Vehicle Window Tinting Laws

Summer is almost here and the sun’s rays will begin warming up our car interiors, sometimes more than we want. Many drivers have their car windows tinted to avoid scorching hot temperatures inside. State law allows this but many aftermarket installers and motorists apply tinting that is much too dark to be legal.

The State tinting laws have changed over the past several years. Missouri Statute 307.173 now allows the front side windows of vehicles to be tinted to the level that allows 35% or more light transmission, plus or minus 3%. Anything darker which allows less light transmission is not legal and can result in a citation. Officers are equipped with Tint Meters that measure the light transmission through the glass to check compliance with this law.

On the windshield only factory tinting, or the equivalent thereof, is allowed. Labels, stickers, and decals are allowed on the windshield as long as they do not interfere with the driver’s view of the road. The other windows in the vehicle (rear, side, and back) can be tinted to any level desired with no restrictions.

Motorists that have certain medical conditions can receive a permit to apply darker tinting through the State Department of Public Safety with the appropriate documentation from their doctor. Also, vehicles with historical plates are exempt from this portion of the law.


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