Job Classifications/DESCRIPTIONS


Crafts, Trades and Labor Salary Schedule (CTL)
Department Head Schedule (DHS)
Fire Protection Schedule (FPS) 80 HR
Fire Protection Schedule (FPS) 112 HR
Law Enforcement Schedule (LES)
Professional Administrative Technical (PAT)
Professional Administrative Technical Unclassified (PAT-U)
Administrative Support (back to categories)
Administrative Assistant (PAT-4)
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant City Manager (PAT-7)
Administrative Assistant to the Director (PAT-8)
Administrative Support Center Supervisor (PAT-6)
Airport Customer Service Representative (PAT-3)
Assistant City Clerk (PAT-8)
Clerical Assistant (PAT-2)
Court Services Representative (PAT-3)
Court Specialist (PAT-6)

Data Entry Clerk
Deputy Clerk of Municipal Court (PAT-5)
Executive Assistant (Unclassified) (PAT-8)
Executive Secretary (PAT-5)
Health Program Assistant (PAT-3)
Human Resources Assistant (PAT-4)
Investigative Services Specialist (PAT-5)
Investigative Services Supervisor (PAT-6)
Lead Payroll & Benefits Assistant (PAT-6)
License Technician (PAT-6)
Licensing Assistant (PAT-3)
Licensing Representative (PAT-5)
Office Administrator(PAT-5)
Office Assistant (PAT-3)
Office Specialist (PAT-4)
Patient Services Assistant(PAT-5)
Payroll & Benefits Assistant(PAT-5)
Police Services Representative (PAT-5)
Police Services Shift Leader (PAT-6)
Print Shop Assistant Operator (PAT-4)
Print Shop Supervisor (PAT-7)
Publications Design Assistant (PAT-4)
Purchasing Assistant (PAT-4)

Receptionist (PAT-3)
Senior Court Services Representative (PAT-4)
Senior Executive Secretary (PAT-6)
Staff Assistant (PAT-3)
Terminal Services Assistant (PAT-3)
Traffic Data Collector (PAT-4)
Word Processing Operator (PAT-4)
Aircraft Ground Support Services (back to categories)
Airline Service Lead Agent (CTL-6)
General Aviation Line Services Specialist (CTL-3)
Ground Services Supervisor (PAT-7)
Aircraft Services (back to categories)
Aircraft Line Service Technician (CTL-7)
Aircraft Services Coordinator (CTL-14)
Aircraft Services Specialist (CTL-10)
Aircraft Services Trainer (CTL-12)
Lead Aircraft Line Services Technician (CTL-10)
Airport Management (back to categories)
Airport Operations Supervisor (PAT-10)
Assistant Director of Aviation, Operations (PAT-14)
Animal Care (back to categories)
Animal Shelter Assistant (PAT-3)
Animal Shelter Coordinator (PAT-5)
Farm Park Supervisor (PAT-6)
Livestock Coordinator (PAT-8)
Architecture (back to categories)
Code Administrator (PAT-12)
Municipal Facilities Superintendent (PAT-12)
Project Facilitator (PAT-12)
Registered Architect (PAT-12)
Art (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Art Museum (PAT-11)
Curator of Art (PAT-10)
Exhibitions Coordinator (PAT-7)
Librarian (PAT-4)
Museum Educator (PAT-8)
Preparator (PAT-6)
Registrar (PAT-7)
Code Enforcement (back to categories)
Air Quality Control Coordinator (PAT-10)

Air Quality Specialist (PAT-8)
Air Quality Technician (PAT-6)
Building Inspector (PAT-9)
Code Compliance Investigator (PAT-10)
Collection Center Coordinator (PAT-7)
Collection Center Technician (PAT-6)
Development Coordinator (PAT-9)

Electrical Inspector (PAT-9)
Environmental Compliance Officer (PAT-11)
Environmental Technician (PAT-8)
Housing Inspector (PAT-7)

