Is there an area within Springfield city limits, not previously listed, which needs improvement? Please tell us about it below with a location and brief description.
Response Date Response ID Comments
06/22/2011 18683530 I would like to see a center median on S. Glenstone between Seminole and Sunset. Cars turning left from the southbound lane bring traffic to a halt suddenly.
06/22/2011 18684130 Yes!! Sunshine from 65 to Kansas Expressway is always very heavy and the lights are very very poorly timed. In order to make more than one green light, you have to go over the speed limit that is posted. And at rush hours, you may have to wait through 2+ lights at some intersections. Sunshine & National, Sunshine & Ingram Mill, Sunshine & Campbell all need improvement in traffic flow. It is a very high volume road and has entry points every 10 feet, probably. It is constantly a joke with all of my friends if we are going someplace that we have to avoid Sunshine and South Campbell. Those are the two worst roads in Springfield.
06/22/2011 18684420 Make all new highways and thoroughfares 6 lane not 5 - that middle lane is wasted space.
06/22/2011 18685108 Fremont and Briar right turn Y is like driving over a wash board. It has been that way for several years and continues to get worse!
06/22/2011 18685228

S National heading south, Primrose to JRF.

-Add one more south bound lane to allow for safer turning in to and out of Cox South. (There were 3 lanes before the diverging diamond, why did you reduce traffic to two lanes post???)

Primrose from Campbell to National.

-West bound Primrose at Campbell intersection add a RT turn lane for Campbell heading north.

-Improve access in to and out of Kickapoo HS. -East bound Primrose at Kings Ave intersection. Add a RT turn lane heading south on to Kings Ave.

-Eliminate the West and South cross walks at Primrose / Kings Ave and only have Cox employees crossing on the North and East crosswalks.

06/22/2011 18685243 E Walnut Lawn, from National to Fremont, connection instead of cul d sac. E Walnut Lawn was platted and build as a collector street.
06/22/2011 18685280 the first thing should be fixing the messed up intersection at 60 and glenstone where west bound exits onto glenstone. The lights are timed horrible and the intersection at republic is way to close and bottles up traffic all the way onto the highway. Somebody is going to get killed on highway 60 someday as the sit backed up in traffic
06/22/2011 18685321 The bicycle access through the South National Diamond is DANGEROUS! Myself and others have had way too many near accidents with cars that are busy watching which direction they are going to pay attention to bike riders. Please design some sort of ped/bike bridge that runs above the traffic. This intersection is pretty much the ONLY route across the JRF in this area and is DANGEROUS!
06/22/2011 18685396 Better proximity traffic signal synchronization. Example Weaver/National turns green as you approach Lakeside/National turns red. Same with Battlefield/National and Montclair/National. When you can see the next traffic light turn red shortly after yours has turned green something is not synchronized correctly. What a waste of fuel from all of the starts and stops.
06/22/2011 18685413 Add lanes at Kearney and National.
06/22/2011 18685443 Right turn from North bound Kansas Expressway to East bound Walnut Lawn. Provide a turn lane so that you can get out of 45 mph traffic and safely make a right turn.
06/22/2011 18685457 The traffic lights need to be integtrated in to a logical control system to alleviate the 'frog-hopping' through Springfield from light to light. With proper traffic control management, many of the traffic problems areas in Springfield will be fixed by addressing this one issue.
06/22/2011 18685517 Atlantic and Grant needs to be widened. With only Grant being the only north-south street out of that area, it is highly congested during work days. It needs tobe widened and turn lanes put in.
06/22/2011 18685657 Improve intersection/Traffic Flow at Campbell and Luster (?) near the ParkCrest Shopping Center
06/22/2011 18685752 Grant Street and Commercial Bridge is still unsafe.
06/22/2011 18685914 Widen North National - lanes are too narrow - and outside lanes have major pothole issues.
06/22/2011 18685937

Improve the stop light timings/sensors on the Kansas bridge over JRF. The arrow to turn left on to JRF often turns green, even if no one is waiting to turn left.

Add right turn lane to S bound Jefferson at the Chestnut intersection and the Grand intersection.

Add right turn lane on N bound Campbell at Grand.

Widen Kansas to 3 lanes from Grand Ave to JRF.

06/22/2011 18686023 There needs to badly be a turning signal from West Grand onto North Kansas Expressway. In the afternoon I can sit through the light up to 3 times before I can turn. Also, Kansas Expressway headed North turning West onto Grand the turning light only lets through 3 cars at the most. Thank you.
06/22/2011 18686257 The southbound section of Kansas Expy at JRF desperately needs signage alerting drivers that the left lane becomes a left turn only lane once the driver is on the overpass. Right now unsuspecting drivers do not realize this sad fact until they are actually on the bridge. A sign at Chesterfield should help alleviate at least part of this issue. Drivers are caught in the lane constantly and block traffic as they sit waiting for an opening to continue south.
06/22/2011 18686401 Grant going north and Kearney. Add a right turn lane going north on grant onto east on Kearney. Please visit the intersection at busy times of day. Watch as people try to make a right turn lane squeezing beside those continuing north on Grant. This would reduce back up on Grant greatly.
06/22/2011 18686408 Left turn lane from Sherman Street onto National--the signal trip needs to be moved back so you don't have to be in the intersection before it will trip the light
06/22/2011 18686487

Extend Kansas south to county line.

Christian county would then extend to hi-way 14 in Nixa. This would relieve a lot of the traffic on south Campbell.

06/22/2011 18686904 Extend Kansas Ave. south to hiway 14 in Nixa. This would relieve traffic on S. Campbell. This is not all within City but needs to be implemented.
06/22/2011 18687070

Sunshine from West By pass to JRF neeeds street lighting and more lanes and limit turn arounds.

Chestnut needs more lanes from Kansas east to National.

Republic Road needs more lanes from National west to past FF Highway.

City lights needs Synchronized. You may get a green light and then get a red light at the very next intersection.

06/22/2011 18687149 Kansas Ave. needs to be extended south to relieve the traffic on S. Campbell.
06/22/2011 18687191 Oak Grove to 65 widened on Sunshine. Traffic backs up going East. Backed up to Panera from 65 regularly. Syncranize stop lights on Sunshine and on Chestnut. Starting and stopping so many times is hard on brakes!
06/22/2011 18687330 Additional West Bound (right had lane) added to E Chestnut Expressway and US65 (like what was done at Sunshine and US 65 Hwy.
06/22/2011 18687444 18687444E. Division, eastbound east of Glenstone Two lanes bottleneck to one lane IMMEDIATELY after light at Glenstone. With many trucks and jerk drivers in this area (plus people stopping to turn in to gas station/Price Cutter), it is a NIGHTMARE almost any time of day.
06/22/2011 18687472 Widen S. Fremont from Independence to Briar including bridge with NO signal at Kingsley. Improve intersection on S. Glenstone where chick fil a and red robin is located.
06/22/2011 18687592 There are numerous accidents on S. Campbell N. of JRF. There should be a barrier or something to keep people from turning left from McDonalds and South street and getting in the lane at the same time. There shouldn't be ANY left turns from the side streets onto Campbell from Walnut Lawn on S. to JRF. Plus, there should either be a 4way stop sign at LaSalle and Fairview or a different management system. THANKS for offering the survey!!
06/22/2011 18687786

West Bypass and Nichols.Green lights for Nichols are way too long.

Eliminate left hand turns from west Grand to south West Bypass

Make JRF 6 lanes from 65 to Kansas

06/22/2011 18688025 S. National from JRF to Republic Road needs something to help the traffic flow going North. During heavy traffic times, traffic from JRF backs up past Republic Road and blocks the intersection. Kingsley and S National either needs a light or restrict access.
06/22/2011 18688782 Stree repair E Division from Glenstone to Prospect going west.
06/22/2011 18688794 Republic road between Freemont and Campbell needs more lanes.
06/22/2011 18688504 West Bypass Northbound from JRF to Sunshine - the timing of the lights in the morning is such that if you get a red light at JRF, you get all red lights (assuming you don't speed). It defeats the purpose of a "Bypass"
06/22/2011 18688733 Republic Road from Kansas Avenue to Scenic needs a bike lane, especially over the bridge.

Narrow the driving lanes on Commercial from National to Grant. Make this area more walk/bike friendly. Plant trees. If Commercial were 2 lane and tree lined, this would encourage development.

Create a way to safely bike on Glenstone from Primrose to Nature Center Way.
06/22/2011 18688908 When heading south on Glenstone, and attempting to make a right hand turn to head west on Grand at the light- it is such a sharp turn right, and at times it can be daunting to think you will hit someone in the east bound lanes.
06/22/2011 18689196 Eastgate and Sunshine Street--going south on Eastgate--need right turn lane onto Sunshine. I'd guess that 95% of the drivers want to turn right onto Sunshine. If one person wants to go straight and the light is red, it backs traffic up on Eastgate for a really long way during peak traffic times.

Bicycle lane along Eastgate Ave. from Sunshine to Cherry (or at least from Catalpa to Cherry). A LOT of bicycle riders use Eastgate Ave., and they often block traffic. It's dangerous (especially on the hills) because you can't see to go around the bicyclist.

06/22/2011 18689452 Widen Glenstone to six lanes from James River to Sunshine.
06/22/2011 18689771 The stormwater drainage issues in the Rountree neighborhood make portions of Fremont and Delaware impassable during rain conditions... The drainage needs to be improved so that those neighborhood thoroughfares are drivable.
06/22/2011 18689318 Sunshine and Senic. You have to wait three cycles when traveling on Sunshine some mornings.
06/22/2011 18690184 Signal at W. Bypass and Mt. Vernon needs to be a left turn yeild from going north on the bypass and turning onto Mt. Vernon. This intersection is dangerous! The left turn lane is not long enough to accomidate the cars wanting to turn left.
06/22/2011 18690110 Chestnut Expressway needs better traffic signal synchronization through the downtown area (between National and Grand). There are too many signals and/or signals not synchorized so traffic stops too many times through downtown.
06/22/2011 18690347 Kearney and National desperately needs updated with 2 thru lanes north and south and right turn lanes at all 4 corners. This has been needed for years. Hiland Dairy needs to be dealt with so this can happen.
06/22/2011 18690530 W. Republic Rd. & Cox Ave. needs improvement. Cox should be widened to 5 lanes through to the city limits and a dual west bound to south bound turn lane should be installed. There is a massive amount of traffic at peak hours at this intersection.
06/22/2011 18689744 Orchard Crest Av. from Chestnut Expy south to city limits. Very narrow road with plent of congestion. Additionally, signal or 4-way stop at Mt Vernon.
06/22/2011 18690822 Coordinate MODOT signals using loops in lieu of timing only. Allow concurrent left turns in lieu of staggered turning. Activate turn arrows ONLY when traffic is actually occupying the turn lane. This approach would work well in the County as well as in NIXA!!!!!
06/22/2011 18690901 It would be nice to have a turn signal on Division and Jefferson or Division and Benton for the workers to pull into the parking lot at Cox north. There are many times I have sat through several lights waiting in the morning to be able to turn to get to work.
06/22/2011 18691094 Oak Grove Sunshine to trafficway
06/22/2011 18689308 At West Bypass & Mt. Vernon it would be very helpful for you to remove the white poles blocking people from getting off the highway to turn right onto Mt. Vernon. It is so dangerous for those of us needing to slow down to turn with people behind us driving 50-60mph. No money would need to be spent, just take out the poles so vehicles can safely move off the road. Thank you.
06/22/2011 18691076 Bike lanes are needed from N Glenstone to the Partnership Industrial Park on East Kearney (Past 65Hwy). There is no safe route to get from the main part of the city to the industrial park on a bike (or scooter). Getting a bike lane down Kearney (or Division to Kearney), would help these riders save on gas, and have a better chance of survival.

