Back to School Time!

It’s that time again..!!! Many of our area schools will be back in session starting later this month, some as early as the 15th. This means that drivers need to start thinking about children who may be traveling the same routes on their way to and from school.

Every school has crosswalks at the school and most have crossing guards. However, many children have to walk several blocks to school and may cross several roadways in the process where there isn’t a crossing guard or traffic signal to assist them. Drivers need to be vigilant long before they get to the “school zone.” The best thing a driver can do to decrease their risk of being involved in a crash with a child is to SLOW DOWN. The slower you drive, the more time you have to react in those critical situations should one present itself.

Parents and guardians, you need to be talking with your children about their routes to and from school and ensuring they know how to cross the roadway safely. Many of the crashes that occurred last school year involved situations that could have been prevented had the pedestrians involved been crossing the roadway properly and safely. It’s everyone’s responsibility to lessen the chances of any crashes occurring. If we all do our part, we should see a drastic decline in these types of occurrences. Be SAFE!


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