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Rain Barrels

Save It FROM A Rainy Day

In January 2007, Stormwater Engineering and James River Basin Partnership began working together to offer and promote rain barrels to the community.

Total Barrels Sold: (as of May 2011): 1190


$25 Rain Barrel Rebate

Greene County residents are eligible for a $25 instant rebate on rain barrels purchased through this program. This rebate is funded by City of Springfield Public Works Stormwater Engineering, Solid Waste Management, and Sanitary Services Divisions, City Utilities, and Greene County Resource Management.

Types of Rain Barrels

2-Barrel Kit (some assembly required)

picture: 2-barrel kit rain barrel

How it works:

  1. Fill out rebate form and purchase at Habitat ReStore 2410 S. Scenic, Springfield. Rebate forms are available at the time of purchase or here (pdf 87kb)
  2. Attach to existing gutter system
  3. Using provided kit, turn barrels into rain barrels and attach to diverter


  • Barrels similar to the one shown (can be painted)
  • Rain Reserve tandem diverter kit - allows both barrels to be hooked up to one downspout

Program price = $140
Instant rebate = - $50 ($25/per barrel)*
Rebated Price = $90
*Greene County residents only

Diverter kit can be purchased without the barrels for use with barrels of your choice. The diverter kit is $100 minus the $50 instant rebate for a rebated price of $50.

What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is a water tank used to collect and store rain water runoff, typically from rooftops via rain gutters. Rain barrels are installed to make use of rain water for later use. Stored water may be used to water indoor and outdoor potted plants and landscaped areas, clean off gardening tools, wash your car, and for other non-potable uses.

Check out this Yard RX video on Rain Barrels.

Why use a rain barrel?

An average home with a roof size of 1,000 square feet will generate approximately 600 gallons of water from a 1-inch rainfall. Collecting and using this water with rain barrels helps reduce the demand on public and private water supplies, and reduces pollution, flooding, and erosion in local waterways by reducing stormwater runoff.

How do I install the barrel?

The two types of barrels available come with detailed installation instructions. If you are looking to hire someone to install your barrel, check out the list of certifed installers (pdf 112kb).

Will the barrel be a source of mosquitoes?

Place a mosquito "dunk" or "donut" in the barrel to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. These products are non-toxic, inexpensive, and widely-available. Mosquitoes should not be an issue in the 2 barrel kit which is a closed system.

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