Code Enforcement


The NPO is working to encourage safe and healthy neighborhoods for Springfield residents. The best way to achieve these goals is with your cooperation. Here is what you can do.

Neighborhood Code Compliance & Service Request

If trash, weeds, front yard parking, inoperable vehicles, and other nuisances are degrading the integrity of your neighborhood you can report them to the city's service request system and the appropriate city department will address the situation.

To report a neighborhood issue please complete an online Service Request or call the Department of Public Information at 417.864.1010.

Neighborhood Teams Program

By coordinating the City's Neighborhood Teams program the department addresses property-related issues in participating neighborhoods. Neighborhood Teams is a collaboration between neighborhood residents, NPO staff, police, health department, and other departments involved to clean up problem areas in specific neighborhoods. Meetings are held every six weeks for residents to express their concerns and submit a list of problems to be corrected.

If you are interested in participating in Neighborhood Teams, view this brochure, or contact at 417.864.2027.

Neighborhood Enhancement Codes

The City of Springfield Municipal Code is focused on maintaining a basic level of quality within our City's residential areas. These codes target common nuisances such as weeds and tall grass, trash, junk, inoperable vehicles, barking dogs, parking violations. They also address the more serious issues of building safety, overcrowding, zoning, and crime.

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