-Mark D Rushton
06/22/2011 18691144 Something needs to be done about the stop light synchronization on North Glenstone & East Kearney to Valley Water Mill Road. There are 6 stop lights in that stretch of road, and drivers have to stop at every single one of them!
06/22/2011 18691265 Glenstone Exit on Hwy 60 (james river) Going north towards Battlefield is a nightmare there are times that there is a 2 mile line trying to get off that exit. Need a diamond interchange at the Glenstone- 60 overpass.
06/22/2011 18691163 The traffic lights in Springfield need to be in sync with each other. I have been in a lot of cities and Springfield is the absolute worst with traffic flow. It is very common to get a green light only to move 100 yards and see a light changing to Red. Several intersections in Springfield trigger the traffic signal to change to Red as soon as a car approaches the intersection. EX. South bound Glenstone traffic should NOT be stopped when a car approaches the light from Erie or any other smaller street. When a car from one of the smaller streets aproaches a major road such as Glenstone a timer should start and run for at least 90 seconds before the flow of traffic is stopped. Also a decision to put in an intersection in an already conjested area is just stupid. We did not need a Sams Club on South Campbell. Now we have a bad area that has become a total disaster. Even making this 8 lanes will not fix the problem. It should have never been built in the first place or the entry point should have been installed at Weaver road. The least you could do is time the lights so than when people are exiting James River Freeway onto southbound Cambell that they make it through the lights. This traffic backs up on James River because you are guaranteed to hit a red light under the bridge as soon as you exit the highway. This makes no sense. Traffic light technology and common sense construction practices is what is needed in this town.
06/22/2011 18691204 Talmage from Fort to Kansas Expwy, widen
Broadway from Talmage to Norton, widen and curb.
06/22/2011 18690865 Make Kansas Expressway and actual "Expressway" and eliminate stoplights every 2 blocks. Some other North/South corridor without so many stoplights.
06/22/2011 18691237 Make a dedicated right turn lane for southbound traffic at S. Jefferson and Grand intersection. There is no need to add an additional lane, just paint right turn arrows, add some signage, and change the signal light to a right arrow for the west-most lane.

Also, southbound Jefferson from Grand to National should be re-striped to two lanes with a center turn lane.
06/22/2011 18691495 Driving down Glenstone, any area, is a nightmare. One of the main problems is that there is way too mch semi-truck traffic on Glenstone which needs to be diverted somehow. In addition, Glenstone from Sunset to I-44 needs right turn lanes. Glenstone is the major thoroughfare through Springfield, and I feel its issues should be dealt with before any bike or pedestrian issues are dealth with, no mater where they are in the city. When people come from out of town, they travel Glenstone and this leaves a lasting impression on this city.
06/22/2011 18691147 Longer turn light at S Lone Pine and Battlefield during 'rush hours' S bound turn light let's very few cars thru, where as a majority of traffic comes from the North.
06/22/2011 18691547 Main intersection into and out of town need to be expanded: S Campbell & James River Freeway. Adding lanes on South Bound Campbell does not help when the East bound James River exit backs up South bound traffic. Traffic is also slowed down when vehicles backed up in the West bound James River Frwy traffic block the entire left hand lane of North bound Campbell.
06/22/2011 18691980 S. National & E. Republic Rd. going East needs right turn lane.
Glenstone & Seminole needs left turn Yield
06/22/2011 18690741 More bike lanes/complete streets please!
06/22/2011 18692156 In addition to sight improvement at Oak Grove and Catalp, Oak GRove and Grand could use a signal, as could Barnes and Grand. The intersection of Glenstone and Grand is horrible, both in road condition and size. Thank you.
06/22/2011 18692242 Lone Pine and Battlefield. Widen Lone Pine north of the intersection; possibly 2 turn lanes
06/22/2011 18691972 YES THE LAZY POLICE DEPT.
06/22/2011 18692382 Lengthen west bound turning lane on West Bypass to Mount Vernon. This lane backs up and coupled with the speed limit on West Bypass, creates dangerous lane changing for cars that come upon it too fast.
06/22/2011 18692701 Extend light at Plainview & Campbell - sometimes have to wait through 3-4 lights on Plainwell trying to get onto Campbell, or to access Plainview and National.
06/22/2011 18692698 Widen Primrose from South Ave. to Campbell; add dual right turn lanes.
Widen Luster from Bareteria to Primrose/Galloway Road.
06/22/2011 18692652 Division & US Hwy 65 Exchange. More lanes and improve the intersections and the RR crossing to the west of intersections.
06/22/2011 18693200 Plainview and Campbell intersection (Hwy13) needs more lanes and right turn lanes.
06/22/2011 18693230 S. Kansas Ave. from Walnut Lawn to W. Republic Road
06/22/2011 18692804 Republic Court and South Glenstone median should be closed.
06/22/2011 18692663 1) Improve intersection at outer road at S. Glenstone and Peele St., including Pedestrian Crosswalks.
2) Install Pedestrian Crosswalk at S. Glenstone and Erie.
06/22/2011 18693367 Access conditions improvements Kearney E/W between Kansas Expressway and National Ave.
06/22/2011 18693115 S. Freemont needs widened by adding turning median lane and at Briar turning lanes and traffic signal. This is a heavily travelled intersection with alot of south Springfield and Christian county residents using this travel route to head south. It would be nice to see Freemont connect to Campbell somehow and relieve the traffic seen on Campbell Rd.
06/22/2011 18693490 Straighted out the "S" curve on National between Seminole and Sunset for a more direct route.
06/22/2011 18693504 Please consider changing the solid green left turn lights back to green left turn arrows at S. Glenstone and E. Republic Road (by The Home Depot). Drivers don't always "go" when they could be and it backs up needlessly. This may not be the best suggestion, but I recommend an alternate light configuration (or timing change) be considered at the minimum. Thank you
06/22/2011 18693668 please don't build any more medians on major roads. they make it difficult for emergency vehicles to respond during heavy traffic.
06/22/2011 18693532 Not sure what the street name is, but it crosses S. Glenstone and goes straight into Home Depot. When you are heading west there is no left turn signal anymore. It's dangerous because of the incline, you can't see what the person coming the other direction is going to do, especially since 95% of people don't use their turn signals anymore. So you have to sit and wait to see what the oncoming traffic is going to do while traffic backs up behind you. Heavy traffic and a bad intersection overall.
06/22/2011 18693706 Yes, all business drives along Glenstone should be consolidated.
06/22/2011 18693806 Bike lanes are certainly needed on main thoroughfares. The city also needs to improve the quality of the roads in general. Road markings (i.e. stripes) are difficult to see and holes are a recurrent problem. I believe the survey addressed syncronizing traffic signals, but this has to be emphasized. Individuals are not given enough time to cross certain streets on foot. It is DANGEROURS for pedestrians. Motorists constantly run red lights because some lights are extremely long while others are extremely short. Finally, Springfield needs to enforce traffic laws. Speeding is a MAJOR issue as is running red lights and using turn lanes as merge lanes!!!
06/22/2011 18693649 1. Grant Avenue from Chestnut north to Division.
2. Battlefield Rd from Glenstone to Lone Pine. (The diamond milling that was done on this road is terrible, not sure who was paid to do the job but it had to be their first project.) You can really feel the grooves in the road when riding a motorcycle.
3. No more diamond grinding the streets, this has hurt more streets , if you look at them you can see the potholes starting where the concrete transitions between joints and riding a motorcycle is terrible on all diamond ground roads.
3. Glenstone from I-44 north to Valley Water Mill Rd. Who's idea was it to have 2 driving surfaces on this project? (the contractor) Everyone knows that the asphalt is going to wear quicker than the concrete surface and has already started.
4. The concrete hump in Campbell Ave near Erie. Why did the city let the contractor do this? It was not in the plans or designed to be concrete, it was designed for cold mill and overlay. So what happened. Seems like this contractor does what he wants when it comes to city work.
06/22/2011 18693990 All turning lanes need signs and policing that such lanes are not for merging onto the street, but only for turning left off of the street.
06/22/2011 18694189 Fort from Sunshine to Battlefield needs to be five lanes with turn lane. Also, Grand from Kansas Expsway to West Bypass should be at lease three lanes.
06/22/2011 18694167 Cherry & Glenstone in need of right turn lanes.
Right turn lanes at St Louis & National
06/22/2011 18694300 S Lone Pine from Seminole to Battlefield, add center turn lane.

S Mentor from Battlefield to Republic, add center turn lane, remove ditches and replace with curb and gutter.

S Genstone right turn lane to the west at Primrose is too short because of the length of the queue in the right driving lane at the signal, many drivers use the shoulder to get to the turn lane rather than wait a couple of minutes for the through traffic to clear.
06/22/2011 18694523 The traffic on West Bypass (going north) gets backed up at the light due to the high amount of traffic that is attempting to turn onto Mt. Vernon (going west), the turn lane needs to be longer. Cars are left out in the road while the traffic going north has the green light. Make it unsafe.
06/22/2011 18694749 There should be an exit off of N National to get onto I-44. This would help with traffic on 65 and allow more access quickly to downtown.

