March 24, 2009

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For Immediate Release

City Audit Status Update

City of Springfield Internal Auditor April Lathrom presented an updated report today that shows the City has completed 51 of 53 recommendations made in the 2007 State of Missouri audit of the City.

The State Auditor’s recommendations and the actions taken on the 53 issues are available on the City’s Web site at:

Lathrom said the only two points that remain outstanding are improving the funding status of the Police/Fire Pension Fund and developing a comprehensive economic development policy. A draft of the proposed economic development policy has been forwarded to City Council for review. The report notes that the City is dedicated to improving the funding status as indicated by City Council’s decision to cut the FY09 budget by $5.2 million to make the full recommended contribution and its approval for putting the $10.2 million AT&T settlement into the pension fund.

The report was presented at Tuesday’s Council lunch work session to provide a status report for both the outgoing and incoming City Council members on the efforts made by the City to comply with the recommendations made in the State Audit.

For more information, contact: Internal Auditor April Lathrom, 864-1185.

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