PAR Officers

Police Area Representative (PAR) officers are available in each police response area (or zone) to help solve neighborhood problems and provide referrals to community organizations that can assist neighborhoods. If you're having a problem in your neighborhood and would like to discuss it with your PAR officer, first determine what zone you live in by checking the zone map (or call 864-1810 if you need further assistance). Leave a message for the appropriate officer and he/she will return your call during his next scheduled work day. PAR officers work a varying schedule and may not be available when you call. If you need immediate assistance or feel that your problem can't wait, call 911.


CSS Commander Lt. Greg Wheelen 417-864-1742
CSS Supervisor Sgt. Jennifer Charleston 417-864-1193
CSS Special Events Coordinator Officer Mark Priebe 417-864-1727
Zone 1 South Side PAR Officer
East of National
Officer Clint Coyan 417-837-5866
Zone 1 South Side PAR Officer
West of National
Officer Mark Priebe 417-837-5863
Zone 2 North Side PAR Officer
East of Kansas Expressway
Officer Jason Copley 417-837-5878
Zone 2 North Side PAR Officer
West of Kansas Expressway
Officer Steve Hartman 417-837-5877
Zone 3 Center City South PAR Officer Officer Mike Evans 417-864-1194
Zone 3 Center City North PAR Officer Officer Harold Millirons 417-864-1195
Crime Prevention Officer David Snider 417-837-5874
Crime Prevention Officer Ben Lord 417-837-5875