Also Division would be really nice if it had 2 lanes for each side of traffic, this would control traffic by creating more space for more cars instead of getting stuck behind a slow or broken down car.
06/22/2011 18695012 Intersection of Mt. Vernon and West Bypass. Widen Mt. Vernon, add additional turn lanes, and traffic light upgrades.
06/22/2011 18695048 Bike lanes all the way down Fremont especially the Fremont Sunshine area.
06/22/2011 18695158 Please close off some of the inlets along Glenstone from Chestnut to Sunshine. Closing some of those off will greatly improve traffic
06/22/2011 18695318 Bike Lanes. Everywhere.
06/22/2011 18695337 Downtown and the areas directly surrounding it need to become more bike friendly. Things such as bike lanes and back-in parking would make the area more accessible.
06/22/2011 18695169 Bike lanes in ALL areas.
06/22/2011 18695566 We don't need to speed up traffic on fremont it needs to be slowed down. It's like a racetrack. Fremont needs to be a bicycle boulevard, it is the only street that goes to republic rd that isn't a main arterial road.
06/22/2011 18695598 More bike lanes on more streets. Cars seem to follow lines on the street better than signs.
06/22/2011 18695605 Safer pedestrian crossings along the entire length of Chestnut Expressway.
06/22/2011 18695176 Median needed at National and Sunshine. People who turn off National onto Sunshine west cross over and come into the turn lane. This is a very dangerous intersection due to no median
06/22/2011 18695748 Bike lanes are a luxury in current economic circumstance. Maintaining and improving traffic flow and roads should be top priority.
06/22/2011 18695672 Intersection of Mt. Vernon and West Bypass
06/22/2011 18695851 The right turn channels at all intersections in Springfield need to have the angle reduced, to allow for drivers to see both in front of them and to their side. The most common cause of accidents in Springfield is drivers looking back for traffic as they think the driver in front of them in the turn channel has proceeded.
06/22/2011 18695762 Change all places where there is 90 degree curbing on medians or wherever to a less damaging ogee curve that would not damage tires but let you know it is there. It is also better for any snow removal that might take place.

Would also like to see an upgrade to Luster from Battlefield to Republic Road.

Put in a left turn signal westbound Republic Road and Glenstone. It is difficult to see oncoming traffic and many drivers do make a left onto Glenstone. It used to have one and somebody had a bright idea to remove it.
06/22/2011 18695762 Change all places where there is 90 degree curbing on medians or wherever to a less damaging ogee curve that would not damage tires but let you know it is there. It is also better for any snow removal that might take place.

Would also like to see an upgrade to Luster from Battlefield to Republic Road.

Put in a left turn signal westbound Republic Road and Glenstone. It is difficult to see oncoming traffic and many drivers do make a left onto Glenstone. It used to have one and somebody had a bright idea to remove it.
06/22/2011 18696178 Seminole and Lone Pine: needs traffic light for pedestrians crossing before, after, and during school hours.

Sunset and Jefferson (north and southbound lanes) needs improvement of traffic signal to allow for left turn arrow during periods of heavy traffic.

06/22/2011 18696598 Bike lanes on Sunshine from Fort to 65. Bike lanes on Glenstone from 60 to I-44. I know this is unlikely to happen, but if the city truly wants to help out the cyclists, give us direct routes to our destinations, rather than forcing us off to side streets, adding miles to our ride.
06/22/2011 18696714 Jefferson and Elm intersection either needs to have parking pushed back to improve visibility when turning, or a signal/stop sign needs to be installed.
06/22/2011 18696639 Walnut Lawn should connect National and Fremont Avenues
06/22/2011 18696968 Adding a 7th and 8th lane to US 65 dedicated to turning.
06/22/2011 18697320 Kansas from I44 to Kearney - you could lose a car in the potholes. Same for Grant from Commercial to Chestnut
06/22/2011 18697424 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX WESTBOUND SUNSHINE AT KANSAS EXPRESSWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It routinely takes 5-6 light changes because westbound only stays green for 15 seconds, it's ridiculous!!
06/22/2011 18697873 Eastbound Grand Avenue and Holland intersection. (MSU South Parking Garage)- Change left turn light timing to be appropriate with traffic fluctuations for class times in the morning.
06/22/2011 18697951 I would love to have more bike lanes on Grand and National around the Missouri State campus; as well as, making streets like Campbel and Sunshine more accessible for bicyclists.
06/22/2011 18697981 I'd rather see the money spent on resurfacing the city streets and getting rid of potholes.
06/22/2011 18698060 Why, oh why, can we not synchronize the lights to reward people for going the speed limit?
06/22/2011 18698536 Improve traffic light coordination along west Sunshine.
06/22/2011 18698721 Enterprise and Bennett, West of the railroad crossing. This is a very dangerous intersection with poor visibility for vehicles turning West bound on Bennett from Enterprise.
06/22/2011 18700025 Springfield needs a true freeway running through the heart of the city. For a North-South route, Kansas Expressway could be converted to this far more easily than any other avenue; make it a freeway from at least Hwy 60 to Chestnut Expy. Second, convert Chestnut Expy to a true freeway, from I-44 to US-65. This would provide E-W and N-S routes through center city (including to and from the airport) and promote renewal/growth and density in the city's core. As the city continues to grow, this will become more needed, yet more difficult and costly to accomplish the longer it is put off. This needs to be planned for the long-term, meaning there should also be at least the capacity for six lanes (even if starting with four) on both of these routes, especially Kansas Expy.
06/22/2011 18700417 Add coordinated signals on Fremont at Montclair and Erie to allow east-west movement from one side of Fremont to the other, and safer access from Montclair across Fremont into the plaza on the east side of Fremont.
06/23/2011 18701284 National and Bennett intersection and Fremont and Battlefield intersection desperately need improvement.
06/23/2011 18702585 Whathappened to the Mt. Vernon and West By Pass inprovements
06/23/2011 18702593 I frequently travel to other area cities and Springfield is actually doing a fantastic job controlling traffic, in comparison. Most of the issues I would have are already being addressed. I do think improving the roads around the mall would be nice. Near Christmas time traffic in that area is horrible even if you are not going to the mall. I avoid Battlefield and Glenstone from November to January.
06/23/2011 18702702 Sunshine and Kansas intersection: congestion.
06/23/2011 18702698 Reflective road paint, when it's rainy and dark it's very hard to see the road paint. Four way stop at Sherman Parkway and Brower (OTC) cars fail to stop when heading north and or south. Road paint and lower stop signs may help.
06/23/2011 18702714 Sunshine & Enterprise, block entrance to driveway at Taco Bell and KFC to only the West bound traffic. Cars stop short in the turn lane for the stop light endangering other East bound traffic. It's hard to know whether to drive around the stopped car or not. Could the left turn lane be blocked by those thin cones prevent cars from turning left?
06/23/2011 18702715 Intersection of North Glenstone and Evergreen/Glenstone Ave (Holiday Inn) needs left turn arrow to turn on Glenstone and more visible traffic light. Northbound Glenstone cars run red light every day to access I-44. Apartment complex added large amount of traffic on Glenstone Ave/E Kerr.
06/23/2011 18702727 there needs to be a stoplight light or a 4 way stop at w. battlefield and Dayton street.
06/23/2011 18702694 Would like a "left turn signal" addition at S. Glenstone and Republic Court (?) where the Kum & Go is by Home Depot and James River Freeway. Really gets backed up going west toward the Kum & Go and trying to turn South onto Glenstone. Thank you.
06/23/2011 18702730 Better intersection, stop signs or lights at Chestnutt & Eastgate.
06/23/2011 18702719 Walnut Lawn at National, imorove the turing lanes onto Walnut Lawn.
06/23/2011 18702842 Need additional access routes onto 65 and James river freeway. The existing ones are carrying far too much traffic
06/23/2011 18702733 the Oak Grove neighborhood needs more sidewalks and sewer drainage through out
06/23/2011 18702780 Intersection of Mt Vernon and West Bypass
06/23/2011 18702933 Kearney and National. When traveling north south on National it seems like you sit thru the light several cycles before making it thru. The Highland Dairy traffic with semis seem to add to this problem.
06/23/2011 18702977 Intersection at Sunshine and Fremont
06/23/2011 18702893 westbound on walnut lawn (just west of National) please fix the pot holes!
06/23/2011 18702955 Broadmoor and Kansas! How can you forget this intersection? I am upset. How many wrecks and deaths must happen here for an improvement on this area???
06/23/2011 18703161 The city needs longer designated right turn lanes at almost all intersections on major thoroughfares such as Campbell, Battlefield, Glenstone, Sunshine, Kansas Expwy, Chestnut, National, etc. This would improve the flow of traffic immensely. Its unthinkable that at Campbell and Plainview the right turn access going west on Plainview is blocked off which slows traffic going south on 160.
06/23/2011 18703225 Suggest that you test intersection where all signal lights go red for min. of 5 seconds before one goes green to see if this reduces crashes w/o ticket cameras. Suggest major intersection such as National/Battlefiedl or something similar.
06/23/2011 18703220 widen james river to six lanes from 65 to cambell
06/23/2011 18703404 Synchronized stop lights so everyone can quit rushing to get to the next red light.
06/23/2011 18703388 S. Kansas Expwy between Walnut Lawn and Chesterfield needs to be widened or signal timing changed to improve flow. The road backs up in the afternoon/evening rush, especially if there are wrecks or other issues since there is no where to pull over and out of traffic.
06/23/2011 18703520 Campbell and James River Intersection
06/23/2011 18703507 Sunshine and Scenic - wider lanes both directions on Scenic
06/23/2011 18703499 Chestnut Expressway from Kansas Expressway to Boonville is usually very congested during morning and afternoon rush hours.
06/23/2011 18703473 If I could put all of my votes on improving the traffic flow system I would. I think that is the biggest need. Intellegent signalling systems save time, money and resources.

06/23/2011 18703640 Close driveways along Glenstone and sidewalks along Glenstone Ave
06/23/2011 18703488 Throughout the City the traffic signals should be better syncronized to improve flow, reduce pollution and fuel consumption. Simply trying to calm traffic is a wrong minded and inefficient approach.
06/23/2011 18703656 Signal at West Bypass & Nichols needs to be calibrated to allow much more priority to traffic on West Bypass.