Inflow & Infiltration Technician (PAT-5)
Land Use Inspector (PAT-7)
License Inspector (PAT-7)
Licensing Supervisor (PAT-9)
Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector (PAT-9)
Milk Inspector (PAT-8)
Permitting Coordinator (PAT-10)
Permitting Services Representative (PAT-6)
Plan Review Specialist (PAT-10)
Pretreatment Inspector (PAT-9)
Project Specialist (PAT-9)
Project Specialist II (PAT-10)
Public Health Investigator (PAT-8)

Public Health Technician (PAT-6)
Senior Air Quality Specialist (PAT-9)
Senior Inflow & Infiltration Technician (PAT-6)

Senior Inspector (PAT-9) +differential

Senior Public Health Investigator (PAT-9)
Storm Water Technician (PAT-7)

Wastewater Video Technician (PAT-8)
Water Pollution Control Inspector II (PAT-7)
Water Quality Coordinator (PAT-10)
Computer Technical (back to categories)
Administrative Systems Analyst (PAT-9)
Airport Network Coordinator (PAT-9)
CAD Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Computer Forensic Analyst (PAT-9)
Computer Programmer/Analyst (PAT-7)
Computer Support Assistant (PAT-5)
Computer System Administrator (PAT-9)
Computer Technician (PAT-6)
Database Administrator (PAT-8)
GIS Analyst (PAT-8)
GIS Manager (PAT-11)
GIS Specialist (PAT-6)
GIS Technician (PAT-5)
Help Desk Administrator (PAT-8)
Help Desk Manager (PAT-9)
HRIS and Payroll Coordinator (PAT-9)
Multimedia Coordinator (PAT-7)
Network Manager (PAT-11)
Network Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Administrative Systems Analyst (PAT-10)
Senior Computer Forensic Analyst (PAT-10)
Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst (PAT-8)
Senior Computer Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Database Administrator (PAT-9)
Senior GIS Specialist (PAT-7)
Senior Systems Administrator (PAT-9)

Systems Administrator (PAT-8)

Systems Coordinator (PAT-7)
Telecom Coordinator (PAT-9)
Web Coordinator (PAT-7)
Web Designer (PAT-6)
Court (back to categories)
Clerk of Municipal Court (PAT-7)
Municipal Court Administrator (PAT-12)
Municipal Court Judge (Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Probation Collections Officer (PAT-5)
Probation Officer (PAT-7)
Craftsworker (back to categories)
Building Maintenance Craftsworker (CTL-10)
Building Maintenance Crew Leader (CTL-12)
Building Maintenance Team Leader (CTL-11)
Craftsworker (CTL-10)
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-15)
Ice Park Operations Coordinator (CTL-8)
Instrument Technician (CTL-12)
Municipal Facilities Supervisor (CTL-16)
Park Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)
Plant Electrician (CTL-12)
Senior Plant Electrician (CTL-13)
Utility Worker (CTL-8)
Department Head (back to categories)
Assistant City Manager (D-16)
Chief Judge of Municipal Court (D-14)
City Attorney (D-15)
City Clerk (D-13)
City Manager (Contract)
Deputy City Manager (D-17)
Director of Art Museum (D-14)
Director of Aviation (D-15)
Director of Building Development Services (D-14)
Director of Emergency Communications (D-14)
Director of Environmental Services (D-15)

Director of Finance
Director of Human Resources (D-14)
Director of Information Systems (D-15)
Director of Parks & Recreation (D-15)
Director of Planning & Development (D-15)
Director of Public Health & Welfare (D-15)
Director of Public Information and Civic Engagement (D-13)
Director of Public Works (D-15)
Director of Workforce Development (D-14)
Fire Chief (D-15)
Internal Auditor (D-13)
Police Chief (D-15)
Emergency Communications (back to categories)
911 Calltaker (PAT-5)
911 Shift Supervisor (PAT-7)
911 Telecommunicator (PAT-6)
Assistant Director of Emergency Communications (PAT-11)
Telecommunications Supervisor (PAT-8)
Engineering (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Environmental Services (Unclassified) (PAT-14)

