAT-7)

Inflow & Infiltration Technician (PAT-5)
Land Development Inspector (PAT-7)
Land Use Inspector (PAT-7)
License Inspector (PAT-7)
Licensing Supervisor (PAT-9)
Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector (PAT-9)
Milk Inspector (PAT-8)
Permitting Coordinator (PAT-10)
Permitting Services Representative (PAT-6)
Plan Review Specialist (PAT-10)
Pretreatment Inspector (PAT-9)
Project Specialist (PAT-9)
Project Specialist II (PAT-10)
Public Health Investigator (PAT-8)

Public Health Technician (PAT-6)
Senior Air Quality Specialist (PAT-9)
Senior Inflow & Infiltration Technician (PAT-6)

Senior Inspector (PAT-9) +differential

Senior Public Health Investigator (PAT-9)
Storm Water Technician (PAT-7)

Wastewater Video Technician (PAT-8)
Water Pollution Control Inspector II (PAT-7)
Water Quality Coordinator (PAT-10)
Computer Technical (back to categories)
Administrative Systems Analyst (PAT-9)
Airport Network Coordinator (PAT-9)
CAD Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Computer Forensic Analyst (PAT-9)
Computer Programmer/Analyst (PAT-7)
Computer Support Assistant (PAT-5)
Computer System Administrator (PAT-9)
Computer Technician (PAT-6)
Database Administrator (PAT-8)
GIS Analyst (PAT-8)
GIS Manager (PAT-11)
GIS Specialist (PAT-6)
GIS Technician (PAT-5)
Help Desk Administrator (PAT-8)
Help Desk Manager (PAT-9)
HRIS and Payroll Coordinator (PAT-9)
Multimedia Coordinator (PAT-7)
Network Manager (PAT-11)
Network Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Administrative Systems Analyst (PAT-10)
Senior Computer Forensic Analyst (PAT-10)
Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst (PAT-8)
Senior Computer Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Database Administrator (PAT-9)
Senior GIS Specialist (PAT-7)
Senior Systems Administrator (PAT-9)

Systems Administrator (PAT-8)

Systems Coordinator (PAT-7)
Telecom Coordinator (PAT-9)
Web Coordinator (PAT-7)
Web Designer (PAT-6)
Court (back to categories)
Clerk of Municipal Court (PAT-7)
Municipal Court Administrator (PAT-12)
Municipal Court Judge (Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Probation Collections Officer (PAT-5)
Probation Officer (PAT-7)
Craftsworker (back to categories)
Building Maintenance Craftsworker (CTL-10)
Building Maintenance Crew Leader (CTL-12)
Building Maintenance Team Leader (CTL-11)
Craftsworker (CTL-10)
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-15)
Ice Park Operations Coordinator (CTL-8)
Instrument Technician (CTL-12)
Municipal Facilities Supervisor (CTL-16)
Park Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)
Plant Electrician (CTL-12)
Senior Plant Electrician (CTL-13)
Utility Worker (CTL-8)
Department Head (back to categories)
Assistant City Manager (D-16)
Chief Judge of Municipal Court (D-14)
City Attorney (D-15)
City Clerk (D-13)
City Manager (Contract)
Deputy City Manager (D-17)
Director of Art Museum (D-14)
Director of Aviation (D-15)
Director of Building Development Services (D-14)
Director of Emergency Communications (D-14)
Director of Environmental Services (D-15)

Director of Finance
Director of Human Resources (D-14)
Director of Information Systems (D-15)
Director of Parks & Recreation (D-15)
Director of Planning & Development (D-15)
Director of Public Health & Welfare (D-15)
Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement (D-13)
Director of Public Works (D-15)
Director of Workforce Development (D-14)
Fire Chief (D-15)
Internal Auditor (D-13)
Police Chief (D-15)
Emergency Communications (back to categories)
911 Calltaker (PAT-5)
911 Shift Supervisor (PAT-7)
911 Telecommunicator (PAT-6)
Assistant Director of Emergency Communications (PAT-11)
Telecommunications Supervisor (PAT-8)
Engineering (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Environmental Services (Unclassified) (PAT-14)