Fremont should be widened to 5 lanes from Sunshine to Republic Road.
06/23/2011 18703359 Kansas Expwy & Broadmoor street
06/23/2011 18703727 Kansas Expressway/Sunset - make left turns possible on yield. Light way too long when no traffic to wait to turn left.
06/23/2011 18704392 Grant Avenue from Chestnut to Division is one of the roughest streets in town. It needs to be resurfaced.
06/23/2011 18704272 add lane on Luster from Battlefield to Primrose for left turns.
06/23/2011 18703738 The new widening of Campbell from Primrose South needs to go PAST the Plainview intersection instead of stopping North of the intersection. Traffic will still bottle-neck there if it isn't extended past the light.
06/23/2011 18704172 W. Division from Kansas to city limits west. Widen lanes and put in a third turn lane.
Also Grant from Chestnut north to Norton. Closing Broadway at the Commercial tracks forced more traffic onto Grant. Grant should be made 5 lanes with right and left turn lanes at Kearney.
06/23/2011 18704196 2800 W. Nichols - install sidewalks for kids to go to school. A liability the city has not addressed.
1300 N. Glenn - street is so narrow, many drive off the road and damage their car when others don't yeild - look at the scrapes in the street.
06/23/2011 18703956 N National at Kearney where Hiland Dairy trucks need to go in and out. It is very difficult for any semi to turn at that intersection on to National. More lanes on National would help.
06/23/2011 18703746 there needs to be greater emphasis on bike lanes when considering these projects
06/23/2011 18704614 S. Campbell to get on JRF under bridge green lights need to last longer as it is too congested
06/23/2011 18704730 Need better bike lanes from north to south
06/23/2011 18705055 Central St from Grant to Main. It is dangerously narrow and very difficult to turn onto from Grant east onto Central.
06/23/2011 18705204 Timing of signal at Chestnut Expwy and Fremont. Priority seems to be given to traffic approaching the intersection on Fremont causing the light to change regardless of existing traffic on Chestnut.
06/23/2011 18705370 kearney and national, north national drops to 3 lanes from 5 and they are small lanes, The trucks that turn there often provide the cars with hazards.
06/23/2011 18704331 Kansas Expressway and Chestnut Expressway are expressways by name only. There are no quick direct routes from south to north or from east to west. The only expressways that we have are James River, Highway 65, and Interstate 44 and they all go around the city instead of helping traffic access the city itself.
06/23/2011 18704582 When the city does these project there needs to be more planning involved. I can't imagine how much money and resources were thrown at the sidewalk at the intersection of Glenstone and Cherry. I've seen the same sidewalk torn up multiple times to add piping, etc. The sidewalk should have been laid once, not 3 times.

Sidewalk is being added near Evangel on Glenstone. Why is it being butted right up against the road? This is the same as the sidewalk along National. The roads are busy and have fast moving traffic. It's not safe to have the sidewalks that close. Why not set the sidewalks back from the road a few feet like on most other main road?

Springfield needs to start using refective paint for road lines. When it rains and it's night it is very difficult to see the stripes. I think the diamond intersections are a good idea, but without reflective striping its scary driving through there when it rains or snows. Reflective striping (or the reflectors attached to the stripes) is the one thing I'd like to see the most in Springfield.
06/23/2011 18705815 Pot holes throughout the city need to be addressed.
06/23/2011 18705725 Well I cant say that im not surprised that a project to widen N. Glenstone to 6 lanes from Kearney to I-44 wasn't listed because well its on the north side. Nothing needed over here. Have you fools driven on N. Glenstone during rush hours... traffic is backed up all the way from division to I-44! IDIOTS
06/23/2011 18706006 Replace storm drain grates on Glenstone and National especially that are not suited to bicycle travel.
06/23/2011 18706312 what about James river and Campbell-biggest mess in the city
06/23/2011 18706347 Traffic light at Kansas Ave and West Republic, build pedestrian access to bus stop on Kansas Expressway from end of West Swan
06/23/2011 18706268 1.Improve S Cox from Walnut Lawn to Chesterfield to collector status with sidewalks, etc.
2.Add sidewalks to farm roads within city limits to access retail, schools, parks.
3.Extend existing sidewalks from where they end to retail, schools, parks.
06/23/2011 18706846 East Division between National and Glenstone: needs to be widened to 4 or 5 lanes (with center turn lane). Also improve storm drainage which floods during heavy rain. Flooding was caused by improvement of intersection at Chestnut Expy and National which now backs up to East Division Street.
06/23/2011 18707157 Improve drainage on Kimbrough between Sunshine and Grand.
06/23/2011 18707785 kansas ave (by republic road) DESPERATELY needs widened. It's scary as a teen to be driving on such a narrow road with such deep drainage ditches on each side. school buses and trash trucks HAVE to drive a little over the yellow line. Not to mention the road is crumbling and falling in the the ditch in small spaces... and growing, thus narrowing the road even more.
06/23/2011 18707819 Stop light timing at several intersections is horrible. Examples include Battlefield heading west at Glenstone, especially bad on Sundays. Also light on Primrose at Glenstone is not long enough, only 3 vehicles made it through yesterday when I was driving through the intersection.
06/23/2011 18706359 #1 Take loopdeloops out of Eastgate between Cherry and Catalpa. Much busier than 5 years ago. Risky turning E. at Lombard coming from the North.
#2 Two potholes on Eastgate between Catalpa and Harter House Grocery.
06/23/2011 18707544 Left Turn signals from Belcrest to Chestnut. It's nearly impossible to make a left turn onto Chestnut at rush hour. You have to force your way into traffic, or wait several lights!!
06/23/2011 18707586 Now that the City Transit bus system is using Chesterfield Boulevard as a bus route from Kansas to Scenic, the City needs to maintain that street including snow removal, street cleaning, and the installation of more stop signs or traffic signals to slow traffic down, as motorists including the bus drivers are not abiding by the posted speed limit of 30 MPH. More money also needs to be set aside for repairing potholes and cracked streets from weather damage and overuse throughout the city. Temporarily filling them with asphalt is not a proper solution.
06/23/2011 18707957 Division from LeCompt to National would make a great four or five lane road. But Division from Glenstone to National just seems to be in rough shape.
06/23/2011 18708247 A four way STOP at central and Hampton near OTC college. This area is always busy and when stopped at hampton road it took me 15 minutes to get out due to the traffic on Central. Please look into this it would mean the world to all the people that work and go to the college. Please and Thank you!
06/23/2011 18708178 Widen Kansas Ave between Walnut Lawn and JRF to 3 lanes and curb and gutter.
06/23/2011 18708789 Kansas Expressway between Battlefield Road and Chestnut expressway needs more lanes, and bridges to replace the red lights that turn the Expressway into a Crawlway. I would favor this ONE improvement over all the others COMBINED.

The ridiculous explosion of red light intersections has all but eliminated the usefulness of our so-called expressways and bypasses.
06/23/2011 18708522 All the projects are important. Since Republic Road is the "new Battlefield Road", it is a most to improve to handle the present and future traffic needs.
06/23/2011 18708803 1: Sunshine and National. Length of signal for left turn from from westbound Sunshine onto southbound National is pitiful, only allows about 3 or 4 vehicles to get through, even when both turn lanes have a line of cars in them extending into the "center lane left turn only" lane.

2: Sunshine at the Lone Pine / Oak Grove conglomerate of signals -- westbound Sunshine signals desparately need to be synchronized.
06/23/2011 18708845 Reconstruct S. National and Republic Rd. intersection
06/23/2011 18709007 The intersection of Chestnut Expressway and Water Street is hazardous. This area could use a stop light installed.
06/23/2011 18708724 All signals need actual right turn lanes. The traffic in this city would flow better with longer right turn lanes. Look at St. Louis for a great example. A lot of these problem areas could be fixed with REAL right turn lanes.
06/23/2011 18708632 South Glenstone from Independence to Republic Rd
06/23/2011 18709143 Blaine street from Glrnstone to Packer
06/23/2011 18709371 There is enough room to have right turn lanes at Ingram Mill and Battlefield going No and So. It would be a simple fix--restriping!
06/23/2011 18708990 On Republic Road and Parkcrest, it always seems dangerous turning North onto Parkcrest when traveling East on Republic with no turn lane. I would think many rear end collisions could be prevented with a turn lane on Republic road
06/23/2011 18709554 Mount Vernon from West Bypass, West to City limits
06/23/2011 18708314 South on Glenstone at Republic Rd and James River we travel from one red light to the next. I have seen cars run the 2nd light. I would like to see those synchronized to turn green at the same time. Sunshine street it seems we go from one red light to the next. I would like to see those lights more synchronized. Off ramps from James River need their own Exit Lane Only and/or the lights to change more often to get these people off the highway FF, etc...very dangerous at 5:00pm
06/23/2011 18709947 E Republic Ct and Glenstone traffic control.
06/23/2011 18710157 Why the chestnut and 65 diverging diamond? After morning rush, there are very few, and I mean very few cars thru there. I am usually the only one at the intersection when I approach it.
06/23/2011 18710171 sunshine & glenstone...not very pedestrian friendly....u r taking yr life in yr hands if u try to cross either street during lunch hour with the way the signals are.
06/23/2011 18709979 The traffic light at Plaza & Sunshine is a hinderance to traffic flow on East Sunshine. The intersection left turn lane for cars turning north on Plaza from Sunshine is confusing, to say the least. There is supposed to be no right turn on red for cars on Plaza going west onto Sunshine. Many drivers do not follow the signs & go ahead & make a right turn. Perhaps this intersection should be re-evaluated with a better design. From the beginning the traffic light installation has seemed like some kind of "after thought".
06/23/2011 18710616 The traffic lights need to be sincronized. Cant go anywhere without hitting 5 out of 10 lights in a row red. Chestnut is not an exspressway Light timming is terrible.
06/23/2011 18710625 Comment about survey... what is the "E/W Arterial - Connect Campbell to National"?? This needs more clarity...
06/23/2011 18710962 Alleys on the northside of town need mowed and the brush removed. Where AT&T and other business have worked they have messed up the entrance way to the back alley off of turner & prospect. No gravel left.
06/23/2011 18710965 East Chestnut and East Division where the train tracks cross the street. Those are both HORRIBLE!!!
06/23/2011 18711046 S Campbell and Battlefield
Intersection Signal Timing
06/23/2011 18711153 Make Division street from 65 to Glenstone a 4 land road. Improve the traffic flow at the 65 & Division exit.
06/23/2011 18711014 Removing Chestnut's & Division's at grade rail crossings near US65
06/23/2011 18711391 jefferson between Sunshine and Grand
06/23/2011 18711389 Campbell and Buena Vista. It's impossible to get out on Campbell from this street. Cut Lakewood through to Campbell going West. Extend National South from Republic Rd.
06/23/2011 18711458 luster from battelfield to glenstone @ republic rd. needs widing & longer left turn @ battelfield north bound
06/23/2011 18711811 Increase capacity on E Sunshine by adding EB and WB lanes from at least Campbell to 65
06/23/2011 18711907 Traffic from the Fair Grounds towards Kansas is out of control. The left turn lane at Norton and Kansas needs to be expanded to allow more cars to turn. Sometimes, during a busy fair event it might take 20 minutes to turn south onto Kansas from heading West on Norton.

