Affiliated Neighborhood Groups
UnRegistered with City

Name Boundaries Council Zone
Cinnamon on the Hill/ Cinnamon Square Property Owners Association map Ginger Blue north; city limits east; Linwood Terrace south; extension of Blackman Road west 2
Cinnamon Square Townhouse Association map Catalpa Street north; Burlingtnorthern railroad tracks and city limits east; Bennett Street south; Eastgate Avenue west 2
Commercial Club of Springfield map Commercial Street between Washington and Lyon Avenue 2
Cooper Estates Property Owners Association map Division Street north; LeCompte Road east; 1/4 section line of 15-29-21 south; Eastgate Avenue west 2
Fox Grape Home Owners Association map Battlefield Road north; Ingram Mill Road east; Greeley Street south; Parkview Avenue west. Also, Shady Glenn north; Linden Court/Linden Avenue east; a line extending Greeley Street south; Ingram Mill west 4
Kay Pointe Homeowners Association map Mt. Vernon (south side) north; Duke (both sides) east; Jordan (both sides) south; Orchard Crest (east side of street only) west 1
Kingsbury Forest Property Owners Association, Inc map Kingsbury north; City limits east; Stanford Street south; extension of Blackman Road west 2
Lakewood Village Property Owners Association map Cardinal Street north; Harvard and Glenhaven Avenues east; Richmond Street south; Warwick and Charleston Avenue west 4
Mission Hills Property Owners Association, Inc. map Cherryvale Street north; Horseshoe Avenue east; Galloway Street south; Luster Avenue west 4
National Place map Weaver Road north; National Avenue east; Canterbury Lane south; Holland Avenue west 4
Parkwest Village map Swan Street north; Kansas Avenue east; James River Freeway south; Kansas Expressway west 3
Parkwood Survival Association/Parkwood Improvement District map Nora Street north; Clayton Avenue east; Parkwood Street south; Barnes Avenue west 2
Quail Creek Property Owners map James River Freeway north; Broadway Avenue east; Sherwood Drive south; Kansas Avenue west 3
Ravenwood South map Norshire Street north; Rochelle Street east; Canterbury Street south; city limits west 4
Sherman Avenue Project Area Committee, Inc. map Commercial Street north; National Avenue east; Central Street south; Clay Avenue west 1
Spring Creek Property Owners Association map Holiday Street north; Spring Hill Road east; Briar Street south; Charleston Avenue west 4