Friendly Neighborhoods

friendly logo Neighbors working together to help neighbors and to improve the neighborhood has the biggest impact for Great Neighborhoods. Welcoming neighborhoods also encourage new investment by existing and potential residents and businesses.

group of neighborhood association members standing on sidewalk near streetNeighborhoods need to communicate issues and activities throughout the neighborhood and bring residents together in meaningful ways to address issues and create social connections. Through the formation of neighborhood organizations, the neighborhoods can promote interaction between residents and bring together talents that will lead to closer neighborhood connections and the ability to solve many problems without City involvement.

The City can assist with the formation of neighborhood organizations and creating neighborhood communication processes.

City Resources

  • Registered Neighborhood Organizations

    Neighborhood Identification Signs

    The Neighborhood Sign Program is intended to communicate clear and identifiable boundaries that create a sense of place, through the placement of neighborhood identification signs that represent the individual character and identity of the neighborhood. While the development of this program is the result of coordination between neighborhood organizations and the City, the unique design of each neighborhood sign represents their pride, ownership and dedication to improving their neighborhood.


    Neighborhood Identification Sign Policy

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    Public Service Announcements

    • play video slow down in neighborhoods

      Please slow down, especially in neighborhoods, and drive the speed limit.

    • play video noisy silence, your clatter matters

      Be a good neighbor and keep your noise to yourself. Your Clatter Matters.

    • play video take care of your pets

      Take care of your furry friends. It's their job to bark, but sometimes it's best for them to keep their opinions indoors.

    • play video Trash Talk

      Remember to always store trash in a proper receptacle and dispose of it in a timely manner.

    Community Resources

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