ALSO, the Fair grounds/Zoo exit from 44 South leads far too many cars astray. There are too many people doing U turns and using the Zoo's Maintance gate to turn around in to get back on the highway. Personally, I think this exit is very well marked, but apparently I am the only one that knows how to follow signs. Good luck with that one... people are idiots and that exit is a magnet for them!
06/23/2011 18712047 West Bennett Ave does not connect to W FR 146 east of S FR 135 like it used to. This would allow traffic currently going E on Sunshine (turning at Scenic) another way to access W Grand
06/23/2011 18712538 S Campbell/Camino Alto/JRF - traffic exiting off JRF to S. Campbell is dangerous with traffic turning onto Camino Alto to enter Sam's/Library Center.
06/23/2011 18712840 Major intersections in general need crosswalks and sidewalks. (Ex. Chestnut and College or West Bypass and Chestnut) Not a walking-friendly city.
06/23/2011 18712880 The turn lanes at National and Republic road still back up quite a bit in the morning and evening rush hours.
06/23/2011 18712755 Computer control traffic signals along the major thoroughfares throughout the city to facilitate the movement of traffic during the day. Time the signal lights so that a driver averaging 2 mph lower than the posted speed limit (allowing for minor slow downs such as the vehicle ahead turning) can travel a long stretch without having to stop. For example; Glenstone Ave. Give drivers southbound the advantage during the morning rush. In the afternoon, reverse the advantage to northbound traffic evacuating the city much more efficiently. This would save gas for many, eliminating the unusual amount of speed ups from a standing start and idling at a red light. It would also improve air quality from vehicles idling at a stop. Thank-you for this opportunity to speak out about the traffic congestion of Springfield.
06/23/2011 18713397 Fix timing of ALL traffic lights.
06/23/2011 18713416 W Bypass and Mount Vernon - right turn lanes on W Bypass
06/23/2011 18713510 Kearney and 65; additional turning lanes, widen bridge and interchange due to Prime Trucking traffic
06/23/2011 18713525 I44 to six lanes from Highway160 to Highway 125
06/23/2011 18713536 Complete short segments that are missing - Walnut Lawn east of National, Holland north of Sunset, the street on the north side of McDaniel Park, etc
06/23/2011 18713431 Glenstone from Sunset to James River FRWY making it 6 lanes
06/23/2011 18713445 Newton Road and Talmadge, expand Newton north 3 blocks and tie into the back of Golden Corral shopping center to relieve traffic off of N. Kansas Expressway, light at Talmadge and Kansas Expressway, improve Talmadge to take extra traffic at least to Broadway.
06/23/2011 18713556 E. Republic Road from S. National to
S. Fremont. Widen to four lanes plus
left turn lane.
06/23/2011 18713482 The only people you helped with the south national diverging diamond is the hwy 60 traffic. Going north bound anytime 7 am to 8:30 am is worse than ever. More congested.
06/23/2011 18713460 Wherever possible, on existing AND new roads, get right turn lanes with needed "holding" space for right-turning traffic.

Also note the buffoons paying more attention to texting, yapping on their cell-phone etc. and slowing general traffic flow due to inattentiveness.
06/23/2011 18713774 Luster and Battlefield intersection turning improved.
06/23/2011 18713898 e.republic from s.national to james river bridge
06/23/2011 18713947 The intersection of Erie and Fremont is dangerous in my opinion.
06/23/2011 18714027 Make all left turn signals go first at all intersections, then straight across, always, so drivers can depend on turning left first, then straight, always.
06/23/2011 18714011 I see that most right turn lanes are way too short for the traffic we now have in Springfield. The short right turn lanes cause traffic buildup which interferes with the flow of traffic. PLEASE make LONGER right turn lanes on the streets..I have noticed some of our busy streets don't even have a right turn sad for Springfield.
06/23/2011 18714018 Re-surface Grant Ave. from Commercial St. to Chestnut Exprwy. either by scarafying or total re-paving.
06/23/2011 18713886 Add connector lanes along the shoulders of JRF between Kansas and Campbell so traffic that wants to go from Kansas to Campbell southbound and from Campbell to Kansas northbound will not have to merge onto JRF. After two left turn lanes are completed for Northbound Campbell onto one lane ramp westbound onto JRF, there will be many wrecks at this location.
06/23/2011 18714105 Longer Right Turn lanes at all intersections. Also, need many more city bus turn ins so traffic doesn't back up behind the busses when it has to stop and block traffic. Quite a traffic hazard.
06/23/2011 18714035 intersection on glenstone and the outer road next to red robin and outback steak house
06/23/2011 18714149 Reconstruct Fort as a two lane road with center turn lane from Grant to Sunset with the section from Sunshine to Sunset being the most important. Those of us who live in this area are tired of the traffic that had steadily increased over the years. There needs to be curbs installed and the ditches replaced with underground sewer system. To many cars slide off the road in winter. There is the increasing danger of people swerving into oncoming traffic while texting on cell phones or just not paying attention. I myself and other neighbors have discussed how many times we have almost been hit by a car crossing into the other lane. Someone is going to be in a head on collision more sooner then later. The traffic increases everyday and the curve between Sunshine and Cherokee needs to be straighten. This is also dangerous by the power station.
06/23/2011 18714475 General road repairs on South National from Battlefield to Walnut Lawn
06/23/2011 18714475 General road repairs on South National from Battlefield to Walnut Lawn
06/23/2011 18714476 eliminate the traffic light at So. Plaza and E Sunshine
06/23/2011 18714380 Something must be done to keep people from cutting through the Home Depot parking lot! People drive very fast through there all the time, even though there are speed bumps, and pedestrians are always in danger of being run over! Also, Independence needs signals at many of the driveways and intersections in this area. There are frequent accidents at Harvard Ave. (Home Depot driveway/E. Republic Ct.).
06/23/2011 18714522 grant & kearney North bound needs a right turn lane
06/23/2011 18714721 Thanks to the one who synchonized the traffic lights on South Campbell. Now someone dothe same on s. National. It is miserable to go north in AM and souht in PM on this street. Nothing is set right. One needs to be chanted on S. Campbell for better flow is at Plainview. All traffic is moving very smothly and this light is still red and traffic has to stop for this one. not set in same sequece.
Just my thoughts
06/23/2011 18715086 Glenstone/Republic Rd/Luster intersection N of JRF
Improve signal timing throughout city to give preference to arterial traffic.
06/23/2011 18715222 Widen and add a shoulder/bike lane to Luster between Battlefield and Primrose.
06/23/2011 18715389 Battlefield/National. traffic flow eastbound beginning in early afternoon
06/23/2011 18715692 Intersection of Walnut Lawn & National - Walnut Lawn on the west it extremely rough, like a an old wash board!
06/24/2011 18716246 For weedends----upgrade signal lights at less traveled intersections to flashing red through 10.00am.
06/24/2011 18716855 six lanes should be done on all of James River Freeway from 65 Highway to West By Pass.
06/24/2011 18716984 Freemont and independence to freemont and primrose and around the bridge over JRF is always VERY slow. It frequently tikes 3-4 lights to get through that intersection
06/24/2011 18717255 We have housing improvement projects at 929 & 1001 E. Locust and they need help with their back alleys. They are unimproved and are being used for criminal activities.
Local neighborhood rsidents are going to block the alley to keep the bad guys out--they are fed up. ome physical improvements are definitely needed.

It appears that PW tore up the alley behind 1517 N. Jefferson (maybe for sewer work) and left it unusable. Please finish this as the residents need this access reopened for parking.
06/24/2011 18717918 Hilton between Mt Vernon and Chestnut needs widening due to reorientation of Westport School entrance to Hilton. Project should also address street flooding
06/24/2011 18718005 Seminole from Glenstone to Cambell needs widening with center turn lanes.
06/24/2011 18718189 Reinstall left turn signal at Republic Road and Glenstone.

Luster from Baritaria to Republic road needs upgrade. Possibly blind culverts/ditches installed. Improved intersection at Battlefield and Luster w/longer LH turn lanes off Luster and RH turn lanes off Battlefield to improve traffic flow.

Redesign curbing --especially on medians to be a smooth ogee transition instead of the 90 degree curb. Noted especially is the median at the new intersection of National and Seminole. There are a lot of tire marks indicating several people have hit the curved median possibly causing damage to tires as well as loss of control.
06/24/2011 18720874 Division - between Glenstone and National; street is collasping due to flooding?
06/24/2011 18721379 The intersection at South Glenstone and Republic Road (by Home Depot) is a mess! The side access road needs to be closed for starters. If you live in the Galloway area this is the main access from south or west Springfield and it's a dangerous intersection.
06/24/2011 18721710 Remove one side of street parking on one-way S Jefferson to Grand and add signage to keep drivers from making left turns out of right lane.
06/24/2011 18722509 Traffic light management in order to keep traffic movement freely, rather than stopping frequently at intersections. For example, I drive from Valley Water Mill to Commerical Mon thru Fri, and quite frequently am stopped at every traffic light.
06/24/2011 18723522 Drivers education
06/24/2011 18723529 All of your streets need bike lanes springfields fall short in the bike friendly catagory when nearly every city of any importance in the nation has been making the move to improve there bike routes and lanes
06/24/2011 18724524 Some of the storm drains along north Glenstone and west Kearney are below street grade and are extremely rough to drive over. They need to be raised to be level with the street. Really bad for front end alignment on vehicles.
06/24/2011 18724633 Kearney & National. Cannot handle all the
traffic. We were told years ago that this
would be fixed - a sign promising this just
disappeared. Why? Promise was broken.
06/24/2011 18724781 I would like to see a right turn lane at Sunset and National; for such a busy intersection, there isn't any lane for right turns. Sure would make for less traffic backup. Seems we have all this green way that should be used for lanes...They aren't mowing it anyway very often... Why is there a traffic light at East Sunshine & Plaza??? shouldn't be one there.
06/24/2011 18725177 Widen 60 to six lanes between Campbell Ave and 65.
06/24/2011 18725518 Glenstone Ave. all along widen to six lanes, median closure and access control. Traffic is congested and side streets are usually the best option to Glenstone.
06/25/2011 18726097 Division at Boonville. Traffic jam in the am trying to turn to go to Court facility. Please widen Division. Nightware. Suprised there are head-on collisions. We pay taxes on the northside too.
06/25/2011 18726762 Grand and Wilden over the Railroad tracks. Bennett and Enterprise over the Railroad tracks. Ingram Mill behind Rapid Roberts retaining walls are collapsing into the road.
06/25/2011 18726842 Glenstone at Seminole needs to be a yield on green left turn.
06/25/2011 18726861 Re-time signals on Grand between National and Kansas Exp.
06/25/2011 18727450 we need an intercity highway, either make a new road or use an existing one i.e. Kansas Expressway with 60mph speed limit. It takes way too long to get through Springfield currently.
06/25/2011 18727410 Dale street, east of Glenstone, is a very wide 2-lane street. So much space is wasted that could be used for bike lanes and sidewalks. There are a few large manufacturing plants and offices that could also benefit from this, as I see a lot of people riding bikes and walking down this street.
06/25/2011 18727554 Norton and Kansas. If you are on Norton, going west. Make it to where the right lane can also go left or straight.
It gets congested with only having one left turn lane onto Southbound Kansas.
Thank you
06/25/2011 18727962 The traffic light system? needs a major overhaul. I spend more time waiting at traffic lights than I do driving. Not one street in this city is synchronized, and in this time and age, that is ridiculous. Has anyone in this department done a study to determine how much fuel is wasted, and how many tons of carbon are added to the air due to this problem. I understand the more we idle the more gas we buy, and the more gas we buy the more taxes we pay, and the more taxes we pay the better chance of this department surviving, but come on. Also, can someone explain why we have delayed left hand turns ex., the south and north bound lanes do not turn at the same time. This does more to cause traffic congestion than anything else, other than the drivers, which is another problem. I would be very happy to talk to someone about this problem and give specific locations. Thank you

Rich 417-207-7861
06/25/2011 18728073 Sidewalk needs to be finished on Grand, west of Barnes intersection to the RR tracks.

