Neighborhood Organizations & Groups

The Neighborhood Registry has been organized to identify Neighborhood Service Areas and the Registered Neighborhood Organization(s) that exist within each area.

What is a Neighborhood Service Area?

Each Neighborhood Service Area is based on the criteria established in the Neighborhoods Element of the Vision 20/20 process which defines a neighborhood as:

“one being approximately one square mile in size…..with major geographic boundaries such as arterial roads, major streams, railroads or major non-residential areas that are supported by a mixture of housing types, retail services and parks/open space within walking distance of the residential areas that contain 3,000 to 6,000 residents.”

What is a Registered Neighborhood Organization?

Neighborhood organization(s) that include approximately one-half of the land area included in the service area, has elected officers, adopted by-laws, etc. and that are registered with the City shall be considered a Registered Neighborhood Organization. Each Registered Neighborhood Organization is included in the Registry along with its applicable Neighborhood Service Area.


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