Education Campaign

In 2007, Stormwater Engineering and James River Basin Partnership developed a stormwater education campaign focusing on four key messages:

  1. Report Storm Drain Pollution - Promotes Stormwater Engineering pollution reporting hotline.
  2. Fertilize Responsibly - Promotes JRBP's Get Tested program to prevent overfertilization of lawns.
  3. Recycle Household Chemicals - Promotes usage of the City's Household Chemical Collection Center.
  4. Recycle Used Motor Oil - Promotes used oil recycling services offered by area retailers listed in the City's Recycling Guide.
picture: back of bus with promotional sign

These messages are being delivered via billboards, city bus wraps, bus benches, movie theatre ads, radio public service announcements, and print pieces. This campaign is funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks Stewardship Ozarks Initiative.

Download the brochure:

Public Service Announcement Radio Spots:

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