06/26/2011 18729174 Take 4 way stop signs off of S Jefferson between sunshine & sunset, let traffic flow without stopping
06/26/2011 18729172 Glenstone and Sunset right turn lanes westbound Sunset to northbound Glenstone, northbound Glenstone to eastbound Sunset, eastbound Sunset to southbound Glenstone.
06/26/2011 18729444 Better intersection at National and Commercial
06/26/2011 18729538 Phelps street between Campbell and boonville
06/26/2011 18729606 Fort and Sunshine. South on Fort to Cherokee. South bound lanes are falling down.
06/26/2011 18729723 It can be frustrating turning left from Montclair onto Fremont between 4pm and 6pm. Not sure the best solution, but probably a traffic signal is needed.
06/27/2011 18730446 Kearney, East of LeCompte--widening;Grand and Page--sidewalk/shoulder to access bus stop on Grand from Boys Club and half-way house. Thanks!
06/27/2011 18730626 Fremont between Sunshine and Battlefield needs a lot of work in general (potholes. narrow lanes). Please stop filling in holes without properly prepping the area.
06/27/2011 18736032 East Battlefield and Lone pine add right turn add right turn lane East bound Battlefield.
06/27/2011 18739496 would like to see Campbell and Jefferson moved to 2 way traffic
06/27/2011 18739662 The stoplight at Chestnut Exp and JQ Hammons/Sherman on "The Link" doesn't have a way for bicyclists to change the light to cross. This is a very difficult/dangerous crossing on a bike, and if it's being promoted as a major bike route, this intersection should get some priority.
06/27/2011 18741490 Right turn lanes at Battlefield and Glenstone would eliminate a lot of traffic.
06/27/2011 18742839 secondary road traffic should wait at least 50 seconds to get green light double turn lanes to left are not allways best such as southbond on kansas at james river to east should be single turn lane left or eastbound yield on green you can see south bound all to republic road same for southbound west bypass at james river double turn lane eastbound should be single and yield on green again you can see north bound traffic on bypass long distance all lights in town should be sychronized to move traffic not to stop traffic as it is today
06/27/2011 18743080 Widen Lone Pine north of Battlefield.
06/27/2011 18743844 GREENWAY TRAILS!
06/28/2011 18745219 Signal Timing at National and Deleware
06/28/2011 18745852 Hovey St (East of Grant Ave.) Cars are parking on both sides of the street right up to the corner of Grant Ave greatly impeding the ability of cars to get onto Hovey and to get from Hovey to Grant. Only 1 car at a time can get through. If a car turns on to Hovey from Grant and another car is trying to exit Hovey it causes Hovey car to back up. Could cause accidents due to lack of visibility. Suggest parking on only 1 side of street, and not within 10 feet of corner.
06/28/2011 18745966 Chestnut Expressway and Belcrest. The light refuses to turn. Can take up to several minutes. Highly irriatating.
06/28/2011 18745886 Primrose, both directions from Campbell to the hospital light, when school is letting out heading in either direction it can take 5+ minutes to get thru.
06/28/2011 18746744 A COMPLETE redo of the South Glenstone/James River Freeway debacle. Perhaps a "diamond" layout like South National and North Kansas Expwy.
06/28/2011 18746530 The set of traffic lights at Glenstone/Republic road bridge is ridiculous. One set turns green and the next set 20 yards away turns red. This causes HUGE traffic problems. This happens especially at around 5 to 5:30 PM every day.
06/28/2011 18747729 Widen Oak Grove from Cherry to Sunshine, Add turn lane and add sidewalk to the west side of the street.
06/28/2011 18748732 The road at High and Kansas Expressway has been semi-repaired about 10 times in the last 5 years. No one uses the eastbound lane because of the crappy road quality, all traffic familiar with the road (especially motorcycles) turns off Kansas Expressway eastbound and drives in the wrong lane for 2 blocks because there are too many bumps in the correct lane. I'm waiting for someone to die there before it gets fixed.
06/28/2011 18752573 National from Chestnut to Sunshine needs to have three lanes either north or south or both; Also Campbell and Glenstone between Chestnut and Sunshine. Nearly everything in the survey is south of Sunshine or on the extreme east side or west side. Traffic backs up bumper to bumper on National and Glenstone between Chestnut and Sunshine throughout the day.
Also the RR crossing on E Sunshine is badly in need of repair.
06/28/2011 18752831 Westbound Peele St onto S Glenstone is horrendous--requires turning/merging/yielding, all immediately before a light ... horrendous.
06/28/2011 18752786 Make Luster an exit only off of Republic rd. (No entrance onto Republic Rd from Luster) End southbound Luster traffic @ outer Glenstone road. Also you have to put a turn signal in at the Glenstone & Republic road light by the Kum & Go. The traffic is heavier coming from the East on republic road stopping at the light & needs a left turn signal as part of the light transaction.
06/28/2011 18753072 Cherry St. between Weller Ave. & Kentwood Ave. widen for bike lanes, add curb and gutter, and improve sight distance.
06/28/2011 18753038 Cherry Street from Weller to Kentwood needs widen and hill reduced for sight distance improvement---and add bike lanes.
06/28/2011 18753544 Glenstone and Division, when driving South, from the North, toward the intersection, your previous fix screwed up cars that want to make a left hand turn into Price Cutter and the gas station. This results with a line in the far left, left-hand turn lane. What I think is needed their is a center lane to pull in to mak a left turn.
06/28/2011 18754339 A bike route SYSTEM that actually makes sense and provides for safe places to cross major streets (bridges?). Add a bike lane NB on one street & SB on a nearby street to leave 1/2 parking. Connect trails & parks & schools & libraries & universities & shopping...
06/28/2011 18755186 There is a considreable amount of bike traffic on East Cherry. It would be helpful if Cherry were more bike friendly from Glenstone west to where the improvements were recently completed at Pickwick and Cherry. This might include three lanes, curb and gutter, better sidewalks, and bike lanes.
06/29/2011 18756443 The extension of Campbell north to Kearney
06/29/2011 18756632 My number one request is the W. Grand from Kansas to the RR crossing.
06/29/2011 18756657 Between Blackman and Lone Pine on Sunshine there are too many signal lights and none of them are sequenized and traffice becomes one big parking lot for blocks during the biggest part of the day. The time for me to go from Forrest Heights to Lone Pine can be anywhere between 5 miutes to 20-22 minutes. This is unacceptable for traffic, as it becomes a real jam!
06/29/2011 18756816 Reflective lane markings for rainy nights.
06/29/2011 18763138 The speed limit on the Bicycle Route system should be reduced to 25 miles per hour and sharrows need to be placed on it. This project should come before all others.
06/29/2011 18764299 The lack of bike lanes throughout the city is embarrassing and shows that we are not serious about developing the city for everyone.
06/29/2011 18764540 The width and lane structure on Republic Road from Scenic to South bound Kansas Avenue (bridge over JRF) needs to be extended all the way to Fremont. Way too heavily traveled to have been a 3 lane (one lane in each direction + a turn lane) for as long as it has been.
06/29/2011 18764899 More bike lanes
Wider sidewalk downtown
06/29/2011 18765261 Widen ramps and add lanes to exit ramp from James River Freeway to North Glenstone
06/29/2011 18766107 S. Lone Pine south of Battlefield Road. Widen, center lane, curbs, drainage, etc. Bike and sidewalks would help but there is the trail along that section.
06/29/2011 18766455 Everyday on my drive to work at MSU I take Grand from West Bypass to the University. From the Bypass to Kansas there are little to no sidewalks. I've seen multiple children and other persons who must walk on the road because of the lack of a sidewalk and the steep incline in some of the ditches. This needs to be fixed before someone gets killed.
06/29/2011 18766576 1. At the intersection of Mt. Vernon and West Bi-pass. If you are east bound on Mt. Vernon and want to turn left onto West Bi-Pass there is no left turn arrow. This makes it nearly impossible during rush hour to take a left at the intersection. Visibility is poor because of the hill on Mt. Vernon across the intersection and the amount of West bound traffic on Mt. Vernon. Only one car at a time can take a left here at rush hour and that is after the light turns red.

2. I strongly believe that I-44 needs three lanes in both the east and west bound lanes from the 65 north and south exits to the chestnut exit. Basically 3 lanes to help handle traffic on I-44 within the Springfield city limits.

3. I also strongly believe that 65 North and south need three lanes from I-44 to the James River Expwy exits to handle traffic within Springfield.

