July 01, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

CityView (Formerly TV23) Moving to Digital Channels

NOTE TO MEDIA: Mediacom notified the City this morning that it would continue simulcasting the City’s government access channel on Mediacom 23/80 until it is confident it has resolved any potential technical issues with QAM tuners. The final switchover will not be effective on July 3. No new date for the switchover has been announced.

An updated news release will be sent when a new conversion date is available. The following is the release as originally sent, prior to Mediacom's notification.

CityView, the City of Springfield’s government access channel, will be moving to a digital channel for Mediacom subscribers effective July 3, 2009.

The City’s video communications services will now be known as CityView instead of TV23 because the information will no longer be cablecast on Mediacom’s analog channel 23 as of July 3.

CityView will continue to be included in Mediacom’s basic tier of service. Subscribers will need to have a newer digital TV with a QAM tuner or a digital set-top converter box available from Mediacom. For customers using a set-top box, CityView will be available on Channel 80. Customers with newer TVs with QAM tuners will find CityView on several possible channels, depending on the manufacturer of their TV. As of this time, those channels include channel 15.17 and channel 0.1. Viewers will need to find these channels and turn them on using the manual programming function of their TV. At this time, auto-programming does not pick up these channels.

The City of Springfield does not control where CityView programming is found on the digital dial. These placements are set by Mediacom. Mediacom subscribers can call 888-847-6228 for more information about the converter boxes or for help with finding CityView programming on their television.

Citizens also can watch all local CityView programming on the City’s Web site: www.springfieldmo.gov/cityview. The Web site includes live streaming of programming as it airs on Mediacom as well as archived programming.

Current programming available on CityView includes: The Police-Fire Pension Citizen’s Task Force meetings; City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, City Utilities, Park Board and Airport Board meetings; the City Beat weekly feature news program; CU Connection; and Medical Minutes.

A convenient feature of the Web archive is the ability to use “bookmarks” to access specific bills on the City Council and Planning and Zoning meetings along with other meetings where that feature is applicable.

Selected CityView programming also can be seen on YouTube. The YouTube channel can be found at www.youtube.com/user/springfieldcityview.

For more information, contact: Louise Whall, Director of Public Information, 864-1010; or Vince Crunk, CityView Production Manager, 864-1023.

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