June 27, 2014

News Release

For Immediate Release

Springfield Fire Department warns about the dangers of exploding targets

As exploding targets such as Tannerite and other similar brands become more popular, the Springfield Fire Department warns that using these products can be dangerous and potentially illegal.  Using controlled conditions, the Springfield Bomb Squad tested several of these products and found that some are more sensitive than indicated on the packaging, causing the potential for serious injuries.  Several injuries have been reported nationwide and with the 4th of July holiday approaching, the popularity of these products continues to grow.
In addition to the potential for serious injuries, users of exploding targets face violating local ordinances along with state and federal laws.  According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the targets are designed to be detonated by a firearm.  However, discharging a firearm is illegal within the city limits of Springfield.  Additionally, modifying the products in any way or using an alternative method for detonating the targets could be a violation of state and federal laws regulating explosives.  In some situations, use of the product could be considered the manufacturing of an improvised explosive device, a felony in state of the Missouri.
Given the dangers associated with the use of exploding targets, Springfield Fire Marshals will use a zero tolerance policy for anyone caught using the products illegally.  If you witness someone using these products within the city limits of Springfield, we encourage you to call 911 immediately.
For media only:  For more information, contact Fire and Life Safety Educator Cara Erwin at 417-619-7592 or cerwin@springfieldmo.gov.  Video of our controlled test can be viewed at http://youtu.be/kJqbpOvS5EE.  Please note, the Division of Fire Prevention debated greatly whether to release this information, as there have not yet been any reports of the use of exploding targets within the city limits.  However, we determined the potentially devastating consequences of using exploding targets inappropriately to be concerning enough to warrant this news release.

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