4. There are numerous problems with water pooling and poor pavement on west chestnut expressway.
06/29/2011 18766627 More bike lanes from the north side to the south side. I'm guessing lots of people that don't have cars would much appreciate that too.
06/30/2011 18772854 South National needs pavement work.
06/30/2011 18771107 improve Cherry from Weller to Kentwood with a wider street and a reduction of the hill for better sight lines, and safety, as there is a considerable amount of bike use on Cherry----to which the addition of bike lanes, and or other surface markings would be a nice improvement
06/30/2011 18774709 Republic Road needs to be at least 4 lanes all the way, not narrowing when not expected, as near Fremont and just east of Kansas at the bridge over the JRF.
06/30/2011 18779442 Widen/improve Republic Road between Fremont and National Avenue.
06/30/2011 18778484 Cherry from Weller to Kentwood with a wider street and a reduction of the hill for better sight lines, and safety as there is a considerable amount of bike use on Cherry----to which the addition on bike lanes, and or other surface markings would be a nice improvement also.
06/30/2011 18782256 Cherry and Glenstone has a large dip when going west on Cherry
06/30/2011 18781735 sidewalks, curbs along E FR 156 to provide safe access to new Dan Kinney Park facilities
06/30/2011 18783830 US 6o (Sunshine) west to James River Freeway. Add driving lanes and extended the length of the turn lanes and reduce the turn arounds. Add street lights.
Add more lanes to Chestnut Expressway from Kansas Expressway to National.
06/30/2011 18784527 Phelps Street between Campbell and Sherman - especially Campbell to Boonville.
06/30/2011 18784834 Plainview road at South Campbell. Move outer road access at stop light.
06/30/2011 18786160 Sidewalks on Grand near Kansas Expressway (by the Walgreens). Sidewalks anywhere west of West Bypass (excluding new contruction)
06/30/2011 18788737 Traffic on Mt. Vernon street becomes very congested at the West By-Pass intersection. East bound Mt. Vernon traffic bottle necks at the intersection because there isn't a left turn arrow or a long enough turning lane. Even if I am trying to turn south onto West By-Pass I often have to wait because I can't get to the intersection for all of the traffic waiting to turn north. In short, Mt. Vernon needs to be widened and a left turn signal needs to be installed for north turning traffic onto West By-Pass from Mt. Vernon.
06/30/2011 18790040 Continue widening & lane additions from Campbell to Fremont rather than just to Monastery and improve the Republic/National intersection.
06/30/2011 18795255 S. National between Seminole & Sunset needs repaving or at least pot-hole filling.

E. Bennett at S. Oak Grove needs left turn signals.

Turn on traffic cameras or drivers will begin to run through red lights at major intersections again.

E. Walnut Lawn intersection at S. National is worn down and needs repaving.
06/30/2011 18796912 The six-laning on Campell avenue should not stop between Weaver and Plainview, but should end as a right turn lane onto westbound Plainview. The lack of a right turn lane is already a problem, and going down to four lanes without a right turn lane will not help. I know that the outer road presents a problem, but there is an available lot at the northwest corner of the intersection that might be used for moving the outer road west. The Plainview/Campbell/outer road intersection is dangerous and frustrating.
07/01/2011 18797462 Need a signal light at Blackman Road and farm road 156, due to businesses being built on Blackman Rd. This is becoming a busy intersection due to the businesses being built and sub-divisions on Farm Road 156. The problem will only increase once the Dan Kinney Park is completed.
07/01/2011 18806437 The black top on Lone Pine south of Battlefield before Galloway; the repairs never take
07/01/2011 18807472 We need the addition of bike lanes on at least the main thoroughfares: Glenstone, Campbell, Sunshine, Kearney, Grand, National. To criss-cross the city so that more people can bike to work, and on certain errands, etc. It's healthier for Springfield's people and the environment. Come on. Make Springfield bike friendly!!!
07/01/2011 18808263 An ultimate plan may be to make Fremont Street a through street throughout the city. It peters out to a dead end in the north part of town.
07/02/2011 18810205 Chestnut and 65 interchange.
07/02/2011 18810486 1-Continue S. Cox improvement from Walnut Lawn to Chesterfield w/sidewalks, curbs & gutters
2-If #1 cannot be done now, please extend sidewalks from Walnut Lawn to Chesterfield.
3-Fill in gaps in sidewalks on collectors and arterial streets to allow pedestrian travel to retail, schools and parks.
07/02/2011 18811043 Finish "The Link" North to South for bikes
07/03/2011 18812345 I believe there needs to be more bike lanes on streets like Jefferson and Grant. Streets that aren't as big as Campbell but still provide fast transportation for a good distance through town.
07/03/2011 18812480 Improve the sidewalks and add bike lanes around the Missouri State University Main campus. Kimbrough has bad sidewalks.

Adding bike lanes and improvements to sidewalks are need throughout the city but the downtown area is need more since there is more pedestrian traffic.
07/03/2011 18813257 Extend Walnut Lawn to connect Fremont and National. We need another East-West through street to take the pressure of traffic off of Montclair and Primrose.
07/05/2011 18829716 Intersection of Kansas Expressway and Sunshine Street. Currently there is about a 3:1 ratio on the flow of traffice that is allowed through the intersection on Kansas Expressway (30 vehicles) compared to Sunshine Street (10 vehicles, if lucky). The roads have nearly the same amount of usage as both are major street that travel from one end of town to the other. This needs to be re-examined. I purposely avoid this intersection, to avoid waiting for 3-4 light cycles to get through the intersection when travelling on Sunshine Street during peak commuting hours.
07/05/2011 18829987 Cox Road as it enters City. While it is understood that most of the raod is county, the congestion bottlenecks at Republic. Completion of intersection improvements or the Kansas Expressway extension would help relieve congestion which is constantly worsening, remove traffic from a residential area where pedestrian use is frequent on sidewalks ajacent to the curb, and may likely help divert some traffic from Cambell.
07/05/2011 18831056 S Glenstone and S Peele connection in front of Red Robin has no control and inadequate storage.
07/05/2011 18833153 Add left turn lane at National & Dale.
07/05/2011 18832585 on a broader scale, Springfield should consider more expressway thoroughfares with on/off ramps to/from feeder roads. Evansville, IN has a couple of these with just 2 - 3 traffic signals from one side of town to the other. Kansas would be a good prospect north-south; Sunshine could be another. Our current "expressways" Chestnut and Kansas really are not expressways; there are too many traffic signals and side streets that intersect.
07/05/2011 18833697 South Campbell and James River Freeway and republic road, about 4 stoplights in 200 feet
07/05/2011 18833703 Instead of just patching holes, the whole street often need resurfaced (i.e. W. High St. just east of Kansas Ex., N. Missouri just off of Kearney, Grant & Division, etc.)
07/05/2011 18833936 Intersection of West Bypass and James River Freeway - Bridge needs to allow two southbound lanes continuing on West Bypass
07/05/2011 18833680 All of the city needs improvements made for bicycle traffic.
07/05/2011 18834013 Locations too numerous to list--railroad crossings!! The one on Glenstone, between Cherry and Grand, is horrible as well as the one by Sequiota Park. The one on Sunshine Street between Lone Pine and Oak Grove won't "stay" fixed. It's being repaired poorly. Locations too numerous to list--drainage grates. The ones on Kearney are especially bad. Lone Pine, south of Seminole and north of Battlefield--more specifically, just north of the new CVS, has some ruts that need to be fixed (going horizontally across the road). Don't forget the side streets all over Springfield when fixing potholes and resurfacing.
07/05/2011 18834598 Not really a location, but better utilization of signal timing would do a lot more than adding lanes etc. You have the cameras and the ability to interact signals so better use of that would improve trafficflow. Some intersections that you hgave mentioned are geometrically ok but the traffic timing is off. lease work on this. This has been an age on Springfield problem that has not improved. Why build expenbsive intersections when traffic cpontrol could go a long ways to postpone construction imporvements. Sitting at some of the intersections that you have improved in the past could have helped.
07/05/2011 18836056 Turn lane for McDonald's on E. Kingsley St. off of National Ave. Cars stop in the middle of the road waiting to turn into the McDonald's drive through and block traffic attempting to continue on Kingsley St.
07/05/2011 18837272 Widen National from Norton to Glenstone
07/05/2011 18839296 Improve intersection of Kearney and National
07/05/2011 18841695 I would like to suggest a bike lane on National from north of 44 to Sunshine, and then one on Fremont from Sunshine to Republic road. It would act as a great N/S thoroughfare for cyclists. Thank you.
07/06/2011 18845287 On N. LeCompte project listed, do not stop at mine entrance, but widen the road the entire length between Division & Kearney
07/06/2011 18851744 The North Glenstone section over I-44 should have been a diverging diamond. It is now a mess!
07/06/2011 18853948 Rough roads - left turn lane going north on Glenstone and turning left onto JRF; railroad tracks on Glenstone at about Cherry; newly resurfaced Harvard south of Republic has a huge bump going into neighborhood, and a raised area is developing in right turn lane from Harvard to Republic going north to east. Doesn't seem we are holding contractors accountable.
07/06/2011 18854117 West bound Walnut Lawn @ S Campbell, needs left turn light timed during evening rush hours, to allow more traffic onto S Campbell.
Same thing with westbound Primrose @ S Campbell.
The left turn lights at those intersections don't allow enough cars through.
Also would help to have designated right turn lanes at both of those intersections.
07/06/2011 18854595 Turn Kansas Expressway into an actual expressway. Overpasses instead of intersections.
07/07/2011 18856156 More bike and ped facilities in general. Bus Rapid Transit on National corridor with a connection downtown.
07/07/2011 18856309 Right turn lanes from Grand onto Glenstone and fix giant bump in intersection (when driving on Grand over Glenstone).
07/07/2011 18857629 Would love to see Springfield become more bicycle and runner/walker friendly.
07/07/2011 18859442 BNSF Rail crossing on east Grand, between Glenstone and Barnes, NEEDS SIDEWALK
07/07/2011 18858821 republic rd in front of wesley umc should be widened because the traffic is so bad and it's always so busy right there.
07/07/2011 18865871 The whole 100yd piece of nasty called Campbell @ James river - who let sams build there, really?

