Legislative Priorities

The City of Springfield has identified major priorities on matters to come before state and federal lawmakers. These priorities have been approved by members of Springfield, Missouri City Council.

The following priorities are established for the 2013 legislative session:

  • Economic development and fighting poverty
  • Protecting the natural environment
  • Maintaining local control and avoiding unfunded mandates
  • Improving public health
  • Maintaining public safety and Improving the Criminal Justice System

Public Safety & the Criminal Justice System


Adequately fund the criminal justice system. The City encourages the State to fully fund county jail expenses and supports measures to ensure that the actual cost of housing inmates is paid to counties. The City of Springfield encourages the State to adequately fund the criminal justice system throughout the State.

Identification of Stolen Goods

The City supports a State statute that would require scrap metal dealers to report transactions to assist in the identification of stolen goods.


In order to most efficiently collect fines and costs from criminal convictions, local agencies should have the ability to enter into contracts with third-party debt collectors selected by the local agencies.

Municipal Court Capital & Operations Fee

The City supports legislation that would allow a Charter city with its own municipal court building to assess up to a $10 fee on paid citations for the purpose of funding the construction, remodel, repair, and ongoing maintenance of the City's municipal court building.

Methamphetamine Labs

The City of Springfield supports legislation limiting those tablets/pills containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) to availability by prescription only, provided there is no increased cost for the consumer.

Seat Belts

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), from 2008 to 2010, 63% of all drivers killed in crashes were not belted, and that number rises to 68% in teens. The solution to this problem is simple, since these deaths and injuries are preventable by wearing a seatbelt. A primary seatbelt law is encouraged that would allow police officers to fully enforce seatbelt use.

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