December 09, 2013

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Clearing sidewalks is property owners' responsibility

As more snow is due to arrive in the Springfield area today, the City would like to remind citizens that shoveling sidewalks and walkways is a public safety benefit.

Under City Code section 98-74, property owners are asked to "take reasonable measures, excluding physical repairs, to keep the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to the property or premises … clear and free of hazards so as not to endanger or inconvenience pedestrians using such sidewalks."

While Public Works coordinates snow removal on 675 lane miles of high-priority emergency routes each year,the department does not have the resources or manpower to keep all 570 miles of city sidewalks clear of snow. It is up to property owners to take responsibility.

"Please be kind to our mail carriers and other folks who use sidewalks frequently – shovel your sidewalk if you're physically able," said Director of Public Works Phil Broyles. "We see people forced to walk down the street because the sidewalks are blocked. That's unsafe for pedestrians and it's also unsafe for drivers. If each of us is able to take that extra step and to do our part, everyone will be safer."

For more information, contact: Phil Broyles, Director of Public Works, at 864-1950.

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