Assistant Director of Public Works
(Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Associate Engineer (PAT-11)
Control Systems Engineer (PAT-12)
Engineer In Training (PAT-9)
Environmental Engineer (PAT-11)
Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Plant Maintenance Engineer (PAT-11)
Plant Superintendent (PAT-12)
Prinicipal Engineer (PAT-13)
Professional Engineer (PAT-12)
Project Engineer (PAT-10)
Superintendent of Clean Water Services (PAT-13)
Superintendent of General Services (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Solid Waste (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Streets (PAT-13)
Supervisor of Survey Operations (PAT-10)
Traffic Engineer (PAT-13)
Engineering Support (back to categories)
Asset Management Technician (PAT-6)
Cartographer (PAT-7)
Chief Inspector (PAT-10)
Control Systems Specialist (PAT-10)
Designer (PAT-9)
Engineering Technician I (PAT-4)
Engineering Technician II (PAT-5)
Facilities Specialist (PAT-10)
Mapping & Reprographics Technician (PAT-5)
Right of Way Agent (PAT-9)
Right of Way Supervisor (PAT-11)
Right of Way Technician (PAT-6)
Senior Designer (PAT-10)
Senior Engineering Technician (PAT-7)
Senior Street & Sewer Construction Inspector (PAT-9)
Sewer Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Signal Project Coordinator (PAT-9)
Street & Sewer Construction Inspector (PAT-7)
Survey Chief (PAT-8)
Traffic Signal Inspector (PAT-7)
Traffic Technician I (PAT-5)
Traffic Technician II (PAT-6)
Financial (back to categories)
Accounting Clerk I (PAT-4)
Accounting Clerk II (PAT-5)
Accounting Manager (PAT-13)
Accounting Services Coordinator (PAT-8)
Accounting Services Representative (PAT-6)
Accounting Supervisor (PAT-9)
Accounting Technician (PAT-7)
Assistant Director of Aviation, Administration (PAT-12)
Community Development Loan Officer (PAT-10)
Financial Analyst (PAT-9)
Financial Officer (PAT-11)
Fiscal Administrator (PAT-10)
General Aviation Customer Service Coordinator (PAT-6)
Loan Technician (PAT-6)
Revenue Technician (PAT-6)
Superintendent of Parks Business Operations (PAT-11)
Fire (back to categories)
Assistant Fire Chief (FPS-13)
Battalion Chief (FPS-9)
Fire Captain (FPS-5)
Fire Equipment Operator (FPS-3)
Fire Marshal (FPS-7)
Fire Training Captain (FPS-5)
Firefighter (FPS-1)
Rescue & Salvage Specialist (FPS-3)
Truck Company Captain (FPS-5 - with step 5 pay cap)
Fleet & Equipment Services (back to categories)
Assistant Equipment Technician (CTL-8)
Collision Repair/Refinishing Technician (CTL-10)
Equipment Technician (CTL-10)
Fleet and Equipment Supervisor (PAT-6)
Fleet Administrator (PAT-10)
Fleet Systems Coordinator (PAT-9)
Fleet Systems Technician (PAT-7)
Heavy Equipment Technician (CTL-11)
Maintenance Engineering Technician (PAT-7)
Park Shop Attendant (CTL-7)
Parks Maintenance Equipment Crew Leader (CTL-12)
Parts & Inventory Clerk (CTL-4)
Parts & Inventory Control Clerk (CTL-8)
Parts & Inventory Supervisor (CTL-11)
Parts & Inventory Technician (CTL-6)
Plant Maintenance Mechanic I (CTL-10)
Plant Maintenance Mechanic II (CTL-11)
Quartermaster (PAT-4)
Service Technician (CTL-5)
Wastewater Plant Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-15)
Health (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Health (Unclassified) (PAT-14)
Chief Medical Officer (PAT-16)
Communicable Disease Control Specialist (PAT-8)
Coordinator of Epidemiological Services (PAT-9)
Environmental Community Health Planner (PAT-10)
Environmental Health Administrator (PAT-12)
Health Data Analyst (PAT-9)
Health Educator (PAT-9)
Health Educator Assistant (PAT-6)
Health Program Administrator (PAT-12)
Nutritionist (PAT-7)
Nutritionist Educator (PAT-6)
Public Health Planner (PAT-9)
Public Health Program Representative (PAT-8)
Senior Nutritionist (PAT-7)
WIC Coordinator (PAT-10)
WIC Supervisor (PAT-9)
Horticulture (back to categories)
Arborist (CTL-7)
Arborist Crew Leader (CTL-8)
Arborist Trainee (CTL-6)
Botanical Center Coordinator (PAT-8)

