May 08, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Emergency Repair Process Activated After Storms

The City of Springfield will activate its emergency process for making electrical repairs for damage created by this morning's severe storm.

Under authority granted by the City Council during the January 2007 ice storm, the Department of Building Development Services will waive permit fees for electrical work so that repair work can move forward over the weekend.

A permit still must be issued for documentation of the completed work. Permits can be issued on Monday,  May 11, for weekend repair work. All storm-related work can be completed before a permit is issued with the understanding that the repair firm’s master electrician will secure a permit as soon as possible after completion.

Citizens who need electrical repairs should make sure the electrician they use is certified and licensed by the City. Certified contractors are required to carry a card issued by the City that indicates they have met the minimum requirements to work in Springfield.

For more information, contact: Nick Heatherly, Director of Building Development  Services, 864-1059.

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