Permits must be obtained in the Traffic Engineering office. When you request your permit, please have with you all the required information as stated with each permit description. Direct any questions to the Traffic Engineering office.

No person shall make an excavation within the rights-of-way limits of any street, alley or sidewalk without first obtaining a permit, per Sec. 98-43 of Springfield City Code. A drawing or plat is required for an excavation permit (except for the installation of a sewer connection), per Sec. 98-46. A cash deposit or a surety bond is required per Sec. 98-44. An original copy of an Excavation Bond in the amount of $5,000, or amount comparable to cost of project is required. If a new bond form is needed, please call 417.864.1980.

  1. Fee: $19.00 for permit, cost of repair is billed to applicant after repair is complete.
  2. Site Address
  3. Name of contractor, address and telephone
  4. Project Description
  5. Number of cuts
  6. Name of street where work is to be done
  7. Name of surrounding streets from both directions
  8. Block #
  9. Type of work
  10. Type of pavement to be cut
  11. Cut location in street (alley, in street on north side, etc...), shown on a drawing
  12. Approximate length of cut, shown on drawing
  13. Approximate width of cut, shown on drawing
  14. Depth of cut, if known.

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