Some Tips if You're Involved in a Traffic Crash

  • Check yourself and your occupants for injuries.
  • Turn off the engine and turn on your emergency flashers.
  • If you can safely do so, check on the occupants of the other vehicle.
  • If it is a minor crash without injuries, it may be safer to pull the cars off the roadway onto the shoulder or into a nearby parking lot.
  • Call the police.
  • In some minor crashes, drivers may exchange information and not call the police. The drivers can come to Police Headquarters and complete a Walk-In Crash Report.
  • If the other driver does not want to provide this information, does not have any identification, or does not have proof of insurance, you should call the police.
  • If your crash occurs on private property, police will respond if there is an injury, an intoxicated driver, or a fatal injury. We will also respond if the other driver left the scene of the crash and you have information about who it was or the license plate of the car that left. In all other private property crashes, you will be directed to come to the Police Department to complete a Walk-In Crash Report.
  • Remain calm. The roadway is not the place to debate who is at fault or who will pay for damages. The insurance companies and/or courts will make that determination later.
  • If there is any question as to whether the police should be called, simply call us. We can answer your questions and advise you what needs to be done.


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