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To serve as a clinical and research veterinarian; coordinate veterinary activities; maintain the health and well-being of the zoological collections associated with the Dickerson Park Zoo.     


Graduation from an accredited school of veterinary medicine.  Must possess a valid MO Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.  Must have a license to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Missouri; must possess a Federal Drug Administration-Drug Enforcement Agency Certificate for all schedules; and the ability to secure accreditation by the United States Department of Agriculture is required.  Will be on call for emergencies or special cases that may require services after the regularly scheduled hours.  

See Job Description for Essential Duties and Qualifications.


$1,988.00 - $2,731.20 Bi-weekly is complete Salary Range.
(Starting salary is typically at the beginning of the range depending on individual qualifications and budget authorization.)

Application Deadline

Search Committee will consider all applications/resumes received by January 31, 2014; however, applications/resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.
 (Applications/Resumes submitted by mail must be postmarked the day of the application deadline.)

CITY EMPLOYEES must submit a resume or employment application by the stated deadline.


NOTE:  To receive credit for college education, you must submit your college transcript with your application.  Based on the number and quality of applicants, applications may be reviewed for qualifications beyond the minimums stated herein.  Education and experience shall be evaluated with regard to recency and quality, as well as quantity, per Merit Rule 5.8.
The ELIGIBLE LIST established as a result of this job posting will be used for a minimum of six months or until the list is exhausted.  Individuals must apply now in order to be considered for future openings of this position.  Eligible applicants will have the option of having their name withheld from consideration for specific vacancies if they choose.

To ensure consideration, CITY EMPLOYEES wishing to transfer or take a voluntary demotion for the current vacancy should indicate their interest to the Human Resources Department by completing the appropriate form by the application deadline.

According to Merit Rule 10.1(c), no CITY EMPLOYEE “shall be deemed eligible for promotional examination whose last service rating was not satisfactory.” 

Equal Opportunity Employer
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability.  Individuals with disabilities should request reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act prior to testing or appointment.  Proof of United States Citizenship/Authorization to Work in The United States as established by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 is a condition of employment.  Pre-employment drug testing required.

To apply, complete an online application. To check the status of this position (accepting applications, scheduling testing, 2nd interviews, filled, etc.) please see Position Status.

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