March 19, 2014

News Release

For Immediate Release

Impacting Poverty Commission to convene Thursday

Springfield's Impacting Poverty Commission will meet 3:30 – 5 p.m., Thursday, March 20 at the Community Room at KY3, 999 W.Sunshine.

The Commission, created by Community Partnership of the Ozarks, is charged with setting a vision, measurable goals, and strategies for moving the community toward a measurable reduction in poverty via a two-generational "opportunity creation" approach to break the cycle of poverty, said Greg Burris, City Manager and commission co-chair. Gail Smart will serve as co-chair.

The group will focus on increased employment and access to well-paying jobs, increased access to education, increased access to effective transportation, increased access to child care, increased access to quality foods, increased access to healthcare and healthy lifestyle options, and any other strategy the Commission deems effective.

The group will discuss Thursday lessons learned from poverty expert Dr. Ruby Payne's visit to the community last month. Also - Morey Mechlin, executive director, Care to Learn, and Trent Sims, Community Partnership of the Ozarks Director of Community Collaboratives Initiative, will present, "The State of Poverty in Our Community".

For more information, contact: Cora Scott, Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement, 417-864-1009 (office) | 417-380-3352 (cell),