July 16, 2009

News Release

For Immediate Release

Regional Health Commission Announced

The Springfield-Greene County Regional Health Commission officially announced itself as an operating Missouri nonprofit Corporation, at a press conference held July 16, 2009. With participation from 17 local agencies, the Commission stated its goal is to work collaboratively to improve access to continuous, quality health care in the southwest Missouri region while maximizing the efficient use of local health care resources.
“RHC is a network of public and private providers committed to the responsibility of improving health in our region,” said Chair Kevin Gipson. “This organization is not a direct service delivery agent or a conduit for health care services, rather, it is a clearing house that will assess, evaluate and implement agreed upon collaborative health care efforts in southwest Missouri.”
The RHC was formed to develop long-term solutions to critical health issues, such as barriers to accessing care, lack of knowledge about available services, health disparities and capacity limits. It seeks to decrease community cost-sharing while increasing access to health care. Its programs and policies will benefit the medically underserved, the community at large, local health care providers, local businesses and state government.
“Our primary task will be to develop and implement a community-wide strategic plan and policy agenda based on public-private partnerships,” adds Gipson. “We’ll continue to foster communication between stakeholders, keep the public informed and work to secure increased funding for high-leverage improvement initiatives.”
The Commission will operate under an annual budget of $327,000 for two years. Funding is provided by contributions from local partner agencies and a matching grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health.
For more information on the Springfield-Greene County Regional Health Commission, contact Carmen Parker Bradshaw at 417-864-1573 or email cbradshaw@springfieldmo.gov.

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