Gardener (CTL-7)
Golf Course Superintendent (PAT-6)
Golf Course Worker (CTL-5)
Golf Course Working Leader (CTL-6)
Golf Facilities Supervisor (PAT-9)
Grounds Maintenance Crew Leader (CTL-8)
Horticultural Interpreter (PAT-6)
Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Parks Forestry Team Leader
Parks Supervisor (PAT-9)
Public Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Urban Forester (PAT-8)
Human Resources (back to categories)
Human Resources Coordinator (PAT-9)
Human Resources Specialist (PAT-7)
Senior Human Resources Coordinator (PAT-11)
Senior Human Resources Specialist (PAT-8)
Human Services (back to categories)
Business Services Specialist (PAT-7)
Employment & Training Instructor (PAT-6)
Housing Assistance Technician (PAT-6)
Program Compliance Coordinator (PAT-8)
Senior Workforce Development Specialist (PAT-7)
Workforce Development Specialist (PAT-6)
Workforce Development Supervisor (PAT-9)
Laboratory (back to categories)
Chemist (PAT-9)
Laboratory Analyst (PAT-7)
Laboratory Scientist (PAT-7)
Laboratory Supervisor (PAT-11)
Laboratory Technician (PAT-4)
Lead Laboratory Scientist (PAT-8)
Plant Biologist (PAT-9)

Senior Laboratory Scientist
Legal (back to categories)
Assistant City Attorney I (Unclassified) (PAT-9)

Assistant City Attorney II (Unclassified) (PAT-10)
Assistant City Attorney III (Unclassified) (PAT-11)
Assistant City Attorney IV (Unclassified) (PAT-12)
Assistant City Attorney V (Unclassified) (PAT-13)
Contract Administrator (PAT-10)
Coordinator of the Mayor's Commission Human Rights (PAT-7)
Legal Investigator (PAT-7)
Legal Technician (PAT-5)
Litigation Paralegal (PAT-6)
Maintenance (back to categories)
Airfield Maintenance Worker (CTL-6)
Airport Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Building Maintenance Worker (CTL-5)
Collection System Supervisor (PAT-11)
Custodial Team Leader (CTL-10)

Custodial Working Leader (CTL-8)
Custodian (CTL-1)
Equipment Operator II (CTL-7)
Equipment Operator III (CTL-9)
General Services Working Leader (CTL-8)
Laborer (CTL-3)
Landfill Supervisor (CTL-17)
Lead Maintenance Worker (CTL-6)
Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Maintenance Worker (CTL-5)
Parks Caretaker (CTL-6)
Parks Maintenance Supervisor (CTL-14)
Parks Maintenance Working Leader (CTL-9)
Recycling Center Attendant (CTL-3)
Sewer Cleaning Team Leader (CTL-10)
Sewer Cleaning Working Leader (CTL-8)
Sewer Repair Working Leader (CTL-8)
Sign Fabricator (CTL-8)
Team Leader (CTL-11)
Traffic Controls Worker I (CTL-5)
Traffic Controls Worker II (CTL-7)
Traffic Control Working Leader (CTL-10)
Traffic Operations Supervisor (CTL-14)
Wastewater Sludge Truck Operator (CTL-5)
Weighmaster (CTL-5)
YRC Working Crew Leader (CTL-8)
YRC Equipment Operator (CTL-6)
Nursing (back to categories)
Community Health Nurse (PAT-8)
Nurse Coordinator (PAT-10)
Nurse Practitioner (PAT-13
Public Health Nurse (PAT-9)
Staff Nurse (PAT-7)
Parks Recreation & Administration (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation (PAT-14)
Community Recreation Coordinator (PAT-8)
Community Recreation Services Administrator (PAT-10)
Community Recreation Specialist (PAT-4)
Community Recreation Supervisor (PAT-6)
Community Sports Coordinator (PAT-7)
Concessions Supervisor (PAT-7)
Fitness & Wellness Supervisor (PAT-6)
Ice Hockey Coordinator (PAT-7)
Jordan Valley Park Manager (PAT-11)
Parks Health & Wellness Coordinator (PAT-9)
Superintendent of Recreation (PAT-13)
Superintendent of Special Facilities (PAT-12)
Planning & Development (back to categories)
Assistant City Planner (PAT-6)
Associate City Planner (PAT-8)
Associate Parks Planner (PAT-8)
Development Economist (PAT-11)
Economic Development Director (PAT-14)
Grants Administrator (PAT-11)
Planning & Development Manager (PAT-13)
Principal City Planner (PAT-11)
Senior City Planner (PAT-10)
Senior Parks Planner (PAT-10)
Transportation Planner (PAT-10)
Plant Operation (back to categories)
Biosolids Coordinator (PAT-9)
Northwest Treatment Plant Supervisor (PAT-10)
Plant Operations Supervisor (PAT-11)

