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We direct citizen requests, questions, and problems to the departments which can best implement change or provide answers. The request process enables anyone to help the City enforce ordinances regarding issues such as tall weeds and dangerous buildings. The result is a beautiful, clean, safe community.

Accurate Information is Key

The following information is key to efficient resolution of a concern:

  • location or numbered address of the property causing concern
  • length of time the situation has existed
  • a short description of the problem

The Service Request Process

The Citizen's Service resolution process depends on cooperation and communication between citizens and City departments.

  1. A citizen submits a request by:
    1. Completing an Online Service Request form
    2. Phone: 417.864.1010, Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m or 24 hr voicemail
    3. E-mail:
    4. Completing the written Service Request form and returning it via postal mail.
  2. If citizens know which department to contact, they may work directly with that department.
  3. Information about the concern is entered into a City-wide database.
  4. The appropriate department(s) gathers information through the shared database and works to resolve the problem. At this point, an inspector may go to the location or property to evaluate the situation.
  5. If contact information is provided citizens will be contacted when their request is resolved.

Citizens may contact Citizen's Service Assistance at any time for an update on the resolution process.

Service Request Examples

photo: overflowing trash on front yard

Service Requests deals with several kinds of concerns and questions. Some of the most common are:

  • drainage problems
  • traffic services
  • zoning information
  • tall weed or trash violations
  • abandoned vehicles
  • dangerous buildings
  • noise

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