Assistant Director of Public Works
(Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Associate Engineer (PAT-11)
Control Systems Engineer (PAT-12)
Engineer In Training (PAT-9)
Environmental Engineer (PAT-11)
Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Plant Maintenance Engineer (PAT-11)
Plant Superintendent (PAT-12)
Prinicipal Engineer (PAT-13)
Professional Engineer (PAT-12)
Project Engineer (PAT-10)
Superintendent of Clean Water Services (PAT-13)
Superintendent of General Services (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Solid Waste (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Streets (PAT-13)
Supervisor of Survey Operations (PAT-10)
Traffic Engineer (PAT-13)
Engineering Support (back to categories)
Asset Management Technician (PAT-6)
Cartographer (PAT-7)
Chief Inspector (PAT-10)
Control Systems Specialist (PAT-10)
Designer (PAT-9)
Engineering Technician I (PAT-4)
Engineering Technician II (PAT-5)
Facilities Specialist (PAT-10)
Mapping & Reprographics Technician (PAT-5)
Right of Way Agent (PAT-9)
Right of Way Supervisor (PAT-11)
Right of Way Technician (PAT-6)
Senior Designer (PAT-10)
Senior Engineering Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Street & Sewer Construction Inspector (PAT-9)
Sewer Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Signal Project Coordinator (PAT-9)
Street & Sewer Construction Inspector (PAT-7)
Survey Chief (PAT-8)
Traffic Signal Inspector (PAT-7)
Traffic Technician I (PAT-5)
Traffic Technician II (PAT-6)
Financial (back to categories)
Accounting Clerk I (PAT-4)
Accounting Clerk II (PAT-5)
Accounting Manager (PAT-13)
Accounting Services Coordinator (PAT-8)
Accounting Services Representative (PAT-6)
Accounting Supervisor (PAT-9)
Accounting Technician (PAT-7)
Assistant Director of Aviation, Administration (PAT-12)
Community Development Loan Officer (PAT-10)
Financial Analyst (PAT-9)
Financial Officer (PAT-11)
Fiscal Administrator (PAT-10)
General Aviation Customer Service Coordinator (PAT-6)
Loan Technician (PAT-6)
Revenue Technician (PAT-6)
Superintendent of Parks Business Operations (PAT-11)
Fire (back to categories)
Assistant Fire Chief (FPS-13)
Battalion Chief (FPS-9)
Fire Captain (FPS-5)
Fire Equipment Operator (FPS-3)
Fire Marshal (FPS-7, 40 hr./week) or (FPS-7, 56 hr./week)
Fire Training Captain (FPS-5)
Firefighter (FPS-1)
Rescue & Salvage Specialist (FPS-3)
Truck Company Captain (FPS-5 - with step 5 pay cap)
Fleet & Equipment Services (back to categories)
Assistant Equipment Technician (CTL-8)
Collision Repair/Refinishing Technician (CTL-10)
Equipment Technician (CTL-10)
Fleet and Equipment Supervisor (PAT-6)
Fleet Administrator (PAT-10)
Fleet Systems Coordinator (PAT-9)
Fleet Systems Technician (PAT-7)
Heavy Equipment Technician (CTL-11)
Maintenance Engineering Technician (PAT-7)
Park Shop Attendant (CTL-7)
Parks Maintenance Equipment Crew Leader (CTL-12)
Parts & Inventory Clerk (CTL-4)
Parts & Inventory Control Clerk (CTL-8)
Parts & Inventory Supervisor (CTL-11)
Parts & Inventory Technician (CTL-6)
Plant Maintenance Mechanic I (CTL-10)
Plant Maintenance Mechanic II (CTL-11)
Quartermaster (PAT-4)
Service Technician (CTL-5)
Wastewater Plant Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-15)
Health (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Health (Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Chief Medical Officer (PAT-16)
Communicable Disease Control Specialist (PAT-8)
Coordinator of Epidemiological Services (PAT-9)
Environmental Community Health Planner (PAT-10)
Environmental Health Administrator (PAT-12)
Health Data Analyst (PAT-9)
Health Educator (PAT-9)
Health Educator Assistant (PAT-6)
Health Program Administrator (PAT-12)
Nutritionist (PAT-7)
Nutritionist Educator (PAT-6)
Public Health Planner (PAT-9)
Public Health Program Representative (PAT-8)
Senior Nutritionist (PAT-7)
WIC Coordinator (PAT-10)
WIC Supervisor (PAT-9)
Horticulture (back to categories)
Arborist (CTL-7)
Arborist Crew Leader (CTL-8)
Arborist Trainee (CTL-6)
Botanical Center Coordinator (PAT-8)

