Online Application and fee Payment

Welcome to the Department of Planning and Development online payment system! This system will allow for both standard paper review as well as electronic submittals through our e-plans system. To begin the process:

  1. Choose the type of case below and choose "Pay for Fee" or "Apply".

  2. Wait for a “pre-screen complete” email from the City of Springfield with instructions for our review process.

  3. A full application online full application must be uploaded in ePlans for all items other than Administrative Review Committee, Land Development Inquiry Committee and Pre-Subdivision Review items this online pre-application is all that is required.

  4. To pay for any fees due after an application has been submitted, go to Pay Fees Due.

The City of Springfield is accepting all projects through the e-plans digital submittal review system. Please refer to the User Guide for details on how to submit a project using the e-plans electronic review system.

ePlans offers an enormous benefit to the design professional community, clients and citizens. Unlike the current paper system, e-plans allows for several cost and time saving efficiencies, including:

  • Submission of plans electronically, from the convenience of your office, 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Simultaneous review of the plans by all professional and trade disciplines

  • City reviewer mark-ups are made on a separate layer of the plans to provide correction, direction, and clarity

  • Re-submission of corrected plans electronically from the convenience of your office

  • Reduced printing and transportation cost, and

  • Real-time return of your approved plans, once the fees are paid.

Type of CaseProcessing Fee
1. Zoning Map or Text Amendment $1,650 Pay for Fee
2. Planned Development    
-Preliminary development plan $2,217 Pay for Fee
-Final development plan (Commission/Council) $717 Pay for Fee
-Final development plan (Administrative) $655 Pay for Fee
3. Use Permit $1,440 Pay for Fee
4. Vacation (street, alley or subdivision)  $872* ** Pay for Fee
5. Relinquishment of Easement $653** Pay for Fee
6. Preliminary Plat    
-Major Subdivision $1,621 Pay for Fee
-Preliminary Plat Renewal $772 Pay for Fee
7.  Final Plat    
-Administrative Approval  $628** Pay for Fee
-Appeal to Commission or Council $515 Pay for Fee
-Final Plat to Commission or Council $1,088 Pay for Fee
8. Administrative Subdivision (formerly minor subdivision)
-Lot Line Adjustment $330** Pay for Fee
-Lot Combination - Substantial Impact  $267** Pay for Fee
-Lot Combination - No Substantial Impact $45** Pay for Fee
     -Administrative Tract Certification $40 Pay for Fee
-Administrative Replat - Non-Residential $1,095** Pay for Fee
-Administrative Replat - Residential  $884** Pay for Fee
-Administrative Replat - Condominium  $1,174** Pay for Fee
9. Subdivision Variance    
-Submitted with preliminary plat $48 Pay for Fee
-Submitted independent of preliminary $614** Pay for Fee
10. Board of Adjustment    
-Variance $1,231** Pay for Fee
-Special Exception $1,231** Pay for Fee
-Appeal $1,231** Pay for Fee
11. Annexation $894 Pay for Fee
12. Request to Extend Security Agreement $110 Pay for Fee
13. Master Sign Plan $448 Pay for Fee
15. Street Name Change $640 Pay for Fee
20. Zoning Certificate $45 Pay for Fee
21.Administrative Review Committee (ARC)    
-ARC Planned Development Sketch Plan $0 Apply
-ARC Use Permit Sketch Plan $0 Apply
-ARC Other $0 Apply
22. Land Development Inquiry Committee (LDIC) $0 Apply
23. Landmarks Board Certificate of Appropriateness $0 Apply
24. Pre-Subdivision Review $0 Apply
Document Sales
1.  Subdivision Regulation $5 Walk-in Payment
2.  Zoning Ordinance $29 Walk-in Payment
*Advertising fees billed to applicant by newspaper
**Recording fees are extra

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