May 20, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Zoobilee Celebrates ELEPHAN-TASTIC Birthdays

Three of Dickerson Park Zoo’s elephants will celebrate milestone birthdays during Zoobilee on Saturday, May 30. Ol’ C.C., the zoo’s oldest elephant, is estimated to be 60 years old this year. The herd matriarch, Pinky, turns 45; and Patience will be 35 years old.

Zoobilee is Dickerson Park Zoo’s children’s entertainment festival with activities planned from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The elephant birthday party will begin at 1 p.m. and will include a fruit and gelatin “cake” for each of the elephants.

Other activities planned for Zoobilee include

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Richard’s Hawgwild BBQ will also be at the zoo for Zoobilee. Zoobilee is presented by Friends of the Zoo and media partner Alice 95.5FM.

Facts About the Birthday Elephants

Dickerson Park Zoo’s elephant herd comprises four adult cows (female) and one adult bull (male).

Ol’ C.C. – C.C. was wild-born in the Assam region of India in approximately 1949 and came to Dickerson Park Zoo from the Dusit Zoological Park in Bangkok, Thailand, in May 1954. Although she has never given birth to a calf of her own, she has many years of experience as an “auntie” to calves both here and at other zoos. She spent many years in the role of herd matriarch but recently “retired” from that position.

Pinky – Pinky was wild-born in approximately 1964. She came to Dickerson Park Zoo on November 25, 1981, from the Abilene Zoological Gardens in Abilene, Texas. Pinky fulfills the role of herd matriarch. She gave birth to a stillborn calf in 1985, Kate in 1991 and Asha in 1995. Asha lives with her half-sister Chandra at the Oklahoma City Zoo (currently on breeding loan to Tulsa Zoo).

Patience – Patience was born in Thailand in 1974. She arrived at Dickerson Park Zoo from Brookfield Zoo in Chicago in October 1990. Patience gave birth to Kala in 1998 and Haji in 2000.

 View photos of C.C., Pinky and Patience. For high-resolution images, please contact Melinda Arnold.

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