Safety & Justice Roundtable

Four-Year Update, Executive Summary

Download the full, four-year update.

It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the many professionals who work in public safety within Greene County and the City of Springfield that significant progress continues to be made in nearly every area studied by the Safety & Justice Roundtable. Problems have been resolved in every area where financial resources and a workable management framework have been available.

The Roundtable's original report was completed on July 22, 2009. Seven priorities were identified in the report:

  1. Solving Police-Fire Pension Fund shortfall
  2. Reducing Jail Population
  3. Improving the Family and Juvenile Justice System
  4. Combining Emergency Response Agency Facilities
  5. Enhancing Data Sharing and Interagency Communication
  6. Increasing Staffing Throughout System
  7. Expanding Facilities

The Roundtable also made specific recommendations for each area of the community's safety and justice system which was reviewed. These are listed in the full, four-year update.

The Roundtable reviewed progress at six month and one-year milestones after the original report. In July 2011 a two-year update was presented. This summary and following report outlines progress made since 2011. An overall characterization of progress is given along with the current advisory status: green for areas for which the community's needs are being satisfactorily met; yellow where needs are being met, but significant threats remain to retaining this status; and red for areas for which significant threats to public safety and justice programs remain.

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