Traffic Safety Tip Index

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Traffic Section
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As our Citizen Surveys show, one of the greatest concerns of Springfield residents is the traffic in our city.

If you have a specific question about traffic laws, correct driving procedures, or anything else related to traffic, please send an e-mail using the Contact Us email link at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, check out our extensive list of traffic-related tips. The tips have been sorted into general topics, but the same tip may be found under more than one heading.

And don't forget to buckle up.

Back to School Clear the Windows and Lights
Back to School Time Cruise Control Can Be Dangerous
Child Passenger Restraint Law Driving in Snow and Ice
Children Left in Vehicles Fall Driving and Deer Season
Halloween Halloween
Pedestrian Safety Headlight Usage in Inclement Weather
School Bus Safety Headlights on for Safety
School Buses are the Safest Way to Get to School Holiday Driving
School is Out! Holiday Season
Streets Are for Cars Holiday Season and Red Light Violations
  Lights on for Safety
LAWS Motorcycles are Coming
Avoidance of Traffic Signals Rain, Rain, Go Away!
"Brake Check" Spring Showers
Child Passenger Restraint Law Springtime Driving
Click It or Ticket Tips for Driving in Rain and on Wet Pavement
Do Not Block the Intersection Winter Weather Driving Tips
Funeral Processions  
Headlight Usage in Inclement Weather WHAT CAUSES ACCIDENTS
Headlights on for Safety Aggressive Driving
Leaving the Scene of an Accident Avoidance of Traffic Signals
Motorized Bikes and Mopeds Be Careful Making Those Right Turns
Move to the Left When Possible "Brake Check"
New Highway Work Zone Law Began August 28 Cell Phone Use While Driving
Possession of Drivers' Licenses A Common Cause of Traffic Crashes
Rain, Rain, Go Away! Courtesy Can Cause Accidents
Right Turns on Red Driving While Fatigued
Rules of the Road for Scooters Driving While Medicated
Seatbelts Really Do Work I Only Looked Away for a Second...
Two Important Laws If You Can't See, Don't Go
Unnecessary Tragedies Most Frequent Accident
Vehicle Window Tinting Laws One-Way Streets
  Please Pay Attention
PEDESTRIANS Preventing Road Rage
Pedestrian Safety Respect Red
Right-of-Way in Crosswalks Steering Overcorrection
Walking Called the Most Dangerous Way to Travel Tailgating
  Time Management
PROPER PROCEDURES Watch Out for the Other Guy
Aggressive Driving  
Are You a Good Samaritan?  
Avoiding Car-Truck Crashes  
Backing Tips  
Being in Control of the Intersection  
Blind Spots  
The Dangers of "Novelty" Motorcycle Helmets  
Do Not Block the Intersection
Driving in Construction Work Zones  
Fit to Drive-Traffic Safety for Older Drivers  
Frequently Asked Questions  
Funeral Processions  
If You're Involved in a Traffic Crash  
Motorcycle Safety Tips  
Move to the Left When Possible  
One-Way Streets  
Preparing for Trips in Your Vehicle  
Proper Use of the Center Maneuvering Lane  
Right-of-Way in Crosswalks  
Right Turns  
Strategies for Young Drivers  
Total Station  
What and What Not To Do at an Accident Scene  
What To Do If You Have a Vehicle Breakdown  
When You See Red Lights Behind You...