Police Services Representative Position Testing and Selection Procedure and Schedule

The testing and selection procedure includes the following elements: a typing test, an oral interview, a background investigation and pre-employment drug testing. Applicants must pass every phase of the testing and selection process in order to be considered eligible for appointment.

This is a tentative schedule for the recruitment process and exact dates are currently not available. Please check back for postings.

Testing Schedule
Dates will be added when a
schedule has been set.
Application Deadline for Testing
Typing Tests
Interview Scores Available to Candidates*
*Interview scores will be available to candidates by calling the Human Resources Department at 417-864-1607.


Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for this position will be contacted by the Human Resources Department to schedule an appointment for the different phases of the selection process.

The interview is tentatively scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes. Interview times will be established after the application deadline.

In accordance with Merit Rule 5.2, any applicant taking an entrance exam (either a written test and/or oral interview), who fails to make a passing grade may retake the test at the next regularly scheduled time. Should the applicant fail to make a passing grade on the second attempt, he/she will not be allowed to retake the test for the position until one year from the date of the second test. Failure to make a qualifying grade on the entrance exam on the third attempt will disqualify the candidate from any further consideration for the specified position.

If you meet minimum qualifications for this position and are interested in participating in the next selection process, please contact the Human Resources Department at 417-864-1607 for an application or apply online. All applications must be turned in by the application deadline in order to be considered for a specific testing cycle.

We appreciate your interest in serving the citizens of Springfield.