Gardener (CTL-7)
Golf Course Superintendent (PAT-6)
Golf Course Worker (CTL-5)
Golf Course Working Leader (CTL-6)
Golf Facilities Supervisor (PAT-9)
Grounds Maintenance Crew Leader (CTL-8)
Horticultural Interpreter (PAT-6)
Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Parks Forestry Team Leader
Parks Supervisor (PAT-9)
Public Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Urban Forester (PAT-8)
Human Resources (back to categories)
Human Resources Coordinator (PAT-9)
Human Resources Specialist (PAT-7)
Risk Management Administrator (PAT-11)
Safety Coordinator (PAT-9)
Safety Technician (PAT-6)
Senior Human Resources Coordinator (PAT-11)
Senior Human Resources Specialist (PAT-8)
Human Services (back to categories)
Business Services Specialist (PAT-7)
Employment & Training Instructor (PAT-6)
Housing Assistance Technician (PAT-6)
Program Compliance Coordinator (PAT-8)
Senior Workforce Development Specialist (PAT-7)
Workforce Development Specialist (PAT-6)
Workforce Development Supervisor (PAT-9)
Laboratory (back to categories)
Chemist (PAT-9)
Laboratory Analyst (PAT-7)
Laboratory Scientist (PAT-7)
Laboratory Supervisor (PAT-11)
Laboratory Technician (PAT-4)
Lead Laboratory Scientist (PAT-8)
Plant Biologist (PAT-9)

Senior Laboratory Scientist
Legal (back to categories)
Assistant City Attorney I (Unclassified) (PAT-9)

Assistant City Attorney II (Unclassified) (PAT-10)
Assistant City Attorney III (Unclassified) (PAT-11)
Assistant City Attorney IV (Unclassified) (PAT-12)
Assistant City Attorney V (Unclassified) (PAT-13)
Contract Administrator (PAT-10)
Coordinator of the Mayor's Commission Human Rights (PAT-7)
Legal Investigator (PAT-7)
Legal Technician (PAT-5)
Litigation Paralegal (PAT-6)
Maintenance (back to categories)
Airfield Maintenance Worker (CTL-6)
Airport Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Building Maintenance Worker (CTL-5)
Collection System Supervisor (PAT-11)
Custodial Team Leader (CTL-10)

