Jordan Valley: A Community Vision

aerial photo of jordan valley park, hammons field, car park and hammons tower


  • a place where a child can see and play sports, learn science and experience the arts all in a day
  • pockets of blight cleared away cleaned up and reused for houses and lofts, restaurants and shops, ponds and trails
  • an urban meadow vast enough to find places for solitude and places to socialize.

Concept Plan

A Vision for Jordan Valley, accepted by City Council in July 2007, resulted in amendments to the Jordan Valley Park Concept Plan to include the concept and recommendations contained in the Vision report. Much of the original 2005 Concept Plan has been retained; changed in policy recommendations resulting from the Vision community involvement process have been inserted.

The new Jordan Valley and Jordan Valley Park Concept Plan and Design Guidelines (49.6 mb) build upon the historic, cultural, physical, ecological, and economic strengths of the community while accepting the constraints of the project site. The Design Guidelines encourage the use of indigenous vegetation and materials, a series of linkages and view corridors to integrate nearby features and structures into its identity, and offering opportunities to showcase local art as well as international art and culture, all while being sensitive to the varying nature of the market and the idea that the image and nature of activities within Jordan Valley will continue to evolve and change.

jordan valley concept plan rendering

Download a full-sized version of this concept plan rendering (6.6 mb).

Vision Statement

Jordan Valley consists of a mix of open spaces and buildings, land and water, groves and meadows. In time the area will combine gardens, playgrounds, plazas, and spaces that flow east and west through the heart of the City. It will be designed as an ever-changing, everevolving expression of the Springfield community.

New buildings and infill development in Jordan Valley will blend handsomely with the older historic stock, while maintaining their own distinct identities. “Civic” facilities and services are located in and adjacent to the park, reviving the importance of public places and facilities and emphasizing their value to the community. A variety of public spaces connect new buildings with existing ones, bringing workers, residents, and tourists together in a revitalized urban core.

Jordan Valley Park is a “grand civic gesture” that encompasses large and small open spaces, sparkling pools of water and gurgling streams, majestic trees and shrubs with brilliant hues, vast meadows and shady groves. Yet in its small reflecting ponds and shady rest spots, Jordan Valley Park allows for quiet moments of personal reflection. Urban spaces give way to natural open spaces. The roughly hewn limestone bluffs exposed along the edge of the park will contrast with the “green” expanse of the valley and Jordan Creek. The excitement in its public spaces contrasts with the tranquility of the many spots for solitude and rest.

Above all, Jordan Valley Park is an urban park - in its setting, use, and role. The surrounding urban envelope both contrasts and defines the natural landscape. Cultural features and amenities that lend excitement to urban living are clustered within Jordan Valley and in the park, providing opportunities for community gatherings, socializing, learning, and celebration.

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