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Summary of Benefits
JULY 2014

Health Plan Summary Sheet OR Health Plan Document


Health coverage is provided at no cost to full-time regular employees. The City paid premium is currently $466 per month. Coverage begins the first day of the month following the employment or eligibility date.

Coverage for dependents is $449 per month and paid 100% by the employee. Deductions of $224.50 are made from the first and second checks of each

The City's Plan is self-insured and has Mercy as its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The in-network annual deductible is $500 per person/$1000 per family. Preferred provider coverage is 80% after deductible; non-preferred provider coverage is 60% after the $1000 individual out-of-network deductible.

Employees and covered family members receive an annual preventive care benefit with no cost sharing each calendar year when using in-network providers. Deductible waived for this benefit.

Prescription Drug Plan administered by MedTrak. Retail pharmacy coverage: $5 co-pay per 30 day fill, plus 20% of remainder of the prescription cost; maximum fill of 90 days. Mail order coverage: 20% of cost limited to a 90-day supply per prescription. Mandatory generic: If plan participant elects brand name over generic, cost is the $5 co-pay (waived for mail order), plus 20%, plus the difference in price between the generic and brand name. Out of Network (filing prescription claim with Med-Pay): after deductible is met, plan pays 60% of covered prescriptions.

Please refer to the Health Plan Summary Sheets or the Health Plan Documents for details of Plan coverage.


A voluntary employee paid dental insurance plan offered through SPOA (Springfield Police Officers Association) is available through payroll deduction.

Premiums are 100% employee paid. Current monthly rates are:

Employee Only - $32.81

Family -$96.55

Term Life Insurance

A voluntary employee-paid life insurance plan offered through SPOA is available through payroll deduction. Premiums are 100% employee paid.

Premium rates are $12.00 per month for $50,000 coverage for the employee and $2 per month for $10,000 coverage for each child. For spouse coverage, the premium is based on age; contact SPOA for quote and details.

Cafeteria Plan (IRS Section 125)

Voluntary employee participation. This plan allows for the payment of Health, Dental, Life and Cancer Insurance premiums and qualified Dependent Care Expenses & Medical Expenses on a pre-tax basis. Elected contributions are not subject to State or Federal income taxes or FICA tax.

Deferred Compensation Plan
(IRS Section 457(B) Plan)

Voluntary employee participation. Maximum $17,500 for 2014 calendar year - multiple investment options available. The City contributes $10.00 per pay period for each employee's contribution of at least $10.00 per pay period.

Sick Leave

12 days/96 hours (3.69 hours per pay period) accrue each year. Maximum accrual of 180 days (1440 hours) for all Police Officers. Accrued sick days may be used for serious illness, injury, preventative health, or other medical needs for the employee and the employee's spouse, children or parents.

Sick Leave Redemption

Employees having a sick leave balance over 720 hours may request the City redeem a portion of their sick leave balance at 75% of their hourly rate.

Employees hired on or after 7/1/98 may redeem up to 16 hours and not less than 8 hours. The employee must not have used more than 5 days (40 hours) of personal sick leave during the 12 months prior to the request. In addition, the sick leave balance must not be reduced below 720 hours.

Employees may utilize this provision only one time per fiscal year.

Employees hired before 7/1/98 may redeem up to 54 hours and not less than 8 hours.

Scheduled Holidays Police officers receive the equivalent of 9 days off per year.

Scheduled Holidays

Police officers receive the equivalent of 9 days off per year.

Floating Holidays

Police Officers receive the equivalent of 3 days off per calendar year. Floating holidays must be used during the calendar year or are lost.


Length of Service Annual Accruals Per Pay Period
1 year - 7 years 2 weeks (80 hours) 3.08 hours
8 years - 15 years 3 weeks (120 hours) 4.62 hours
16 years + 4 weeks (160 hours) 6.16 hours

NOTE: Per General Ordinance 4527, employees hired after July 10, 1995 may accumulate a maximum of two times the annual vacation rate. Vacation NOT taken will be forfeited.


$200 annually for an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or a related field. Requires a minimum of 21 hours in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement.

$500 annually for a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or a related field. Requires a minimum of 33 hours in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement.

Longevity Pay

(Paid to employees hired prior to 1/1/2005)

Length of Service Annual Amount Per Pay Period
After 5 years $300 per year $11.51
After 10 years $600 per year $23.02
After 15 years $900 per year $34.53
After 20 years $1200 per year $46.04

Pin Day

A pin day is a day off with pay based on length of service. These occur only for specific years of service. Pin days are earned on the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. year anniversaries. A pin day must be used within one year of the time it is earned.

Clothing Allowance

Effective the first full pay period on or after July 3, 2011, all employees on the LES salary schedule and the Police Chief will receive a semi-annual clothing allowance of $725.00 within the pay period in which September 15 and March 15 occur.

