May 01, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Springfield Celebrates Low Cost Flights to Los Angeles

The Springfield-Branson National Airport makes history this weekend with its first regularly scheduled flight to the West Coast.

Allegiant Air flight 332 arrives from Los Angeles at about 8:30 Sunday evening, May 3. It departs Springfield, for Los Angeles International Airport, at about 9:10. The Airport will give LA bound passengers a royal send-off, complete with balloons, sunglasses for everyone, and a surprise or two. The party begins at about 7:00 pm near the ticket counters in the old terminal.

The addition of LA service means that five of Springfield’s 12 non-stop destinations are now provided by a low-cost airline: Allegiant. The airline also provides Springfield with service to Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa and Phoenix.

The inaugural flight will be the airport’s first regularly scheduled flight to the West Coast. It will also be the longest regularly scheduled flight in the airport’s history: 1,425 miles.

From a “big picture” perspective, the new service is very important—a map showing the airport’s destination cities shows two obvious gaps in our service: the upper East Coast and the West Coast. The new LAX service helps fill that West Coast gap.

The airport has non-stop service to 12 cities: Atlanta, Memphis, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa, St. Louis, Dallas, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

For more information, contact: Kent Boyd, Public Information and Marketing, 417.868.0500, cell: 417.844.2255