Sequiota Park Lake & Waterway Improvements

Galloway Creek channel wall before Pedestrian bridge to be replaced Bank erosion in the creek unique bedrock formations in the creek
Sequiota lake View of lake from rock boulder Galloway Creek below south bridge groundbreaking
creek channel cleared out lake drained for sediment removal red clay deposits in the lake will be removed Dredging the lake
Rock baffles in the lake to promote water circulation West slope of the creek has been graded old and new rock walls in the lake new pedestrian bridge
the two new bridges across the creek will safely accomodate pedestrians and maintenance vehicles Backfilling of new walls along Galloway Creek A section of reconstructed wall around the lake Diversion of spring water around the lake to allow removal of accumulated sediment in the lake.
new pedestrian bridge at the spring Debris and clay sediment has been removed near the spring Sequiota cave and spring New creek walls are faced with stone and rock outcroppings in the creek are being protected
Erosion and sediment controls are in place to protect the water quality of the creek Work continues at the new spillway and bridge for the lake Fill placed around the edge of the lake to create a shallow shelf for safety The second new pedestrian bridge will replace this old bridge
Installation of pervious pavement for the new parking lot. Pervious pavement allows rainwater to soak in, reducing runoff. New rock walls and boulders line the creek New pedestrian bridge over the creek