Also, since Springfield guru of traffic management seems to believe a stop light fixes everything (wrong), at least synchronize them. I could drive to Branson in less time than go across town due to the fact that the lights aren't even close to synchronized.
07/07/2011 18867549 Both DDI's need to be more clearly marked and have "no right turn on red" signs installed.
Campbell and Republic Road intersection should be restricted to left turns on arrow only. Free lefts on green are hampered by very short sight distance and create a dangerous environment.
07/08/2011 18872070 The Bus System!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/08/2011 18874639 Make Jefferson and Campbell Avenues downtown two-way rather than one-way streets to improve access to the downtown district.
07/08/2011 18875800 Add right turn lanes on West Bypass at Mt Vernon Street.
07/08/2011 18876223 Yes build a bridge for the trains that go thru town and cut off traffic at 5pm
07/08/2011 18878177 West Republic Road from Campbell on!!!!!!
07/09/2011 18882507 Benton, Central to Calhoun does not have to be widened -- take off parking for bike lanes.
Division St., Glenstone to National, already has 3 lanes. Widen to five lanes.
Grand, west of KS Exwy, only needs to be three lanes to handle traffic. Widening to five lanes not needed for 20 years, if then.
Bridges on JRF are bottlenecks but are expensive. Consider bond issue for a few major projects in addition to Sale Tax programs. There are numerous small projects which would improve safety and capacity, i.e. align left turns at intersections to return to protected permissive left turn phasing with reconstruction of median noses; add turn lanes in front of schools for accessibility and alleviate blockage of normal traffic flow; realign Plaza at Sunshine to simplify signal/intersection operation. KS Expwy should be extended with 2 lanes from Republic to Weaver Road (Phase 1). Fremont at Battlefield needs to have turn lane improvements and an additional lane added to Fremont from point s of Battlefield to Sunset.
07/09/2011 18882685 use roundabouts, eliminate Tbone crashes and all red/yellow light issues, keep traffic moving at reasonable speeds, eliminate gas wasting stops at red lights for no traffic at early/late hours
07/11/2011 18893437 When traveling west on Chestnut just past the West ByPass intersection, there needs to be a barrier so cars can't turn left into Hardees. They often use the left turn lane going from Chestnut east to West ByPass south as a center turn lane and block the left turn lane facing traffic during rush hour.
07/11/2011 18895829 Sharrows should be added to the streets that are currently on the bike route map as well as extended on major e/w and n/s corridors, aka. fremont, bennett, jefferson.
Glenstone & Bennett intersection improvements should be covered by private funds from any new developments that are constructed in the area that warrant the improvements of any increased traffic.
There should not be any additions of curb and gutter especially to Cherry St. as it will only exacerbate the existing run off problems the city of Springfield has with the excessive amount of impervious surfaces. Without the addition of adequate storm sewer infrastructure there is no where for the water to go. There are much better solutions than adding curb and gutter that should be evaluated as more sustainable alternatives.
07/11/2011 18904745 Republic RD and Glenstone the whole interchange there by Home Depot, needs and arrow light for turning,

The intersection of Seminole and Freamont, need a turn arrow light and more time to empty traffic.
07/12/2011 18915091 Galloway and Luster intersection to turn onto luster from Glenstone and onto Galloway from luster. Also, improvement on the intersection coming out of chik fil a/red robin/outback to get onto Glenstone.
07/12/2011 18915240 Kearney & National. The bottleneck going North causes confusion for some drivers and they go North in the East bound turning lane (over Kearney).
07/12/2011 18915758 Oak Grove, from Monroe to Grand needs sidewalks, and has needed sidewalks since the 1980s. Too many children running around this area is rather dangerous (I was one of them back in the 1980s). Now I live with my children in this area and would very much appreciate attention to this matter.
Kind Regards,
Springfield Native Son attempting to fight the Brain Drain occurring in my hometown.
07/12/2011 18915797 Improvements that would speed up the commute and decrease congestions for getting in and out of downtown from south of Springfield would be good. More trails.
07/12/2011 18916135 street which have drainage issue during periods of heavy rain weather they be in commercial areas or residential.
07/12/2011 18916982 complete sidewalk repairs for all neighborhoods in west central first - add more street lights for safety. There are a lot of students and younger families who have moved into the area but they will not stay if the area does not get safer. You may consider adding a direct bike path and crosswalk/signal by madison & grant intersection as this leads straight to campus.
07/12/2011 18919986 1. Scenic and Republic intersection going west bound needs relief at 5-6p.

2. Glenstone traffic signal timing between sunshine and us60 (especially southbound) needs to be improved and have more realistic timing that actually works to alleviate congestion and constant stoping and going, which saves gas ultimately.

07/13/2011 18925182 S. Glenstone between Sunset and Primrose, traffic lights need better timing to enhance traffic flow. During peaks hours, traffic is unable to move efficiently because of poor timing.
07/13/2011 18934215 Bypass and grand needs a light...terrible intersection.
07/14/2011 18940320 There needs to be a light at the intersection of Patterson and Cherry - I work on Patterson and it takes me 15 minutes sometimes to turn onto Cherry.
07/14/2011 18945648 East Primrose from Kings to South Campbell. The reduction of the right lane after Kings causes great problems of people speeding up to edge into traffic or of blocking the area because they did not realize it was a right-turn lane only. The traffic from the parking lot at Kickapoo High School is impossible at dismissal of school time, school events, and at many times during the day.
07/15/2011 18955530 It's really a traffic light issue - on south bound Kimbrough at the intersection of Grand. The left turn lane light does not give the green arrow in the mornings and the north bound traffic on Kimbrough is enough that only one car can turn left onto east bound Grand.

Make sense?
07/15/2011 18956443 The interchange from Luster and Lone Pine getting onto Glenstone and then James River is extremely burdened and difficult. It needs a right turn lane and dual left turn lanes when entering to Glenstone from Lone Pine.
07/15/2011 18957299 any improvements on Grant St. between Chestnut Expwy and Kearney would be great.
07/15/2011 18958585 An east/west connection between Kansas Expressway and Scenic Avenue somewhere between Sunshine and Battlefield would be nice (Sunset extension?).
07/15/2011 18959115 Every intersection of U.S Highway 65 - except Sunshine - is just a mess and will only get worse. All main streets, Sunshine, Glenstone, Campbell, could really use dividers islands to limit 'Springfield' left turns.


07/15/2011 18959134 The railroad crossing on National and Division complete the repairs so the hole isn't a road hazard anymore. It was difficult before but now you have to switch lanes or get in the shoulder to get around the area.

07/15/2011 18960191 I'm sure there is but I cannot think of any off the top of my head.
07/16/2011 18962372 I don't see much improvement over the last five years in signal timing to improve traffic flow. You keep spending money but what has changed? Out state cities are doing a much better job than Springfield.
07/17/2011 18966715 S. campbell and Plainview Rd intersection and access road that parallels S Campbell- dangerous intersection( by Bair's grocery)
07/18/2011 18978789 Please add more bike lanes!
07/18/2011 18980786 sidewalks sunshine north side glenstone to national
07/18/2011 18981569 Glenstone, south of Erie, toward Primrose: Left hand lane could be longer to prevent blocking left driving thru lane. National, south of Battlefield, toward Walnut Lawn: Radius could be larger to prevent turning car from slowing down to turn off. The most dangerous place is Kansas Expwy and Grand, no pedestrian walk way to cross cross bridge. If the City could make all exit roads on Glenstone, Sunshine and Battlefield have longer radius so no slowing down to exit these street would speed traffic and cause less rearend accidents. I have studied the curviture (radius) on many streets and roads around the U.S. and world and all are larger than here. I have many streets which are completely breaking up, with no funds to repair them.
07/18/2011 18982934 Across Glenstone there is no way to cross it as a pedestrian going towards downtown. There's no cross walk or even a pedestrian walk signal. I don't feel safe crossing Glenstone. There are also no bike lanes except in random places downtown. There is no safe bike route to take to downtown that isn't out of the way. For example, a bike route (clearly marked) could be from Elm all the way to downtown. I believe, but I'm not sure, this is a bike route? It is not clearly marked. Also across National, going towards downtown, there are pedestrian walk signals, but no crosswalk. It is also dangerous to ride a bike downtown, as there are no bike lanes. Please put bike lines around downtown and bike route signs in the neighborhoods so that it is easier and accessible for cyclists.
07/19/2011 18994767 Oak Grove Ave between Cherry and Sunshine, widen and add sidewalk on the west side along with a bike path. At 5 PM it is backed up and lots of bikes.
07/19/2011 18999451 Senic between Republic road and Battlefield Road needs shoulders.

Kansas between Republic and Walnut Lawn needs shoulders.
07/21/2011 19021259 We should have bike lanes added.
07/21/2011 19028906 Lights at Chestnut Expressway (especially designated bike lanes/paths) from Boonville to Sherman need better ITS for bikes, as it is a weighted light that only changes for cars. If there was a push-button for pedestrians/bikes then the bike lanes would be much safer than simply allowing cyclists to run red lights.
07/26/2011 19073733 Sidewalks are needed especially on all of E. Sunshine.
07/26/2011 19077335 A right turn lane.... North on West Bypass to East on Kearney. It backs up every afternoon and most people are turning right....Thanks for all you do!
Gary Smith
07/26/2011 19077999 Kansas Ave. from Walnut Lawn to Maplewood. widen and build shoulders. This narrow street with no shoulders is dangerous and it is the only street between Kansas Exp. and Broadway which goes all the way from Walnut Lawn to Republic Road.
07/27/2011 19085752 Glenstone and Barataria--crosswalks and pedestrian controls at signal so that pedestrians can cross safely.

Chestnut at Benton, Jefferson, Boonville. Crosswalks and pedestrian controlled signals so pedestrians can cross safely. Especially important since it's so close to Central High School.
07/27/2011 19086176 I am not thinking of a specific street that needs improvement, but the bike-ability of Springfield and public transportation need to change drastically. Bike lanes need to be put in on more roads, sidewalks need to be fixed to biking standards and the bus routes need to open up and become more accessible so that more members of our community feel comfortable using them.
07/27/2011 19086698 RR bridge over E sunshine
07/27/2011 19087210 S. Campbell and Walnut Lawn intersection. Improve lanes / add right turn lane on east side (westbound) of walnut lawn.
07/27/2011 19087408 Stop lights at E. Woodland & National, they are on timers and if you are on Woodland the wait is over 2.5 minutes most of the time
07/27/2011 19087374 Chestnut and 65 , would be good here to have the same done as 44/13. Also , eliminated more signal on Kansas Expwy. It is an Expwy...make it one. More lanes , free rights, duel lefts, on Norton Rd by the zoo and fairgrounds, or some kind of lan relief during the fair and other venues.
07/27/2011 19087725 East McClerndon going east from the new sub division to Norton: Needs to be widened. It really should have been done when they opened it all the way to National when they put in the new housing area.
07/27/2011 19087902 Kansas Expressway/Highway 13. Create a true limited access expressway thru the city.
07/27/2011 19087768 Left turn signals on Grant at Commercial
and High

Better lane markings throughout city!!!
07/27/2011 19087684 Remove light on E Sunshine and Plaza, and sycronize lights from Blackman W to Glenstone
07/27/2011 19088610 Sunshine from National to Glenstone
07/27/2011 19088270 Please, Please pay attention to the north side, all of these improvements on the survey are on the south side. Why not make an EXIT off of CAMPBELL or NATIONAL onto 44, this would help alleviate Traffic from baseball games and downtown as well as the north side. Also my car keeps falling into GIANT potholes downtown. It sounds like most of these projects on the survey are to benefit those who are coming from Nixa and Ozark into Springfield, there are plenty of people who live on the north side. They have already built brand new bridges, and diverging diamonds, and additional lanes on Campbell at James River Freeway, and other improvements on the south side. Why not do something on the north side, why not add two lanes all the way down division to 65? Please lets not make downtown and the north side a bad place to live, the north side of town needs much more attention to the roads. Thank You.