August 05, 2009

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View City Properties With New Interactive Map

The City of Springfield posted on its Web site today a new interactive map that shows the City’s property inventory, including about 65 parcels that will be considered for sale.

The City Council Finance and Administration Committee today reviewed the new Web map and the policy for selling eligible parcels. The Council asked for this inventory, particularly potential sale properties, as a means of producing some additional revenue that could be directed toward the Police-Fire Pension Fund shortfall. The majority of these properties, however, were acquired with funds other than General Fund revenues. Sales proceeds would first have to reimburse the original fund source before any net revenue could be applied to the Pension Fund.

The map is color-coded by city department. By clicking on individual “For Sale” parcels and using the “identify” feature, citizens can access more detailed property descriptions.

The Committee was asked to review and recommend to the City Council a policy to facilitate the disposal of these properties. The Committee voted 4-0 to accept the policy and forward to the full Council.

The new map, list of properties that could be sold, the recommended administrative policy, and the Powerpoint presentation from today’s luncheon are linked from City’s homepage at: The map also is available in the Web site’s “Interactive Maps” section at: Deputy City Manager Evelyn Honea, who chairs the staff work group, said the vast majority of properties in the overall database have been identified as serving a public purpose or were purchased with restricted funds such as bond proceeds. Examples would be parcels owned by the Airport, Parks, Sanitary Services, and government facilities such as fire stations, City Hall, etc. Properties within any fund that are pledged as collateral for bond issues, for instance, cannot be sold until the bonds are retired unless they were replaced with other collateral.

Of the parcels that will be considered for sale, about half are empty lots the City has acquired through its dangerous-building abatement program. Other parcels are remainders of easements or right-of-way acquisitions.

Citizens who are interested in acquiring any of the available properties should contact the City with their name, address, phone number and any other relevant contact information and the Property Identification Number (PIN) and/or address of the property as listed on the Web map. Citizens can send the information via e-mail to: or call (417) 864-1010.

Citizens who do not have access to the Internet can review the map in the Lobby of the Busch Building, 840 Boonville Ave.

Honea and the staff committee working on the property inventory will summarize all of the information and expressions of interest received by Aug. 28 and begin following the process outlined in the administrative policy to dispose of the properties.

For more information, contact: Deputy City Manager Evelyn Honea, 864-1004.

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