July 08, 2014

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City responds to citizen concerns about new bridge walls

The City of Springfield decided to close a portion of a newly constructed intersection yesterday after several citizens contacted the Citizen Resource Center with sight line concerns around new bridge walls.
“A change in the construction plans for stone walls flanking stormwater improvements led to the stained concrete rock portion being 42 inches tall. Original plans had a 30-inch tall wall, with a 12-inch handrail,” explains Kirk Juranas, Public Works Interim Co-Director.
The City approved the change, which occurred at the beginning of the construction process last March. The change was suggested by the project’s contractor because it provided a stone look on both sides of the bridge. The change did not increase or decrease the cost of the project.
“In discussion with our contractor, they said they could give us a barrier wall with a stone look on both sides if they used a form liner with stain.  They would need to go a height of 42 inches, which we agreed,” Juranas said.
Plans to increase visibility are to cut down the height of the walls. Costs for the potential change are unknown at this time, but Juranas thinks it can be done in about 6-8 weeks.

The walls are a part of the Fassnight Creek Stormwater and Greenway Trail Improvements Project, a multi-purpose project that includes reconstruction of bridges and roadways and floodplain improvements to reduce flooding hazards to motorists and nearby neighborhoods.

Phase two consisted of stormwater improvements, including raised streets and new bridges at Bennett Street and Jefferson Avenue to safely pass the 100-year flood; stream bank stabilization to reduce erosion and protect adjacent properties; a detention basin to improve water quality; and floodplain improvements to reduce flooddamages to nearby properties.

The $3.8 million project cost included approximately $2.5 million for construction and an additional$1.3 million for design costs and purchase of 15 properties in the floodplain. All properties were acquired voluntarily with no use of eminent domain.

The project is funded by stormwater bonds approved by voters in 2001 and 2004 paid for by the Level Property Tax. Additional funding was provided by the Springfield-Greene County Parks Sales Tax approved by voters in 2006. That tax had a sunset in June 2012.

The project continues the successful work of phase one, which was completed last year and included reconstructed bridges where Grant and Campbell cross Fassnight Creek to provide water quality benefits while maintaining the historical appearance of Fassnight Park. The extension of the Fassnight Greenway Trail through the park provides increased opportunity to enjoy the creek. Phase two furthered the  trail to the east side of Jefferson Avenue, ultimately connecting to Phelps Grove Park with a future phase.

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