Plant Operator II (PAT-6)
Plant Operator III (PAT-7)

Plant Operator Trainee (PAT-4)
Plant Shift Supervisor (PAT-9)
Police (back to categories)
Police Captain (LES-13)
Police Corporal (LES-5)
Police Lieutenant (LES-12)
Police Major (LES-15)
Police Officer (LES-2)
Police Sergeant (LES-10)
Public Information & Education (back to categories)
Assistant Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement (PAT-11)

Business Services Specialist
Citizen Service Coordinator (PAT-7)
Education Outreach Assistant (PAT-5)

Education and Outreach Specialist
Educator and Volunteer Coordinator (PAT-9)
Fire and Life Safety Educator (PAT-9)

Graphic Production Assistant (PAT-5)
Market Development Specialist (PAT-7)
Marketing & Communications Coordinator (PAT-9)
Materials Recovery Education Coordinator (PAT-9)
Multimedia Coordinator (PAT-7)
Production Manager (PAT-9)
Public Affairs Officer (PAT-10)

Public Health Information Administrator
Public Information Administrator (Parks) (PAT-9)
Senior Video Producer (PAT-8)
Special Projects Coordinator (PAT-7)
Sustainability Officer (PAT-10)
Video Producer (PAT-7)
Video Specialist (PAT-6)
Public Safety Support & Security (back to categories)
Airport Police Officer (PAT-7)
Airport Police Supervisor (PAT-8)
Animal Control Officer (PAT-5)
Art Museum Security Officer (PAT-3)
Crime Research Analyst (PAT-6)
Forensic Evidence Technician (PAT-6)
Latent Print Examiner (PAT-7)
Municipal Court Bailiff (PAT-5)
Park Ranger (PAT-7)
Park Ranger Supervisor (PAT-8)
Police Planning Technician (PAT-9)
Police Services Administrator (PAT-9)
Senior Animal Control Officer (PAT-6)
Supervisor of Animal Control (PAT-8)
Traffic Services Officer (PAT-5)
Purchasing (back to categories)
Buyer (PAT-7)
Purchasing Agent (PAT-11)
Senior Buyer (PAT-9)
Risk Management & Safety (back to categories)
Risk Manager (PAT-13)
Safety Coordinator (PAT-9)
Safety Technician (PAT-6)
Traffic Control & Repair (back to categories)
Senior Signal Technician (PAT-8)
Signal Crew Worker (PAT-6)
Signal Operations Coordinator (PAT-9)
Signal Technician (PAT-7)
Signal Trainee (PAT-5)
Supervisor of Signal Operations (PAT-10)
Zoo (back to categories)
Animal Health Technician (PAT-6)
General Curator (PAT-10)
Senior Keeper (PAT-7)
Superintendent of the Zoo (PAT-12)

Zoo Keeper (PAT-5)

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