Citizen Survey

High Satisfaction Levels

Most Springfield residents are well-satisfied with the city services, according to a survey by Kansas City-based ETC Institute. Fire and Police polled best; traffic ranked last.

The 2011 survey showed 70% of residents rated the quality of city services as good or very good. The average in other cities in Kansas and Missouri was just 54%. Nationally it was 57 percent.

A total of 868 residents from all parts of the city completed the survey, giving it a margin of error of plus/minus 3.3% with a 95% certainty.

An unusually high response rate may illustrate that citizens believe their voices matter, said Chris Tatham, ETC vice president, and that by filling out the survey, they can make a difference.

Bottom Line Results ETC Reported

  • The City is moving in the right direction. Composite Customer Satisfaction Index: up 7% since 2008.
  • Citizen "Overall Satisfaction" rated 16% above the Missouri/Kansas average, and 13% above the national average.
  • Progress was made on items citizens considered priorities.


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