Custodial Working Leader (CTL-8)
Custodian (CTL-1)
Equipment Operator II (CTL-7)
Equipment Operator III (CTL-9)
General Services Working Leader (CTL-8)
Laborer (CTL-3)
Landfill Supervisor (CTL-17)
Lead Maintenance Worker (CTL-6)
Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Maintenance Worker (CTL-5)
Parks Caretaker (CTL-6)
Parks Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Parks Maintenance Working Leader (CTL-9)
Recycling Center Attendant (CTL-3)
Sewer Cleaning Team Leader (CTL-10)
Sewer Cleaning Working Leader (CTL-8)
Sewer Repair Working Leader (CTL-8)
Sign Fabricator (CTL-8)
Team Leader (CTL-11)
Traffic Controls Worker I (CTL-5)
Traffic Controls Worker II (CTL-7)
Traffic Control Working Leader (CTL-10)
Traffic Operations Supervisor (CTL-14)
Wastewater Sludge Truck Operator (CTL-5)
Weighmaster (CTL-5)
YRC Working Crew Leader (CTL-8)
YRC Equipment Operator (CTL-6)
Nursing (back to categories)
Community Health Nurse (PAT-8)
Nurse Coordinator (PAT-10)
Nurse Practitioner (PAT-13)
Public Health Nurse (PAT-9)
Staff Nurse (PAT-7)
Parks Recreation & Administration (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation (PAT-14)
Community Recreation Coordinator (PAT-8)
Community Recreation Services Administrator (PAT-10)
Community Recreation Specialist (PAT-4)
Community Recreation Supervisor (PAT-6)
Community Sports Coordinator (PAT-7)
Concessions Supervisor (PAT-7)
Fitness & Wellness Supervisor (PAT-6)
Ice Hockey Coordinator (PAT-7)
Jordan Valley Park Manager (PAT-11)
Parks Health & Wellness Coordinator (PAT-9)
Superintendent of Recreation (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Special Facilities (PAT-12)
Planning & Development (back to categories)
Assistant City Planner (PAT-6)
Associate City Planner (PAT-8)
Associate Parks Planner (PAT-8)
Development Economist (PAT-11)
Economic Development Director (PAT-14)
Grants Administrator (PAT-11)
Planning & Development Manager (PAT-13)
Principal City Planner (PAT-11)
Senior City Planner (PAT-10)
Senior Parks Planner (PAT-10)
Transportation Planner (PAT-10)
Plant Operation (back to categories)
Biosolids Coordinator (PAT-9)
Northwest Treatment Plant Supervisor (PAT-10)
Plant Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Plant Operator II (PAT-6)
Plant Operator III (PAT-7)

Plant Operator Trainee (PAT-4)
Plant Shift Supervisor (PAT-9)
Police (back to categories)
Police Captain (LES-13)
Police Corporal (LES-5)
Police Lieutenant (LES-12)
Police Major (LES-15)
Police Officer (LES-2)
Police Sergeant (LES-10)
Public Information & Education (back to categories)
Business Services Specialist (PAT-7)
Citizen Service Coordinator (PAT-7)
Education and Outreach Specialist(PAT-6)
Educator and Volunteer Coordinator (PAT-9)
Fire and Life Safety Educator (PAT-9)

Graphic Production Assistant (PAT-5)
Market Development Specialist (PAT-7)
Marketing & Communications Coordinator (PAT-9)
Materials Recovery Education Coordinator (PAT-9)
Multimedia Coordinator (PAT-7)
Production Manager (PAT-9)
Public Affairs Officer (PAT-10)

Public Health Information Administrator
Public Information Administrator (Parks) (PAT-9)
Senior Video Producer (PAT-8)
Special Projects Coordinator (PAT-7)
Sustainability Officer (PAT-10)
Video Producer (PAT-7)
Video Specialist (PAT-6)
Public Safety Support & Security (back to categories)
Airport Police Officer (PAT-7)
Airport Police Supervisor (PAT-8)
Animal Control Officer (PAT-5)
Art Museum Security Officer (PAT-3)
Crime Research Analyst (PAT-6)
Forensic Evidence Technician (PAT-6)
Latent Print Examiner (PAT-7)
Municipal Court Bailiff (PAT-5)
Park Ranger (PAT-7)
Park Ranger Supervisor (PAT-8)
Police Planning Technician (PAT-9)
Police Services Administrator (PAT-9)
Senior Animal Control Officer (PAT-6)
Supervisor of Animal Control (PAT-8)
Traffic Services Officer (PAT-5)
Purchasing (back to categories)
Buyer (PAT-7)
Purchasing Agent (PAT-11)
Senior Buyer (PAT-9)
Traffic Control & Repair (back to categories)
Senior Signal Technician (PAT-8)
Signal Crew Worker (PAT-6)
Signal Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Signal Technician (PAT-7)
Signal Trainee (PAT-5)
Supervisor of Signal Operations (PAT-10)
Zoo (back to categories)
Animal Health Technician (PAT-6)
General Curator (PAT-10)
Senior Keeper (PAT-7)
Superintendent of the Zoo (PAT-12)

Zoo Keeper (PAT-5)

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