Beat Realignment


Old Beats (before 01/30/11)

Current Beats


Neighborhood Associations

•The beats are denoted as solid colors.
•The Neighborhood Associations are in thick blue outline with blue crosshatch.


Neighborhood Associations


New Beats (effective 01/30/11)

SP11: North-Grand from City Limits to Campbell, East-Campbell from Grand to City Limits, South-City Limits, West-City Limits

SP12: North-Sunset from Campbell to Glenstone and Sunshine from Glenstone to City Limits, East-City Limits, South-City Limits, West-Campbell from James River to Sunset and Glenstone from Sunset to Sunshine

SP13: North-Grand from Campbell to Kimbrough and Loren from Kimbrough to National and Chestnut Expy from National to City limits, East-City Limits and Kimbrough from Grand to Loren, South-Sunshine from City Limits to Glenstone and Sunset from Glenstone to Campbell, West-Campbell from Sunset to Grand and National from Loren to Chestnut Expy

SP21: North-City Limits and Railroad tracks from West Bypass to Kansas Expy, East-Kansas Expy from Railroad tracks to Grand, South-Grand from Kansas Expy to City Limits, West-City Limits

SP22: North-City Limits, East-National from City Limits to Commercial, South-Commercial from National to Kansas Expy and Railroad tracks from Kansas Expy to West Bypass, West-West Bypass from Railroad tracks to City Limits

SP23: North-City Limits, East-City Limits, South-Chestnut Expy from City Limits to National, West-National from Chestnut Expy to City Limits

SP31: North-Chestnut Expy from Kansas Expy to National, East-National from Chestnut Expy to Loren, South-Loren from National to Kimbrough and Grand from Kimbrough to Kansas Expy, West-Kimbrough from Loren to Grand and Kansas Expy from Grand to Chestnut Expy

SP32: North-Commercial from Kansas to National, East-National from Commercial to Chestnut Expy, South-Chestnut Expy from National to Kansas Expy, West-Kansas Expy from Chestnut Expy to Commercial

New Beats