New Police Officers (Academy) participate in both the Police Academy and the Field Training Program during their tenure and could incur considerable intitial out-of-pocket expenses due to uniform requirements in both programs. As a result, new Police Officers (Academy) will be issued Academy uniforms and equipment to be worn during academy training. The Academy uniforms shall be returned to the police department upon graduation from the academy. Upon graduation from the Police Academy, new Police Officers will be issued Police Officer uniforms and equipment required for field training.

Police Officers (Lateral Hire program) participate in both the Orientation Program and the Field Training Program during their tenure and could incur considerable initial out-of-pocket expenses due to uniform requirements in both programs. As a result, Police Officers (Lateral Hire Program) will be issued both required unforms and related equipment.

Reinstated employees, per Merit Rule 8.7, who are not required to complete the Academy or Field Training, will not be eligible for any benefit under the Police Officers Academy or Police Officers Lateral Hire Program.

Any Police Officer leaving the City's employment within one year of employment with the City will be required to return all issued uniforms and equipment immediately.

New Police Officers (Academy) and Police Officers (Lateral Hire Program) will not be eligible to receive the semi-annual uniform allowance until one year after the date of their graduation from the Police Academy.

Retirement - Police and Fire Pension

Employees hired on or after February 1, 2010 are provided a retirement plan through the Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS). The current Benefit Program is L-11. The City of Springfield makes the full contribution to LAGERS for this benefit. Effective July 2014, the contribution rate for Police Officers is 16.20%.

Pension calculation: 2.5% x final average salary (average of 36 highest consecutive months in the last 120 months) x years of service credit = monthly benefit.

A LAGERS member is vested (guaranteed a benefit) after 5 years of service credit within the LAGERS system. Police Officers are eligible to retire with unreduced benefits at age 55. A vested employee may elect to retire with reduced benefits up to 5 years earlier than the normal retirement age.

More information is available at www.molagers.org or by calling 800-447-4334.

Employees in this benefit program do not participate in Social Security.

Employees hired on or after June 1, 2006 and prior to February 1, 2010,voluntarily elected to enroll in the Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS). See above section for benefit details.

Employees hired prior to July 1, 2006, have the following retirement benefit:

a mandatory retirement plan through the Police Officers' & Firefighters' Retirement System that requires 14.63% employee contribution. The variable City contribution rate is currently 35%.

Members leaving the City for a service or disability retirement with pension are paid back their employee contributions only, without interest.

Five years of service required for vesting.

2.8% x final average monthly salary x years of service = monthly benefit. Benefit not to exceed 70% of the employee's average annual salary. Final average monthly salary is the average of the highest 3 years of last 10.

Normal unreduced retirement may be taken at age 50 with 20 years of service or any age with 25 years of service. Employees may retire with reduced benefits at age 55 and at least 5 years of service.

Automatic compounded 3% cost-of-living adjustment applied annually each July. (Must be retired for 12 months and age 56 to be eligible for annual adjustment.)

NOTE: Officers do not participate in Social Security but those hired after 4/1/86 contribute 1.45% to Medicare.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Must be approved by the Human Resources Department at least seven days prior to start of the class. Must satisfactorily complete probationary period to be eligible; courses may be approved based on the availability of funds; and reimbursement is based on the grade received.

A - 100%

B - 90%

C - 80%

Passing, but less than C - 50%

Pass/fail classes reimbursed at - 80%

Reimbursement applies to tuition only; does not apply toward cost of books, registration fees, or incidental fees. Maximum $2,500 per fiscal year. An employee leaving City employment will be required to pay back 100% of tuition reimbursement payments received during the last 6 months of employment.

Funeral Leave

Employees may be granted up to 3 working days leave in the event of the death of an eligible relative as listed in the Merit Rules.

Military Leave

An employee who is a member of the National Guard or any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces is eligible for a total of 120 hours leave per federal fiscal year without a reduction in pay upon furnishing the City with appropriate orders.

Jury Duty

An employee may be granted leave with pay when required to be absent from work for jury duty.

Travel & confereces

The City encourages travel and attendance at professional organization conferences. This benefit is subject to the availability of Departmental funds and must be approved in advance by Department management.

Automobile Reimbursement Allowance

Employees using their privately owned vehicles in the conduct of City business are reimbursed according to the provisions and at the rate per mile as set forth in Administrative Memorandum #1.

Communications Allowance

The City Manager or his designee may grant up to $70 per month as deemed appropriate for purposes necessary to fulfill the functions of the position for which the allowance is recommended.

Statutory Requirements

Medicare, Workers' Compensation, and Unemployment Compensation.

NOTE: The above information is only a generalized description of benefits. If there is any conflict between the information contained above and the provisions of the City Charter, Merit Rules, ordinance and specific laws they will prevail relative to this data. The above data is subject to change.

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