Gang/Graffiti Control and Information

If you see property that has been vandalized by what you consider to be "gang" graffiti, you may file an online police report or you may call
417-864-1810 with the graffitifollowing information:

  1. The street address where the damage is located
  2. The property owner's name if available
  3. The type of property on which the damage is located (house, fence, bridge, etc.)
  4. Any information you have relating to who damaged the property

A Springfield police officer will respond as calls permit and photograph the damage. An investigator will determine if it is gang graffiti.


Graffiti Removal
Graffiti, whether gang-related or not, can be removed from your property with little to no expense to you. Fill out a graffiti removal request form through Community Partnership of the Ozarks' Task Force on Gangs and Youth Violence.