respect red: $100 minimum fine

Every 11.5 minutes... how often one Springfield intersection sees a red-light runner. Violating traffic controls such as red lights, stop, and yield signs causes frequent urban crashes. Motorists are more likely to be injured in crashes involving red-light running than in other type of crash.

Important Update

As of March 2, 2010, the red light cameras have been suspended after a ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court. All currently pending tickets are dismissed until further notice. On March 4, City Council met in closed session and voted to authorize a rehearing or modification of the Court's ruling.

Historical Info

City Council approved installation of photo red-light cameras at up to 16 intersection approaches as a way to improve traffic safety and reduce crashes. Red-light running is a frequent cause of right-angle crashes, which often involve injuries.

The photo-red light program was part of the City's "Three E's" approach to traffic safety:

  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Engineering

Each time a new approach is added, warnings were issued for at least 30 days before actual citations began.

Signs were posted at the specific photo-enforced intersections, as well as other locations across the city, noting that Springfield was photo-enforced for motorists' safety.

Camera Locations

  • National & Battlefield - southbound
  • Campbell & Battlefield - southbound
  • Campbell & Battlefield - eastbound
  • Sunshine & National - westbound
  • Sunshine & Campbell - westbound
  • Glenstone & Battlefield - southbound
  • Sunshine & Glenstone - westbound
  • Kansas Expy & Chestnut Expy - northbound
  • Sunshine & Kansas Expy - eastbound
  • Kansas at Battlefield - southbound
  • Glenstone at Chestnut - northbound
  • Chestnut at Glenstone - westbound
  • Kansas Expy at Kearney - northbound

Red-Light Camera Locations


picture showing vehicle behind white line during red light
Example 1 - Vehicle behind white line and light is red
picture showing vehicle in intersection during red light
Example 2 - Vehicle is illegally in intersection

A violation occurs when a vehicle crosses the white line after the light has turned red. If a vehicle enters the intersection while the light is green or yellow, it is not a red-light violation. A motorist who enters the intersection while the light is green or yellow may legally complete the movement through the intersection when the light is red.

A commissioned Springfield Police Officer reviews each potential violation before a citation is approved.

When citations are issued, they will include multiple photos of the vehicle involved. One photo will show how long the light was red at the time the vehicle crosses the white line (example photo 1), and another will show the time the light was red when the vehicle was in the intersection (example photo 2).

In addition, the recipient of the citation will be able to log into a secure Web site to see video images of the vehicle going through the intersection.

The system continuously monitors approaching traffic with the camera activated only when a vehicle is going to run the red light.

The red-light citations are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The citation is a civil penalty and no points will be assessed against the driver's license. The citation carries a minimum $100 penalty.


The revenue from the citations was used to support the cost of the system. Any additional revenue generated over time would go into the General Fund, designated for public safety and traffic safety programs.


A registered owner who was not driving the vehicle when it was cited may appeal the citation by:

  1. Filing a notarized statement with the court that he or she was not operating the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation and indicating who was driving.
  2. Testifying under oath in court on an assigned appeal date that he or she was not the operator and indicating who was driving.
  3. Providing a certified copy of a police report showing the vehicle was stolen prior to the alleged violation.

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