Safe Neighborhoods

safe logoNeighborhood safety addresses crime as well as property safety. The safety and security of the neighborhood is largely the responsibility of neighborhood residents. There are two major determinants of neighborhood safety:

  1. how many neighbors we know by name
  2. how often we are in our neighborhood outside our homes.

Periodic police patrols are not as effective for making neighborhoods safe and deterring crime. Police, Fire, Building Development Services and other City departments will work with neighborhoods to keep the peace, respond to emergencies, and regulate construction and building occupancy. The City can help provide structure to the safety programs through Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Teams; however, residents must play an active role in sending a message of solidarity and resistance to crime and unsafe properties.

City Safety Resources

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Public Service Announcements

  • play video slow down in neighborhoods

    Please slow down, especially in neighborhoods, and drive the speed limit.

  • play video are you part of the watch

    The Neighborhood Watch program's goal is to involve more citizens in identifying and reporting suspicious and criminal activity while working with Police to reduce overall crime in our community.

  • play video protect valuables in your car

    Holidays can be a busy time of year but please, take the extra step and hide valuables in your trunk or take them with you. Don't let anyone spoil your Holiday fun.

Community Safety Resources

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