January 27, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Public Comment Period for Transportation Improvements

The Ozarks Transportation Organization announces a public comment period for the public to review and comment on proposed amendments to the 2009-2012 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is a schedule of transportation improvements planned by various agencies in the Ozarks Transportation Organization boundary over the next four years. To be eligible for federal funds, a project must be included in the TIP.

The amendments will include:

These amendments will be available for review at Ozarks Transportation Organization, 117 Park Central Square, Suite 107. Comments may be submitted in writing to the Ozarks Transportation Organization, 117 Park Central Square, Suite 107, Springfield, MO 65806, or emailed to sedwards@ozarkstransportation.org or faxed to 417-862-6013.

The public comment period continues now through February 10, 2009. The MPO Board of Directors will review and possibly approve the amendments at an electronic meeting to be held on February 11th. After reviewing recommendations and public comment, the MPO Board of Directors will decide whether to formally adopt the amendments.

For more information contact: Sara Edwards, Senior Planner, Ozarks Transportation Organization, 417-836-5543.

P.O. Box 8368, 840 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65801 • (417) 864-1093/FAX (417) 864-1030